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The Adventures Of The Young Master
Chapter 67 - High Elder Gum Xuan

"Master Ma, you gave the most difficult paper exam that our Alchemy Tower had created, are you sure about this? I think, none will pass this time." One of Ma Han's companions who was also a Master Alchemist, opened the topic.

Indeed, in their perspective, The Thousand Questions Of Alchemy was not something aspiring alchemists could answer. In fact, even Ma Han would find this hard even at her level! But yet, she gave this as the first stage of the exam.

Just how deep the grudge of this old lady to that youngster?

"Humph. Why do you care about that?" Ma Han snorted in displeasure, "I don't care if no one could pass this first stage. It would save me the trouble, you know? Besides, what I desired the most was to skin that bastard alive that he would be asking for the relief of death!"

The Master Alchemist, who asked the question instantly lowered his head and did not respond again. However, the other Master Alchemist had such a guts to ask, "Master Han, that is only a youngster. It was natural for a young man like him to be hot-blooded."

Ma Han, this time, did not display any arrogance for this Master Alchemist who asked, and said, "That young lad offended me that almost made me spurt blood in front of the crowd. If not for the fact that I am his senior, I would not really mind taking him down at that time! But I restrained myself, since I am still thinking about the image of our tower."

"But as you all saw, he accepted the challenge, so the blame is not one me. He will surely be a lowly servant here. Of course, I will not dare to kill him, but I will make sure his life would be quite miserable that he will chose death instead."

The two Master Alchemists paled from this as they saw the bone-chilling sinister smile crept up on the old lady's face.


Jin Rou, who was sitting with a bulk of papers in front of him, sighed in disappointment and muttered to himself, "This is it?"

He scanned the 999 questions before answering and realized that these are all basic knowledge for Alchemists, and even the 1 formula solving did not even par from any formula problems he encountered. This was all very easy for him. In fact, it would not even make him think.

Not a challenge at all, really not a challenge at all.

He picked up the feather with an ink on its tip and began writing.

Write. Write. Write. Write. Write.

Many examinees' attentions were caught by this and turned their heads and knit their brows upon seeing the sight. The young man who offended Ma Han, had answering the questions so fast that in just 20 seconds probably, the single paper was finished and he turned to the next one! All the same happened until he finished answering all of the papers! They were instantly dumbfounded by this and deduced the same conclusions.

This is an exam to test your knowledge, not how fast you write!

In their hearts, this man was already doomed to be a lowly servant. After all, they already knew this young man was about to fail the exam.

Furthermore, even those who were outside especially Xuxin Wang shook his head after being dumbfounded by this. Really, this youngster was pushing it.

However, Ma Han found this displeasing, even the respected Thousand Questions of Alchemy was not being put into his eyes! Just by seeing how Jin Rou answered the questions without even thinking, it was already enough for her to realize that.

Really bastard? REALLY BASTARD! Ma Han howled in her heart. She will really make sure that this young lad would suffer miserably!

In just few minutes, Jin Rou had finished answering the bulks of papers and stood up, "Finished."

"Finish your mother!" Ma Han glared knives at him, "You only randomly answered the questions! That would consider you already failed and lost the bet! Now, come with me!"

Jin Rou narrowed his brows and asked, "You did not yet check my answers yet you are saying I lost? What is this?"

"Why should I check your answers? It is obviously all wrong!" Ma Han rebuked, "You did not respect me, now even the Thousand Questions Of Alchemy that this tower had, you did the same. Do you think we are playground? Do you think our tower is a playground? Come with me and sign the contract that you will be a lowly servant! Don't make me do this the hard way!"

Ma Han revealed a murderous intent that immediately paled the examinees, this may be probably the murderous intent she was holding all this time!

However, Jin Rou was still unaffected, "Just check my answers first. Will you? Don't be so unreasonable."

"Unreasonable my ass! I don't need to check it because I know it was all wrong in the first place!" Ma Han refuted.

"Are you certain about that?" Jin Rou chuckled and said, "Please, this Young Master will dare guarantee you that your words will slap your face miserably."

"You..!" Ma Han pointed a finger in infuriation, "Lad, I don't care even you came from any of the high-tier empires or even the Gian Supreme Empire, no one would be able to save you! So don't even think about using your backer against my tower! We are never afraid of anyone!"

"Who says I will use my backing? There's no need to. You are just a frog in the bottom of a well. No need to be paid attention to. Just check this and let's go further with the second stage." Jin Rou waved his hand gesturing dismissal.

"ONE FUCK*ING BASTARD!" Ma Han lost her rationality and was about to take the offense when an old man probably the same age as Ma Han appeared, "Ma Han, how unsightly of you. To really dare to harm a junior? You can't even take an insult despite your age and experience?"

"You are just shaming yourself."

This old bald man was wearing a white robe with no sleeves at all, his brown complexion and old skin with tiny black spots could be seen. His face was very amiable and gentle to view. One glance and one could already view as a magnanimous person. However, his eyes and his steps carried a dominating aura!

The two Master Alchemists behind Ma Han hurriedly stepped forward and greeted, "We pay respects to High Elder Gum Xuan!"

Gum Xuan dismissed the two and looked at Jin Rou smiling gently, "Young man, may I have your paper? Let this old man check it for you."

Jin Rou smiled, and handed over the papers, "Here."

"Gum Xuan!" Ma Han gritted her teeth and her expression turned extremely livid, "This is my business. Why are you interfering?!"

"Your business? Goodness." Gum Xuan looked at Ma Han with eyes full of disappointment, "The Tower Master had appointed you as the examiner. Yet, one examinee was already done and just asking for you to check it but what did you do?"

"Not to mention, you even released the Thousand Questions of Alchemy here without my approval! Are you not putting me, Gum Xuan, in your eyes?!"

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The Adventures Of The Young Master Chapter 67 - High Elder Gum Xuan