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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 332 Caught In The Act

"My head hurts," Williams complained, asking her to lift him slowly as she fed him the water.

"I'm... sorry, Milord." She apologized awkwardly and helped him do it gently. As soon as she noticed he was satisfied and he opened his eyes almost fully to stare at her, she was startled and let go of his head, immediately stepping away from him and going to pick up the stick while Williams groaned from the impact.

"I'm... I'm s-sorry, Milord, but... I'm... scared." Paulina cried quietly as she looked at him.

"I know." He said it quietly as he shut his eyes.

"You should leave before anyone sees you here." He told her calmly.

He was scared for her. Apart from the fact that he knew his father wouldn't take it lightly if he saw her in there, he also knew they had rung the third bell already.

He had been shocked awake when he smelled her presence and heard her heartbeat outside the chamber. He didn't know whether he could easily recognize her presence because they had spent a lot of time together. Otherwise, his father and Lance would have known she was out there too, even though she was wearing a scent mask.

The only reason he had forced his eyes open was to confirm if he was imagining things or if she really had entered the room, especially as he could smell her fear.

"Will... you be okay?" Paulina asked with concern.

"I will be. You still owe me a painting." He said lightly, making her cry in relief, seeing how he could still joke around at this point.

"How is Luciana?" Williams asked weakly.

"I... don't know, Milord."

"And Alvin?"

"The... physician said he... will be fine," Paulina informed him.

"You should leave now," Williams said tiredly as he shut his eyes. He had exhausted all his strength talking to her.

"Do... you turn into... t-that too?" Paulina asked hesitantly, even though Alicia had told her they were all the same.

Williams opened his eyes again, and she unconsciously stepped back.

"Are you asking because you want me to say no?" Williams asked, and his gaze moved from her to the door.

"My parents... are here," he informed her in alarm.

Paulina looked at the door, and her eyes widened in surprise; a startled gasp escaped from her lips when the chamber door suddenly opened.

His parents' eyes widened when they saw her. Not only was a strange person inside the room, but she was holding a stick! With everything going on in the palace right now, their first reaction, especially William's mother's, was panic.

"What are you doing here?!" Williams' father growled.

There was no point in asking her who she was. They knew her. Not only was she human, but the queen had asked Williams to get close to her for their benefit.

Paulina trembled in fear as she looked at them and down at Williams. "I am— I wanted to— I..."

"You are awake!" His mother exclaimed joyfully as she immediately came forward to look at Williams.

Paulina flinched in fear when the woman walked past her, but at that moment, she was the least of their concerns as the couple went to check on their son.

"Do you recognize me? Can you talk?" His mother asked a series of questions at the same time, and without waiting for an answer, she looked up at her husband and said, "We should send for the royal physician. This is a miracle!"

"Do you feel hurt anywhere?" His father asked him.

Williams either nodded or shook his head in response. Seeing how the family was engrossed in that, Paulina desperately wanted to escape.

If she was afraid of Williams, who had been her friend and was currently sick and in bed, what then could be said about his parents, who were healthy and in front of her?

"WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO?" His father suddenly turned to her, scaring her to the point where she almost fell to the floor.

"I... I..."

She almost burst into tears, not knowing what to say. Seeing how scared she was, Williams opened his mouth to speak, but before he could utter a word, a knock sounded on the door, and without waiting for permission, the door opened and Harold appeared, surprising the couple, especially the woman, who clung to her husband.

"I sent her. I was busy with the physician, so I sent her to check on Sir Williams. She will leave now," Harold said from the doorway, and immediately Paulina ran to stand behind him. Even though she was scared of him, at least Alicia trusted him. As for Williams' parents, she didn't know.

"I apologize for disturbing your peace at this late hour of the night," Harold said apologetically as his gaze fell on Williams, relieved to see he was awake. Hopefully, Alvin will also wake up soon.

"I took him out of the palace with me and couldn't keep him safe. My apologies," Harold said with an apologetic bow.

"For any trouble Lady Susan caused, I will handle it," Harold said, surprising the couple, who would never have imagined that Prince Harold was capable of being so polite. He had apologized to them and even bowed. Was he plotting something?

The couple just continued to stare at Harold, who turned to Paulina. "Let's leave."

He closed the door after him and left, with Paulina trailing behind him with her stick.

The couple kept staring at the door and then looked at each other before staring at Williams.

At least their son was okay.

Another couple who could not hide their relief when they saw their child safe were Harvey's parents. They looked at him with concern since they had heard the rumours that he was just as badly wounded as Williams, and the queen had claimed to send an assistant physician to give him the antidote and treat his wound. But looking at their son right now, he doesn't look wounded or sick.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 332 Caught In The Act