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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 418 The Strange Encounter (1)

Queen Arya could hear nothing except for her struggle for fresh air, which was rather impossible to find in the hot, tiny room that had no window.

The place was unbearably hot for her, and even though she was wearing only a thin layer of clothing aside from her underwear, she looked really damp, as though she had just stepped out of a bath.

She had sweat all over her, and her long hair was stuck to her face.

She had shouted, banged on the door, and done all she could until her throat was dry and the heat was draining every ounce of energy she had left in her.

She thought she heard someone crying outside, but she could not exactly tell since the place seemed rather isolated and it was solidly built in such a way that she could not tell what was happening outside. All thanks to her.

This had been Maria's residence back then, and it had been Arya's idea to make a tiny building here for her since this place was usually isolated and it seemed like the sun rose from this particular spot in the kingdom. Since she didn't want that woman anywhere around the main palace and she couldn't just kill her off quickly, this had been the perfect spot for her.

When Maria passed, it became empty until Tyra had her first heat and was sent here. The fact alone that a Royal member was having heat was embarrassing enough. She didn't want to be shamed more than she already was.

But who would have thought that she would end up here?

She won't stay here.

This place was meant for Omegas. Not for her.

"I can't stay here." She said it on the floor weakly.

She was drifting into unconsciousness, but she refused to fall into it. She had to wait. Someone was definitely going to save her. She had a lot of options.

Her brother. Damon. Damian. And even the king. He couldn't possibly believe the royal physician and abandon her like this. She was still his bride. The mother of his children and her family had greatly contributed to bringing peace and stability to the Moon Kingdom.

The door suddenly opened, and she tried to stand up at once, but she was too weak to do that and had to hold onto the wall.

It didn't matter. Someone was here to save her, and she was going to make sure everyone responsible for this would be paid back a millionfold.

She stood weakly and looked at the door, but the hope died and was replaced with anger, annoyance, and confusion when she saw the person who had entered.

It was Tyra. And it looked like she had been crying.

The door closed behind Tyra, and she saw a glimpse of the guards guarding the door outside.

Tyra looked around the empty room before she faced her mother and looked at her with a soft, pitiful gaze, saying, "I have been kneeling outside for the past 2 hours, begging to meet you. How are you, Mother?"

"What are you doing here?" The queen asked, not hiding her disappointment. ๐š’๐‘›๐“ƒr๐’†๐—ฎ๐™™.๐—ฐo๐’Ž

"Didn't they mention you were sick and had your heat all of a sudden? Why are you outside?" The queen asked before she remembered that that wasn't important. She had more important questions to ask.

"Where are the others? Why haven't they taken me out of here yet?" She asked in a desperate tone.

"Which... others?" Tyra asked innocently.

"DO NOT PLAY SMART WITH ME!" The queen barked at her.


"Be calm, Mother," Tyra said with a sigh.

"The palace is in a messy state right now. You mustn't have heard, but Princess Amber killed Queen Darcy in the presence of the entire court."

"W-What?" The queen inquired in shock.

"Many people are beginning to think she really killed Beth," Tyra added.

The queen's eyes shone as she processed what she had just heard, but then she remembered the role Tyra had played in this whole thing and how she was one of the reasons she was in this mess. Anger rose within her, and she hurried to Tyra's front before slapping her hard across the face.

"This is all your fault! How could you not stick to one story and tell the truth? Tell me! What happened that night? Was it really Princess Amber that killed Beth?" She asked, aggressively grabbing Tyra by the collar with both hands.

Tyra touched her red cheek that had been slapped and straightened to look at her mother before her hand dropped from her cheek and she sighed. "What happened that night shouldn't be important, Mother." She said it with a calm look.

"A bottle of Alpha's plight was found in your safe. How... could you try to kill Father? The king of this kingdom?" Tyra asked in an accusing tone that was filled with disbelief.

If the queen's eyes weren't already wide when she heard that, they were now. She let go of Tyra's collar and shook her head.

"That... is a lie..."

"That is not what everyone thinks, Mother. Everyone believes you tried to get rid of the King and Prince Harold in order to make your son the king."

"SHUT UP! That is a lie! Who is stupid enough to believe that nonsense?!"

"But a bottle of Beta's nightmare was found in Ivan's chamber, and he has been arrested and taken to the dungeon. You... didn't know?" Tyra asked with wide eyes before she nodded to herself. "Of course you didn't. You have been in here." She looked around the place.

"You are lying." The queen laughed in disbelief. "Ivan would never do that."

"Of course." Tyra nodded in agreement. "Ivan is not smart enough to make such a flawless plan. But... you are."

The queen looked at her in confusion. "How... dare you talk to me in this manner? Are you... courting death?" She asked in a quiet tone.

"You still don't get it, do you?" Tyra asked her calmly before saying, "You will die before me."

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 418 The Strange Encounter (1)