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The Abandoned Husband Dominates
Chapter 1426 - 1426 Beating Alt Up

1426 Beating Alt Up

“You know him?”

Alt was stunned. He did not expect the guy he had taught a lesson to be related to the opponent in front of him.

Jordan said calmly, “He asked me to avenge him today. Therefore, you might be in trouble today.”

Alt narrowed his eyes. He finally knew why Jordan did not accept his goodwill just now. It turned out that it was not because he was aloof, but because he was related to his enemy!

Alt snorted. “Getting involved with the guy who went to the Lost Paradise Hotel. Looks like you’re not a good person either! Take this!”

With that, Alt made his move and officially began the final competition of today’s apprentice group.

Everyone present was also watching attentively.

Alt kept attacking, but Jordan could easily dodge him. This made Alt look very clumsy.

“I couldn’t tell from the previous few matches. This time, when facing Alt’s attack, Dawn’s defense was really impeccable. I didn’t expect her to have such rich combat experience at such a young age.”

“Dawn doesn’t look like she came from a random background. She definitely came from a big family!”

“Alt only has one attack method. In the previous competitions, he only won because he stayed in the apprenticeship stage for a year. His spiritual power is stronger than others and he won by relying on brute force. It’s normal that he can’t break through Dawn’s defense. However, I want to know what Dawn’s attack method is. If she wants to win, she can’t keep defending.”

Everyone was looking forward to Jordan’s attack method.

All of a sudden, Alt’s hands deliberately fought with Jordan, forcing Jordan to use his feet. As soon as Jordan raised his leg, a wicked smile appeared on Alt’s face. “I want to make you unable to walk!”

Alt used all his strength to concentrate all his spiritual power on one finger. Then, he stabbed hard at Jordan’s leg.

This was also Alt’s usual trick. The last time Jordan and Alt fought in the Lost Paradise Hotel, he had used this trick to severely injure Jordan’s leg and make him unable to walk on the spot.

This time, when they met again, Jordan wanted to take revenge for the last time. How could he let him stab his leg again?

However, although Jordan had expected this, he did not dodge because there was no need.

Jordan suddenly controlled his Spiritual Energy to control the fallen leaves on the ground. Then, he quickly directed them towards Alt’s finger.


Just as Alt’s finger was about to poke Jordan’s leg, it was cut by a leaf as sharp as a knife.


The crowd was also shocked.

No one expected Jordan to use his spiritual power to control the leaves to fight.

To put it bluntly, this kind of low-level duel in the apprentice group was no different from a fight between ordinary people. Only disciples and above had the kind of dazzling competition that relied on spiritual energy.

Alt looked at his injured finger and was a little depressed. “Hmph, it’s just a few leaves. What’s the big deal? This can’t stop me at all!”

Alt did not expect Jordan to suddenly control the leaves to attack. If he had expected this, he would not have suddenly retracted his finger. However, it was obvious that he had no idea about Jordan’s attack method.

Within moments, Jordan controlled more and more leaves. Subsequently, they gathered into a shape similar to a mask. The mask leaf floated in the air, causing a wave of exclamations.

“It’s a mask! She made a mask shape out of leaves!”

“Haha, women are women. They like to play with such fancy designs. This is useless.”

After Alt saw it, he also laughed. “Hahaha, who doesn’t know how to control leaves? What are you showing off for? You even made a mask shape. Is this mask for me to wear?”

Jordan smiled lightly as well. “That’s right. It’s prepared for you.”

However, Alt’s teacher could tell that there was something wrong with this mask. This was because ordinary masks revealed eyes and mouths. At the very least, it could make people look and breathe.

However, this mask was completely sealed.

Offstage, Alt’s teacher warned, “Alt, be careful of the mask. Don’t let your guard down!”

However, before he could finish reminding him, Jordan had already taken the initiative to attack Alt!




Jordan forced Alt to retreat step by step!

“That’s impossible! Dawn has only been an apprentice for half a month. How can her strength surpass Alt’s?”

“I feel that the two of them are evenly matched. Alt doesn’t have any advantage in strength!”

“Since they’re evenly matched and Alt can’t beat her, she probably can’t either. I’m afraid it’ll be very difficult to determine first place in this year’s competition.”

Jordan finally revealed his true strength, giving the audience a new perspective on the competition.

Just as Jordan finally knocked Alt to the ground, Alt said stubbornly, “You can’t win. I’m going to start fighting back…”

Just as Alt was about to use all his strength to get up and counterattack, Jordan suddenly waved his left hand and summoned the leaf mask over, covering Alt’s face!


Alt couldn’t breathe for a moment. Every leaf on the mask’s leaf contained spiritual power. It wasn’t a simple leaf mask. When it landed on Alt’s face, it had a strong absorption effect. Alt couldn’t break free at all!

“Ah! So this is her trick! How impressive! Dawn is really a genius!”

“I’ve never seen such a high-level spell win a competition in the apprentice group. Although Dawn is an apprentice, she uses high-level thinking. It’s really unexpected!”

At this moment, the Vice Dean of the Cloud Sect, as well as the teachers and deans of the other schools, praised her.

“What high-level thinking, high-level thinking, hahaha…”

“Director Evelyn, congratulations on taking in such a genius. Her future is limitless!”

If one were to describe it as a game, Jordan was like a King of Glory. When he went back to play the Bronze Game, the players in the Bronze Game would kill anyone they saw. They did not care about the minion wave at all. On the other hand, Jordan’s mind was thinking.

Jordan used his high-level mind to fight Alt. Alt had no chance of winning.


“The outcome of this match is decided.”

Jordan thought to himself.

He was already thinking about another question. Should he kill Alt?

As long as he did not take the initiative to open this mask leaf, Alt would suffocate to death.

After a while, Elle seemed to not want to see anyone die. She took the initiative to walk towards the Heavenly Academy. In front of Alt’s teacher, she said, “Teacher Li, the outcome has been decided. Your student is trapped by my student and can’t even speak now, so he can’t surrender. Why don’t you admit defeat on his behalf so that your student won’t lose his life in vain?”

The others also felt that the Heavenly Academy should admit defeat.

Unexpectedly, Alt’s teacher laughed out loud. “Hahahaha, the first place in the apprentice group will definitely be taken by our school this year. Miss Elle is too greedy. Your student should be satisfied with being in the top three, but she actually wants to snatch first place from me?”

Elle felt awkward. “I’m doing this for your own good. Do you want your student to die in a competition?”

Mr. Li snorted and said to Alt on the stage, “Alt, stop struggling. Just become a disciple and win this competition!”

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The Abandoned Husband Dominates Chapter 1426 - 1426 Beating Alt Up