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The Adventures Of The Young Master
Chapter 69 - Flame Control

The thirty minutes had passed, almost all of the examinees failed the exam. Some got a hundred mistakes, and some did not answer at all, and some who got the 999 answers correct but the 1 solving formula was wrong.

Fortunately, outside of Jin Rou, there was also another person who passed the test. This was a young woman probably age 18. She wore a black robe that perfectly fitted her black hair. She could be said a city-toppling beauty. She was the only one who was not affected by the recent commotions. In fact, she just kept answering the questions without being distracted at all.

And so, there are two participants who passed the first stage and will now proceed to the second stage!

"Everyone may be curious about what happened." Gum Xuan front the crowd and announced officially, "That young man had got all the answers correct! So he passed the first stage."

"The same with the young lady, she also passed the test. Although she almost used the 30 minutes time, it was still within the range of time."

Ssss~ πš’nπ§π‘Ÿea𝚍. π’„π‘œπš–

Everyone sucked a mouthful of air as they heard this. Two aspiring alchemists really passed the first stage!

There were also people from the crowd who knew the Thousand Questions Of Alchemy, and in fact, they experienced it also. However, that was usually being used in Promotion Exams to become a legitimate 1-star Master Alchemist. No, perfecting this Thousand Questions of Alchemy was one of the requirements to become a 1-star Master Alchemist.

Knowing that two examinees passed the test, does it mean that they were already enough to become a 1-star Master Alchemist?

Just by thinking this left the crowd in awe!

A male cultivator from the crowd asked, "High Elder Gum Xuan, this one has a question."

"Speak." Gum Xuan replied.

"If those two got all the questions of the Thousand Questions of Alchemy correct, does it mean they were enough to be 1-star Master Alchemist?" the male cultivator asked.

"Oh that.." Gum Xuan mused for a moment, "The Thousand Questions of Alchemy is indeed one of the requirements to be a 1-star Master Alchemist. However, just like I said, it was only one of the requirements so it means there were still some."

"But as I review how this Entrance Examination works, if those two passed the other two stages, then they could be already 1-star Master Alchemists. After all, the other requirements were already the needed requirements to be promoted to the Master realm."

A female cultivator exclaimed, "What, High Elder Ma Han really pushed it this far that she chose things that only suitable for Apprentice Alchemists? The participants here were still aspiring ones! How could she.."

"You can't do anything about that. That's a High Elder. Of course, she would be free how she conduct her exam. Although it was unfair really, what can we do about it? Even High Elder Gum Xuan could not do anything since it was already probably approved by the Tower Master. You know, however unreasonable she was, Tower Master will always support her." Her female companion said.

"Right right. This is something that some people like us could not put our nose to."


In the second floor, Second Hall. This was a hall that all you one could see were ancient statues, jade-green floor and walls. This place was huge, compare to the Tamer Guild's main hall, the guild paled so much in comparison.

The two participants, Jin Rou and a black-robed lady were already here waiting for the next stage. Jin Rou only stood there silently with a smile, while the black-robed lady was sitting at the corner, in a meditating pose.

The Second Hall was only filled with silence since they were the only people here.

A silence that could almost break ears.

"Even here, cultivating?" Jin Rou decided to break the silence and talked to the black-robe lady.

However, the black-robed lady only gave him a glance and closed her eyes again.

What a snob! Jin Rou complained in his heart. This Young Master here was a bit displeased!

Seeing he was being ignored, he only sighed and never talked to her again.

As Jin Rou roamed his vision, he realized that there were not even people watching them in the sidelines like in the First Hall where packed of people gathered like ants. But he did not pay this too much and just keep on standing.


30 minutes had passed. Finally, the two High Elders, Ma Han and Gum Xuan, came.

Gum Xuan decided to take part to the examination since he was afraid that this Ma Han would break loose like beast and hurt someone. He needed to keep his eyes on her. Of course, he asked for the Tower Master's approval first.

Ma Han was, of course, indignant about this. She still had lingering extreme hate for Gum Xuan for making her lose all face. But since her older brother approved, she could do nothing about it and just let it be. As long as he would not interfere, that is.

The black-robed lady noticed them also and immediately stood up and cupped her hands.

Ma Han nodded by this gesture and said, "To think that there would be two examinees to pass the Thousand Questions of Alchemy, you two are indeed genuises!" She praised, however, her glance was only fixated to the black-robed lady.

Jin Rou did not mind this at all.

Ma Han asked the black-robed lady, "Young girl, what is your name?"

The black-robed lady straightened up and answered, "This one is named Bingye Feng."

"Bingye Feng.." Ma Han smiled and nodded, "Alright, let's start the stage two examination!"

Ma Han first gave Jin Rou a sharp glare and continued, "The stage two would be, Flame Control!"

She took out two cauldrons from her inventory pouch and said "Each one of you will release your flame and dance it within this cauldron. In order to pass, you need to hold this cauldron for five minutes without being broken or cracked even a bit! Just to remind you, this cauldron was basically a fragile one that needed an utmost carefulness when using fire because one misstep could lead to this cauldron being broken."

"You guys get it?"

The black-robed lady nodded and Jin Rou only gave a casual answer, "Yeah yeah."

Ma Han snorted in her heart in extreme displeasure. But she did not dare express it. Soon, this young lad would pay extremely. For all humiliations she suffered!

"Now, get one cauldron for each of you and dance it within your flame!"

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The Adventures Of The Young Master Chapter 69 - Flame Control