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The Adventures Of The Young Master
Chapter 78 - The Demon That Was Sealed Within

In a dark place, an unknown location that was quite hidden from the Tyy Empire.

Inside a dark and ominous cave, where the darkness lurked, like it was its home. With its stone walls that has carved something in it was extremely ancient, the defeaning silence that constantly ringing one's ears that made them uncomfortable.

There were two person, consisting of an old man probably in his 70's and a warrior with an iron-plate armor behind him. This old man was holding a book with incomplete pages. He was turning the pages back and forth as if he was finding something.

One of the warriors said, "Master, are you.. serious of taking the treasure here?"

The master answered while still flipping the pages, "Of course. That treasure should belong to my sect. That's why we are here to find it."

"But.." The warrior hesitated for a moment, "The records of our sect was never touch this cave or treasure. In fact, I thought the progenitors of various sects from the ancient time had sealed this cave. But.. how come we managed to enter?"

The master looked at him, "Although it really said not to touch anything, there was still no valid proof it. Come on, it happened way back in ancient time where the progenitors had just started their own sects. Estimating a hundred thousand to million years had passed. Whether the demon whatever it is, I don't believe it was still alive. What I want is the treasure left here."

"But.. no one dared to enter here.." The warrior said in a nervous tone. He was really getting an ominous feeling this time. This made his heart skipped a beat several times.

"Then be happy because we are the first one." The master chuckled, "Don't worry, as long as we get the treasure, I won't mind giving you 30% of it. How about it?"

The warrior's eyes suddenly lit up and said, "Then.. I will leave it to Master."

After several minutes of walking, they already almost reached the end of this cave.

"Did not expect that this cave was so long." The master caught his breath first. He was already old, that even walking was giving him a toll already.

"Master, are you alright?" The warrior asked in a worried expression.

"Yes yes." The master waved it off, "Don't worry about it. Continue walking."

As they reached the end, a big circular place has met them. The ceiling could not be seen as it was already extremely tall that like it was aiming for the heights of heaven. However, that was not what caught the attention of the duo. It was the dark-glowing item in the middle, floating. This was a crystal, with a dark color and it was giving off a very ominous vibe. Below it were tons of diamond bars and artifacts like it was a sea of treasures.

"Treasures!" Seeing the half of this big circular place covered by the treasures, the master could not help but salivate in greed. He did not mind the ominous crystal above since all his attention was focused to the treasures. If he could manage to get this treasures. won't their sect soar immediately? They might already had the chance to defeat the Blue Haven Sect!

He was about to step forward when a deep voice suddenly rang their ears, "Uh-oh-uh. Wanting my treasure without my permission?"

"Huh?" The master was startled and so his warrior.

Did they hear it right or they were just hallucinating?

"Is somebody there?" The master asked.

"Of course, there is." the deep voice talked again, "Tsk tsk tsk. You wanted my treasures without my permission. Isn't it too disrespectful?"

The voice came from the dark crystal.

Beads of sweat began rolling down the duo's face, the master apologized, "We apologize for the intrusion. We thought that there is no one here."

"Oh?" The deep voice was amused, "Well, you really thought about it. But you know that there is something sealed here except the treasures, am I right?"

This made the duo reveal a paled expression.

The deep voice chuckled and said, "It seems that it was already hundred of thousands of years ago, huh? And those bastards who sealed me were probably lying in their tombs already. Hahaha!"

"You are..!" The master was now frightened at this moment. He was now feeling danger at this moment.

"Oh right. I am the demon that being sealed here since long long time ago." The deep voice introduced, "Lao Yao."

"Impossible!" The master said, "You are supposed to be dead since it was already so long since you are sealed here!"

"Hehehe. Actually, you are supposed to be right. I only have several days left now before I vanish." Lao Yao laughed in a very sinister way, "However, you guys came and offer yourselves to me. I am very grateful for that."

"What offering ourselves you're talking about?! Nonsense! Little Jong, let's go!" The master said. In actuality, he was scared that things might escalate the way he could not handle. Besides, this Lao Yao was very dangerous. He did not mind not to take the treasures as long as he could exit this cave safely.

"Trying to leave? No way." Lao Yao chuckled in a creepy way and released a bone-grinding killing intent, "Hehehe. Since you are here, don't think of escaping. Now that I finally found someone in order to escape this shitty place, you think I will let you go?"

This scared the duo out of their wits, the master said, "Little Jong, let's run!"

The moment the killing intent was revealed, the master already knew that he was not a match to the other party!

However, they found themselves could not move. This stumped the two as they did not know the reason at all.

Seeing that there was no other way, the master was about to self-detonate but could not do it.

"Trying to kill yourself? No no no. I still need your body." Lao Yao said.

Feeling despair, the master just gnashed his teeth indignantly. The warrior named Little Jong

only closed his eyes. As a warrior, he was not afraid of dying. He was afraid of dying afraid.

Seeing these resolve of the two, Lao Yao grinned and did not stand on ceremony and the dark crystal flashed right through the chest of the master that made him shake violently. The ground trembled and a series of loud screams from the master could be heard as if someone was being tortured inhumanely! Little Jong could only see his master helplessly, he wanted to shout but no voice could he release. All he could do was lower his head in resignation.

After several breaths, the scream died down and so the violently shaking also stopped. Little Jong lifted his head to see what happened, what met his eyes was the tremendous and horrifying killing intent being emitted by his master. The master was encompassed with dark sinister aura that would leave all of the beings in fear. The immeasurable strength his master emitting was something that this world had not yet experienced! Or at least, in his little knowledge. The master he knew had completely changed, with a dark-cold expression he was revealing, cracking the bones in his fist.

This type of existence.. was something this world had no chance of winning.

"This old man's body was not bad. Although it was already old, it was still full of vitality and very compatible of my dark essence qi and I'm only few steps away from getting my peak cultivation. Hahahaha! I struck a huge luck this time. Hehe." Obviously, this was already Lao Yao who had taken over the body of the master.

"Give.. give back my master!" Little Jong shouted.

"Don't worry about it. Your master is already in the next life preparing for reincarnation. Hehe." Lao Yao smiled. "And since you already miss your master, let me help you meet with him as soon as possible."


Yao Lao pierced through the chest where the vital spot located, sucking all the essence qi of the other party.

Little Jong vomited blood, his vital was crushed and knew he was good as dead now. However, before he die, he spat right to Lao Yao's face and cursed, "I curse you that you will have an unending suffering in the near future! I cursed you that you will be trapped in infinite despair. BASTARD! I CURSE YOU DEATH!"


Yao Lao totally crushed the vital and it immediately killed Little Jong, "So noisy. I am from the clan that even the mighty Heavens are wary of us yet you dared to curse me like that? Laughable."

After sucking all of the essence qi, he sat down in cultivating position and said, "Alright. Time to stabilize and get used to this body first. After that.."

"I will paint this world with blood again."

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The Adventures Of The Young Master Chapter 78 - The Demon That Was Sealed Within