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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride
Chapter 29 Bring Me Paulina

Soon, the air in the room eventually returned to normal and everyone gasped in relief. Once again, Alicia looked at them, confused.

"BETH! What are you doing when you should be teaching her how things are done around here?" Luciana, Prince Ivan's wife, asked with displeasure."

If you don't like your chamber, then changes should be made immediately. Beth, make sure you take care of it," the King ordered, ignoring what everyone else had said.

Alicia gave him a wide smile before rising from her seat to bow dramatically,

"Thank you for your graciousness, your majesty."

Seeing the displeased look almost everyone was throwing at Alicia, the Queen and Prince Ivan exchanged a glance. Both their eyes held mischief, and they seemed elated with all that was happening. No one was ever going to stand in support of Harold and his bride. Humans were always weak and submissive, but it seemed the moon goddess was helping them by giving them such an uncouth girl.

The King started eating, and breakfast went on without much drama.

"Try this," Prince Ivan said, pushing a plate across the table in front of Alicia.

Alicia looked at him suspiciously. He looked nice, but there was just something about him that made her suspicious of him. Maybe because she had worked in the entertainment industry for a long time and knew there were always wolves dressed as sheep, but this guy looked like a wolf.

She looked at the plate of whatever it was he had given her and scooped a spoonful of it. It looked like oatmeal, but when she tried it, it tasted weird and different, causing her to grimace as she chewed.

"You like it?" Ivan asked.

"Uhm... I... guess? What is that?"

"It's the brain of a wild pig." He said happily.

Alicia gagged and quickly used her hand to cover her mouth when she felt like throwing up.

Wild pig?


"It's my favorite. How does it taste?"

Tyra held herself back from chuckling when she saw the look on Alicia's face. Her face was suddenly red and she kept forcing herself to swallow while keeping an unpleasant smile on her face.

"It... it tastes... b-brainy." She grimaced once again.

Tyra knew that if she dared laugh, she would be in trouble. Alicia was allowed to do and say as she pleased now because she was a new bride and hadn't gone through formal training, but not her. Aside from her, she could see other relatives who were holding themselves back from laughing. And she clearly saw the amused look on Harold's face, which he tried to hide by focusing on his meal. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Alicia lost two things during breakfast. One was her appetite, and the second was whatever friendliness she was supposed to have for Prince Ivamn, as her groom's older brother.

Once the King was done with his meal and stood up to leave, the Queen joined him, leaving the others who were still eating.

Harold turned to look at Alicia, "What was that about?"

"What was what about?" She asked as she continued eating.

His eyes flashed angrily as he glared at her. Turning to look at his half-brother, who he knew was eagerly waiting to see him fight with his bride, he stood up, and without saying another word, he left the room.

"Have a lovely day too," Alicia called after him with a wave.

"You should be careful," Tyra warned in hushed tones after everyone else had gone, leaving just the two of them.

"Of what?" Alicia asked as she picked up her glass of water and drank it.

"Your words. Especially around the King and Queen. Your response shouldn't be..."

"I will take it from here," Beth informed Tyra as she joined them and turned her attention to Alicia, who was still gulping down water. "It's time for your lessons," Beth said in a tight voice that barely controlled her rage.

Alicia said nothing until she gulped down the last drop and then dropped the glass on the table and belched noisily before using the back of her hand to wipe the water stains from her lips. She was so going to enjoy riling Beth up.

She smiled at Beth, who was looking at her with disgust, and she almost felt like laughing out loud, "Okay, bitch. Let's get on with it," Alicia said as she stood up to follow Beth.

"See you around later," She left Tyra with a wink, wondering why Tyra was looking at her with a concerned frown.

"What is wrong with you?" Beth shrieked at Alicia angrily as they walked into her bedroom and shut the door behind them.

"What did I do?" Alicia asked with an innocent smile.

Beth took slow steps towards Alicia, and that made her scared for a second. Beth looked like a predator ready to hunt down prey. The way she moved, the look in her eyes, everything about her screamed danger. Why did everyone in this kingdom behave like animals?

"You know what you are doing, princess Amber," Beth said in a very low voice as she stood in front of Alicia.

The two exchanged heated glances and Alicia noticed how Beth was trying to control herself from doing something bad to her.

"No matter how much you try to convince yourself that you are something big," Alicia looked straight into her eyes as she spoke. "You are nothing but a maid, Beth. And I... I am a princess. And I feel so sorry for you, my darling, because this is not a fairytale. I am Prince Harold's bride, and you are the maid who will serve me. So... shoo." Alicia waved her off with a victorious smile on her face when she saw how hard Beth was trying to keep it in.

The two continued to exchange heated glances until Beth forced a smile and stepped back.

"I know nothing of what you are trying to speak of Princess Amber. But whether it is to your liking or not, I will be in charge of your classes. And the first thing you will be doing today is getting ready to send off the royals who are going to be leaving the palace toda—"

"Bring me Paulina."

"Classes are more important."

"If you want me to cooperate with you, then you will bring Paulina to me," Alicia said in a patronizing tone that made Beth grit her teeth.

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The Cursed Prince's Strange Bride Chapter 29 Bring Me Paulina