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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 357 "Join Me"

From that point on, Alicia's dream became messed up. She had wanted to learn more about Anne, but no, she had been pulled out of there. Now that she was interested in learning more about Amber, she was also pulled out of there. But this time, it was different. Because she didn't find herself in a place. It was like she was hanging in the void.

She found herself in a space, standing alone. Everywhere was dark and frightening. This reminded her of the time she had a dream where she saw Queen Anne for the second time.

She looked all around her with dread. She hated this. She didn't have a good feeling about this.

However, before she could think about what to do, voices began to ring in her head. There were so many voices speaking, yelling, wailing, and crying at the same time that she found it difficult to make out what they were saying.

'Relax. Relax.' She willed herself as she shut her eyes, trying to focus on the voices.

It seemed as though the memories were now a mixture of Anne and Amber's lives together, but she tried her best to tell them apart.

"I waited for you for 38 days." She heard a voice that belonged to Anne amidst all the noise. "I... wanted to return your cloak, but I forgot it." Anne sounded nervous. But she also sounded excited.

The next voice she heard didn't belong to Anne but to someone else.

"Seize coming here. You look too weak for what may happen to you." The voice was cold. It was terrifying.

It probably belonged to Wilder.

"Why do you suddenly wish to train with the men?" Alicia heard a woman's voice and guessed this was another memory, but she wasn't sure who it belonged to.

"Fighting shouldn't only be for men. Women need to protect themselves too." Anne responded.

The other person started, "But..."

"If I am not going to ever practice witchcraft, I should be able to save myself somehow." Anne cut the person off.

With a resigned sigh, the woman said, "Whatever you say, my lady."

Anne sounded excited as she said, "Thank you, mother."

The voices in Alicia's head grew louder, making her cry out in pain. It seemed whoever was controlling all this was making an effort to blow up her brain. Why couldn't things happen smoothly?

"It belongs to the man who saved me." Anne's voice came again. It sounded as though she was gossiping with someone. "I heard them call him a Prince. He has a beautiful name that fits him." i𝘯𝚗𝗿𝗲α𝙙. c𝒐𝐦

"Did you tell him about you?" A boy asked her.

"No! I didn't want to scare him. But I will tell him when I eventually marry him. If he is truly a prince, then I will be his princess." She giggled.

"What... is his name?" The boy asked, sounding jealous. But Anne happily provided it.

"Wilder. Prince Wilder."

Plates crashed loudly, and there was suddenly a thick silence before a small, scared voice asked,

"You... met w-who?"

"What is wrong, mother?"

"Oh no! Oh no! How... how did... we are in trouble!" The woman sounded frightened.

"Swear to me that you wore a scent mask to make you smell like humans."

"You are hurting me, Mother!" Anne cried.

"Lady Avery..." the boy called gently. "You'll injure her."

"SWEAR TO ME!" The woman yelled.

"I... I... didn't." Anne cried.

Alicia could hear the woman's defeated gasp.

"They must know we are around. If they decide to find us during the full moon, our spell can no longer keep this place hidden."


"You are already lucky to be alive after meeting that man! You are forbidden from going anywhere else."

However, it seemed like Anne didn't heed that because the next memory Alicia heard was of Anne's voice saying,

"This is going to be my last time meeting you."

She sounded sad.

"They finally know." Alicia heard the voice again. Wilder.

He always sounded cold and scary. She had no idea why Anne kept going to him.

"What?" Anne asked; she seemed confused by his comment.

The next thing Alicia heard was a painful cry from Anne, and then her shaky voice asked, "What... are you doing?"

"Why... are you tasting my blood?"

"You are, indeed," Wilder said blandly.

Screams and horrifying cries that almost drove Alicia insane rang in her ears as all the voices came back in full force.

Alicia once again tried to relax. The more the pain in her head consumed her, the more memories she was bound to miss. She didn't want to miss this opportunity.

"This is the best for you. Live a normal life. Maybe one day you will be able to provide us with a home." The voice she heard belonged to a woman. It was heartbreaking. She could tell the woman was on the verge of tears.


It was Anne's voice. She sobbed, not able to say a word.

"Do this for us, Anne. Live as a human. You will be a queen, Anne. You will bear children, and they won't have to live as we did. They are going to have a home and parents who love them. I believe in you. I... be-live in y-you." Her voice broke at the end, but it seemed she was making an effort not to cry.


