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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 420 The Strange Encounter (3)

Arya looked at the blood on her elbows, and that was when she realized her body was shaking too.

"T-Tyra... what has come over you? Are you... have you been possessed?" The queen asked in fear as she looked up at her from the floor, where she remained.

She had never felt like this before. Something didn't feel right. And the way Tyra was aloof and the kind of smirk on her face made the queen wary.

She didn't want to believe Tyra had something to do with all this. Of course not. Her daughter didn't have any reason to. She didn't have any reason to hurt her father or Prince Harold, much less her own mother and blood brother.

Besides, she was not that smart. She was only a weak girl.

Suspecting Tyra meant she was overestimating her.

Tyra suddenly giggled and used a hand to cover her mouth, her eyes shining with mischief, while Arya looked at her like she had gone crazy.

"I like that look on your face." She spoke to her mother in a quiet tone.

"It went from suspecting I have a hand in all this to waving it off because I am just a stupid and weak Omega."

She squatted as she whispered, "That underestimation is what made you all blind."

Arya shook her head. It was impossible.

This was Tyra. Maybe she was playing with her. Or someone else was trying to use Tyra again.

"No. No. You... you can't. You have no hand in this. You are... you are just..."

"Your daughter," Tyra replied with a small smile.

"You are good at lying. Manipulating. And most especially, covering your tracks. Why does it surprise you that you have a child that is just like you."

Arya shook her head. She didn't believe it. Tyra had no hand in this. Maybe she was dreaming. Or hallucinating. This had to be a side effect of staying here. This was the punishment she was made to face here. She only hoped she wouldn't see Maria too.

"Weren't you curious?" Tyra inquired genuinely.

"Ivan is stupid. Harry was also stupid. You should have been curious and asked yourself if you truly didn't have a child that was just. like. you—"

"DO NOT CALL HARRY'S NAME, YOU CRAZY WENCH!" The queen bellowed at her with fury in her eyes, which were already pooling with tears.

"Oh... you are still pained about the loss of your dear son," Tyra said with a sad look on her face before she stood up and turned, looking away from her mother.

Arya stared at her back in disbelief. This was not her daughter.

Tyra was obedient. She was timid. Ignorant.

This person was different. She was scary.

"Would you like to know something interesting, Queen Mother?" Tyra asked and turned around to look at her mother with a straight face.

Both women locked eyes before Tyra went to where her mother was and squatted directly in front of her, and then she leaned closer to whisper into her ear, "Prince Harold... didn't kill your beloved son."

She leaned back to look at her mother's face before grinning happily.

"W-What... are y-you... saying?" The queen asked with wide eyes, finding it difficult to process what she had just heard.

"I may not give you the answer you desire about what happened on that night of the banquet, but I can definitely give you this answer about Prince Harry. Because... I was there."

The queen's breathing became unstable as she was torn between believing her or not believing her. It was Harold who killed her son. She didn't know who had fed Harry Beta's nightmare, but Harold had killed her son. He was responsible for it!

"No..." Tyra shook her head as though reading the Queen's thoughts on her face. "It was someone else. Someone else made sure Prince Harry died after it happened."

"The person fed your son Beta's nightmare and gave him a real poisoned sword after inciting him to go after Prince Harold." She frowned when she said that part.

"And the person would have done the same to Prince Harold if I hadn't been there to stop it."

"T-Ty...ra..." The queen choked out as she tried to touch Tyra's arm while also trying to sit up, but her hand fell back, too weak to even reach Tyra, who was right in front of her.

It was a lie. It was impossible. She didn't believe it.

"It was... Damian." Tyra whispered and then giggled.

It seemed like time stopped at that time. The queen could only stare blankly. Her brain wasn't even processing what she had just heard. But when she finally processed it, she thought it was silly.

"Who... put you up to this?" She asked Tyra in a low, angry voice. Whoever was doing this was trying to create a rift between her and her loyal bodyguard so she would start suspecting him and have no one beside her again.

For what reason did Damian have to do that? He was a little boy when the incident happened. He was around the same age as Harry. Why would a 13-year-old try to kill his master? And how would he get Beta's nightmare? 𝐢𝚗𝚗re𝓪𝗱.Com

It was all silly.

"WHO PUT YOU UP TO THIS?" The queen yelled as she reached for Tyra's throat and grabbed it, squeezing with the little strength she had left even as tears streamed down her angry eyes and down her face.

Tyra didn't move, nor did she make any effort to get her mother's hands off her throat. She just squatted there, staring blankly at the woman, and it seemed like the chokehold didn't have much effect on her.

What strength did the queen have at this point?

"Would it make sense if your loyal Damian was related to Sir Wilson?" Tyra asked, sending all the nerves in the queen's body to stop functioning at once.

"It's over for you, queen mother," Tyra spoke quietly as she roughly shoved her mother's hands off her neck.

The queen was muddleheaded at this point. But Tyra was hellbent on not letting her be, so she leaned closer to her again.

"Do you want to know the next thing that will happen to you?"

Then she whispered...

"Your brother might kill you too... as soon as he finds Susan's body."

Tyra leaned back, lapping and grinning happily at her mother, who was still finding it difficult to process anything. All Arya could do was pant and gasp as blood drained out of her.

With that, Tyra stood up and looked at her mother, just as the grin turned into sadness and tears pooled in her eyes.

She turned toward the door and knocked. And as the door was open for her to leave while she sobbed quietly, she fainted outside, and some of the guards had to quickly save her.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 420 The Strange Encounter (3)