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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 351 Siblings’ Moment (2)

"You... are not really interested in Paulina, right? It is going to be trouble if we are both going against the elders." She said in a pleading tone.

If it was just her, at least Williams would have her back. And if it was just Williams, she would have his back. But now, it was the two of them, and that spells trouble.

"I do not want to give up on Alvin. It's already bad that I am going after Alvin; you should not do the same. Besides, Father cannot hurt Alvin. But it's not the case for Paulina."

"Go and wash up. You smell uncomfortable." He said as he adjusted in the bed and closed his eyes to sleep.

Susan finally stood up, and at the same time, a knock sounded on the door.

Williams opened his eyes, and they both looked at the door as it slowly opened, and Lance peeked inside, his eyes lighting up when he saw her.

She sighed.

"Ah! You are awake, and you are here too." He said to the twins with a smile as he welcomed himself inside the chamber, closing the door behind him.

Susan rolled her eyes as soon as she saw him. He was back to dressing in expensive linen that made her eyes hurt. Thankfully, he did not adorn himself in gold linen.

Noting how he was being stared at, Lance felt pleased. "My father advised me to dress in simple clothing because of all the things happening in the palace. But it is quite clear that no matter how simple I dress, I always look good." Lance said as he put out his arms and slowly turned around, showing off his "handsomeness" proudly.

Williams looked at a frustrated Susan with amusement. Susan seemed very annoyed by his presence, and anyone could tell why.

"What are you doing here?" She asked him, sounding slightly rude and unwelcoming.

Lance didn't pick an offence. "I was here until the second bell rang last night, watching over Williams. I even had a chat with your-- why do I smell Princess Amber here?" He asked in confusion as he looked around.

This again?

Susan had thought her father and Williams were exaggerating, but now that someone else was pointing it out, it made her a little concerned. Was it that serious? Was that the reason why some maids and guards had looked unusually at her?

Lance continued to sniff until he got closer to her, and he gave her a confused look, sniffed the air around her again, and raised a brow.

"Did you wear a scent mask to smell like her?"

That made Susan begin to ponder, and she looked at her brother again as what Lance said slowly began to sink in.

"Does she... by chance, wear a scent mask?" She whispered to Williams while Lance, who could hear them, went closer.

"What did you do inside her chamber?" Williams asked curiously.

She shook her head. She didn't touch anything she wasn't supposed to touch. She only took her bath and changed into Princess Amber's clothes before she went to bed.

"I didn't... do anything." She said while thinking.

"Does Princess Amber wear a mask to hide that she is a witch?!" Lance asked in horror, raising his voice a little too loudly.

"Do not be silly. As far as we know, her mother's family were witches, but her mother didn't practice witchcraft, and neither did she," Williams said in her defence, but that didn't make Susan feel any better. What had happened?

Lance thought about it and nodded hesitantly. "That was what she said too."

"Who?" Susan asked.

"Princess Amber. At the assembly." He replied casually and watched as the siblings' eyes lit up.

"How did you know? Did your father tell you?" Susan asked, interested.

He shook his head. "I asked Harvey. It took a while before he agreed to tell me about it. I hate that lad." He sighed heavily.

"You should disagree with the betrothal and focus on me instead." He suggested in a dismissive tone that almost made Williams laugh. Was it possible to dislike and like someone at the same time? Because he felt that way about Lance.

Lance's attitude was the least of Susan's concerns, however. She hurriedly went to carry a stool and placed it beside the bed, smiling as she gestured for him to sit on it while she excitedly sat down on the bed beside Williams.

Why had she forgotten about Harvey? Anyway, since Lance knew some information, he was just going to share it with them.

Lance looked at her suspiciously. "You are suddenly interested in having me around?" He asked smugly, making Susan frown.

"If you do not want to talk, then leave!" She said harshly as she tried to stand up, but Lance quickly put his hand in the air.

"Fine! I will stay. What a bad temper for a lady." He muttered the last part as he sat down obediently.

Harvey had kept it short when he spoke with him, so he relayed the same thing to them.

Princess Amber had denied it. Agnes blamed the queen. The queen was locked up. A proper investigation was to be carried out. Princess Amber's family were still on their way. Princess Tyra had fainted. And the most surprising of them all was that the king had been in on alienating Princess Amber's family.

This began to put doubt into their minds, and their father's words echoed in their heads. Was it possible Princess Amber had truly come for revenge? Had they been deceived?

"But... don't you think something is off with Princess Tyra?" Lance asked thoughtfully.

"Why?" Susan asked, even though she thought so too.

"I just think she is hiding a lot." He answered with a shrug.

Susan felt the same, as did Williams. But they had no idea why Harold hadn't confronted her about it yet. Or maybe he had, but they didn't know about it?

"Or maybe the queen really has a hand and is threatening her?" Williams asked thoughtfully.

Absentmindedly, Susan spoke up, "Or what if someone knows about her relationship with Damian and is threatening her with it?"

"What relationship?" Williams and Lance asked at the same time.

Susan realized her slip, and her eyes widened as she cleared her throat and shook her head.

"It... is nothing."

"She is in a relationship with Damian? The queen's guard?" Lance asked in disbelief, adding, "A GUARD?!"

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH BEING WITH A GUARD?" Susan snapped at him angrily, confirming to the two young men that Tyra and Damian were truly something.

"What if everything is truly the queen's plan, and they are using Tyra?" Williams asked.

So many what ifs.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 351 Siblings’ Moment (2)