More screams echoed. It was louder this time and even more intense.

And then it all went silent, and the next thing she heard was a slap.

"Even if you hate it so much, you are already married to me. And you will be under me forever!!!"

The voice belonged to a man. He sounded angry.

"How dare you go against my words again? You are trying so hard for me to kill you. Or you want me to send you away so you can go after the man in your heart?" A crazy laugh echoed. "You will live and die here."

The screams started again, bringing Alicia to her knees as she kept fighting the banging pain in her head so that she could focus on all of these memories.

The more she connected to them, the more she felt like she had come here for a purpose and that she was only going to get an answer by enduring this.

Then it all went quiet again, giving her a chance to breathe.

"You didn't tell me your name."

This time, it was Harvey's voice. It seemed like she was back to Amber.

"I do not believe you come here to hunt every day." Amber's voice said.

"And I do not believe you come here to pick herbs every day either," Harvey responded lightly.

Amber blew him off rudely. "Think whatever you may."

"I am Harvey."

There was a hesitation before she said, "Amber."

"It's a pretty name."

"It's a stupid name."

Harvey laughed. "I'm sure only you think so."

Amber didn't respond to that.

"Care to see the world outside this forest?" He offered.

"I'm not supposed to."

"Do you only do what you are supposed to? Because I am certain you shouldn't be wandering here."

"That is not your business."

"If you wish to go out, come here by this time tomorrow. But if you don't, I'll assume you are not interested in the offer, and I'll never show up here again." He paused and added, "Promise."

"I'm... not interested."

Alicia could tell that she was.

"We'll know tomorrow."

"Do not bother coming," Amber told him.

But then, the next thing Alicia heard was the usual cheers from the villagers at the market.

"Do not make it too clear that you've never been here before," Harvey said to Amber.

It seemed she had met up with him the following day.

"It's..." was all Amber muttered. But from her tone, Alicia could tell that she was fascinated.

"Do you want that?" Harvey asked.


"Will you be allowed to keep it?"

"You sound like you know a lot about me."

"I only know what I need to know." He answered.

"So you know why I live in the mountains?"

"You know what else I know?" He asked instead of answering.


"That you need to keep this. It's dangerous out there. Having a bow and arrow is necessary."

"I can't even use it." She said hesitantly. It was obvious she wanted it.

"Wouldn't you like to learn?"

"From you?"

"Do you have anyone else?" He taunted.

"Pay for it since you offered."

Alicia groaned in pain when the headache came again.

"You are a quick learner. You should take a break."

Harvey's voice came again.

"I don't need a break. I need to be perfect."

"You look like you hold a grudge against someone." Harvey pointed out.

"And I will burn them all to the ground," Amber said with determination, and Alicia heard the swoosh of a knife as it struck a hard surface.

That word continued to echo in Alicia's head, following screams and wails, and for a split second, she could see wild fire before her, causing her intense fear.



"SAVE US!!!"




She opened her eyes at once, gasping for air, her chest moving up and down with full force.

She flinched when she felt someone beside her but relaxed when she realized it was Harold on the bed with her.

He helped her sit up and offered her water to drink, which she readily accepted and drank greedily. She was sweating all over, and it was still difficult to breathe properly.

When she was done, he took the cup from her and began to dab at her face with a kerchief.

"Bad dream?" He asked quietly.

"I... don't know." She said in a hoarse voice.

"I saw... Harvey."

Harold frowned.

"Why is Harvey in your dream?" He asked, his lips pursed.

"He was with Amber. I... also saw Anne."

"Oh... did they tell you anything?"

She shook her head. "I don't know if it's just a dream or what had actually happened. I think... it actually happened."

Even though she couldn't make sense of many things, she had to admit that they were not bound to have things easy. Whether it was her or Amber or Anne. Were they caused?

She turned to look at him, remembering that she had gone to bed alone. "What... are you doing here?"

He didn't take that well, thinking she probably didn't want him sleeping on her bed anymore, so he stood up.

"I wanted to check on you. I'll leave now."

As soon as he turned, she grabbed his hand.

"You don't... have to."

He turned to look at her while she looked up at him.

"Join me," she offered.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 357 "Join Me"