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The Adventures Of The Young Master
Chapter 100 - Appointing Roles

"Alright. Now that the building has already built, we go now to the roles." Jin Rou said to everyone. They were in the Meeting Hall where could not be found in the voids of the mansion. "As I was the appointed successor, I will be the sect master. But do anyone object about this?"

"No one will dare to oppose you or fight it out for the position of the sect master, Young Master." Old Mo said as his lips involuntarily twitched.

Who would be crazy enough to fight you for that knowing what kind of existence are you, right?

"Right right." Yuan Gu nodded, "Although I wanted the sect master position also, I will just give way to Young Master."

These words made everyone look at him, thinking the same— Wow!

Their expressions revealed a complex one that you could not even determine if it was disgust or annoyance. Even Jin Rou admired this courage worth commending.

But of course, Yuan Gu was just kidding, "Sorry sorry. Just kidding. Haha!" He let out a laugh.

"Alright, putting that aside. I am now the sectmaster of this Lovey Dovey Sect. Let's now talk about your roles here. Yuna?" Jin Rou called out to Yuna Sierra.

She recognized this and said, "Young Master and I talked about some things a while ago and appointed me directly as the vice sectmaster. And I doubt anyone of you would dare to object our sectmaster's decision. I am also the one assigned to overlook the sect in place of Young Master. In simpler words, my word is my command. Of course, the orders would be as per the range where Young Master wants."

Everyone listened to this attentively.

She added, "So now, Let's appoint your roles according to our sectmaster's desire. Old Mo and Yalan Na will be high elders while Yuan Gu would be an elder."

"Hey! Hey!" Yuan Gu suddenly interjected, "Why am I only an ordinary elder where the two are high elders? This is indiscrimination! I reserve my right!"

"It is sectmaster's desire, what can you do about it?" Yuna Sierra raised an eyebrow revealing a displeased expression.

"But...!" Yuan Gu wanted to say more, but bit his tongue. He was feeling wronged. He could understand that Old Mo and Yalan Na was appointed as high elders since they were clearly stronger than him. However, he felt that it was not right to leave him out and make his rank lower than the two. After all, there were only a few margins between their strengths. Although it was not vast, it was not also not narrowed.

" Brother Yuan." Jin Rou said. This startled Yuan Gu as he looked at Jin Rou with an expression of disbelief and repeated it, "Brother? You are calling me that?" 𝘪𝚗𝓃𝘳ℯ𝒂d. c૦𝓂

Young master called me, Brother Yuan?

"Of course. We have already known each other for long now. What's wrong with calling you brother? Furthermore, I am only a sectmaster this time." Jin Rou said. This was indeed what he feels. As his companions or rather to say, follower, Yuan Gu did him a favor by adding color to their group and never betrayed his trust. Besides, Yuan Gu was the second friend he made in the previous world which made him happy.

Jin Rou added, "We need at least a single normal elder for now since we are just starting our sect. But rest assured that I will appoint you as a high elder when we have already enough manpower in the future. How is it?"

Yuan Gu coughed as he left his daze and cleared his throat, "Since the sectmaster personally say it, I have no more objections."

Yuna Sierra rolled her charcoal-black eyes with a thought 'you don't object anymore since you are called something soothing in your ears.'

Well, who could blame him? Being called 'brother' by the current ruler of the universe, he's already ascending into the Heavens!

Jin Rou nodded, and he shifted his gaze to Ran Haoyu saying, "Sister Ran, you are going to be the senior disciple. Do you agree?"

"Sister Ran..." Ran Haoyu entered her delusion as she heard those charming words, but immediately snapped out of it and said, "Of course, sectmaster! Whatever you desire, it is my pleasure!" She revealed a blushed expression which made Yuna Sierra frown.

It seemed like there were too many girls and women attracted to Jin Rou.

"So it's all settled!" Jin Rou clapped his hand and added, "Since the roles of us are already in position, let's now talk about how will we spread the word and garner attention."

He shifted his gaze to Old Mo and asked, "Old Mo, how many diamonds do we have in the account?"

Old Mo answered, "It is around 75 million diamonds, Young Master."

"Oh.." Jin Rou mused for a moment before turning his attention to Yuna Sierra, "Yuna, are diamonds the accepted currency of this world?"

"Sectmaster, unfortunately, it's not. This world used a currency named purple stones. But we can convert the diamonds into purple stones."

"What is the convertion rate then?" Jin Rou asked.

"1,000 diamonds for one purple stone, sectmaster." Yuna Sierra answered.

"A thousand diamonds for only a single purple stone? That's ridiculous! If we will convert it all, then it is only around 75,000 purple stones? What if the market price of our necessities could not cope up with it, what then?" Old Mo exclaimed as he rubbed his temples.

"How much is the standard price for tier 1 (yellow) skill books?" Jin Rou asked. This situation made him narrow his brows a bit.

"As what I learned, it is around 1,000 purple stones to 2,000 purple stones. Depending on what type of the tier 1 skill book to be purchased." Yuna Sierra said.

"See!" Old Mo threw up his hands, "Just this tier 1 skill book would make me vomit blood! The 75,000 will not be enough to fund us! Not mentioning the skill books, just the normal books to be put in the Martial Library, would already hurt our pocket!" As a money-lover freak, Old Mo could not help but feel injustice about this world. But he was still grateful that they already had a building, if not, this was a tremendous headache for him as the finance manager of Jin Rou.

Everyone fell silent. Yuna Sierra wanted to volunteer to earn some money or rob some rich young masters outside, but she immediately slashed this thought off.

Jin Rou rubbed his temples for a while before saying, "Alright. I will handle this problem."

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The Adventures Of The Young Master Chapter 100 - Appointing Roles