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Chapter 8: Don’t bring strangers home, please! part

As always, I get up with the break of dawn to go wash in the river, well, at home I used to do it in the lake, in short, the routine is the same. I prefer flowing water though, it has many advantages, but the most important is that it makes washing my clothes a lot easier, now i wish i brought my other set of clothes.

Returning to camp I’m surprised to see everyone standing around the campfire.

“Good morning! how did you sleep?” says Helena in a cheerful but sleepy tone.

“Yeah, I slept well”

Why do you ask me that? Did I do something weird while sleeping?

Now that I remember, I may be a sleepwalker. I really hope I didn’t do any weird stuff, If I did, I’d prefer to be conscious at least.

Everyone is down and lethargic, yet it looks like they did their best to wake up early.


“Is it normal for you guys to get up at this time? Maybe I woke you up unintentionally, I’m sorry”

“Don’t worry young ryu, yesterday we talked about it and we realized that we were just being lazy. This is not like our world where we had light until late at night.”

“Yeah,” Bob continues, “you’re such a hard worker that we feel bad about wasting time like that. Besides, if we do our chores, you might have more time to go fishing or...”

“About that... I’m sorry but I got no intention of going fishing today.”

Instantly their faces changed and they all look disappointed.

“I see...” says Bob with a tone of voice off.

“However, I can lend you my harpoon so you can go. It’s much easier than fishing with a spear, it’s lighter, and its attack range is long and wide.”

A smile lights up Bob’s face.

“It would be much more practical to spend my time making some weapons and tools, if you bring me the necessary resources I could prepare some for you. In exchange for that, you’ll let me keep the best resources”

“Best ones? how can you tell? I mean, we’ve been trying to craft tools for a while and we haven’t been able to find suitable materials. They all look the same but some last longer than others. Everything we make ends up breaking soon” Helena says intrigued.

Now I understand, none of them have the observation skill, so even if they spend all their effort into crafting a spear, it might come up being worthless because of low durability. While this hasn’t been a problem for me at all, all i need to do is check their quality beforehand. Also, this may indicate that they don’t have tool crafting skill either, because even if I only had weak materials I’m confident my tools would at least be at 10 durability.

“Don’t worry about that. You know the quality of an object depends on the quality of the materials and because of this, the craftsman will notice with just a glance what are the best quality materials. Plus, the manufacturing skill is also very important and i’ve been crafting tools for about a month every night”

Helena seems somewhat surprised by my answer but doesn’t say anything.

As everyone heads off to do their chores, Hiraku and Ayumi go spear fishing together. Bob runs off to collect materials, Helena stays by the campfire making plant fiber, Anne goes out to check the traps, and Luke, well, I don’t know what Luke will do since he didn’t say anything when he left the settlement.

Meanwhile, I hit the tree with the good stick until it’s completely worn out.

Young tree 58/298

I’m so close that I’m tempted to hit it with my spear, but even if I did, it probably wouldn’t be enough anyway. Maybe if I used all my strength but I know for experience that stamina runs out very quickly, I may get tired even before felling the tree.

Stamina is something I haven’t figured out yet. I can’t be sure since I dont get any message about it, but i know for sure that running spends quite a bit of stamina. Nevertheless, while i can run for just a little longer than my first day, now I run a lot faster, meaning that in about the same ammount of time I can cover a greater distance.

Regaining stamina back is also not that simple. If I’m well fed it recovers faster when I’m resting, but the thing is, if i rest standing it gets slower than if I’m sitting. I’ve been trying to see how it works, but there are simply too many factors: Food, water, heat, cold, standing, sleeping, resting on the floor, on a bed... I only get a feeling that I’m resting, not a notification stating how quickly im recovering. I don’t even know how much stamina do I even have!

While I was distracted in my own thoughts, Bob comes back with a huge pile of dry branches, I’m surprised he can drag them behind him. He leaves them close to me and leaves hurriedly.

“I’m going to get some rocks now!”

I find this a bit funny, it’s my second night with this group and they are already working for me without realizing it. I don’t know why but this takes me back to the first night, when Hiraku came to me. Was he really asking for my help? but, what can I do? I’m just a newcomer after all.

I check out the branches Bob brought, they are barely enough for about four spears, they really can’t pick appropiate crafting materials. I separate the best ones to create spears from those that will only serve as firewood. Then, I proceed to my labour with enthusiasm.

I’m not happy with the result of the first one. Inadvertently I ruined the quality of one of the best sticks I had available. I know complaining is useless, but what can i do other than just keep hitting the tree.

After only a few hits, I managed to knock it down. It falls to the ground with a sound muffled by the leaves on the ground, yet Helena jumps in surprise.

“How did you do that! Did you just knock down a tree with a stick?”

“It’s not what it seems, I actually spent several hours hitting it since yesterday”

“Still, it’s amazing! So far we haven’t been able to take any down”

“Not even Bob?”

“Bob is strong, but It’s not like back at our world. From what i’ve heard from the others, physics seem to work differently in here. Bob does hit harder than us, but without tools no matter how many punches he threw, trees seemed to remain unaffected”

“Punches you say!?”

“Well yes, whenever he used sticks damage seemed to be the same and the sticks would wear out rapidly. so we never had the free time to spend on gathering them just for that purpos. We always thought it’d be impossible to take down trees without proper tools, so we decided to wait until we got an axe”

“Oh! That’s very useful! Do any of you know how to make an axe?”

“Unfortunately, no, like i told you before, we made a few attempts to craft tools. But tying a rock to a stick proved to be a bad idea, all we got was Hiraku getting injured. He was walking behind Bob when the rock came loose. Bob couldn’t even land the first hit on the tree.”

” I see, that’s dangerous.”

Helena nods.

“Hiraku was in poor condition after that, but he didn’t blame Bob. And we were able to heal him, so it wasnt as big of a deal as the time Bob got hurt by a boar”

Just as Helena was about to tell me what seemed to be an epic tale of Bob punching a boar right in the face, he arrives with many stones in his arms, and drops them in front of me. Most of them are too big and it will take extra effort to break them apart, also there’s no guarantee that they will be have the proper shape right way.

“Bob, I think I need smaller rocks. About this size” I tell him while gesturing with my hands.

“Understood!” And he runs to the river again. The river is not that far, but still I can’t see myself carrying a bunch of rocks like that all the way and then running back there again.

Does he not run out of stamina? As expected, being a giant has its perks.

Hiraku and Ayumi return with a large fish each and a huge smile, as they chat animatedly.

“Oh! They took so long and only got two fish? Could it be that they spent their time flirting instead of working?”

Ayumi pust an expression on her face as if she had been caught doing something wrong.

“You don’t know what you’re saying little girl, fishing is more difficult than you think, I think we did pretty well”

“That may be the case, but Ryu caught many more in the same time”

“Ryu is ryu, we are ourselves” says Hikaru with a straight face.

“What they say is true, Helena, I’m surprised that they got two fish so soon. When I first learned to fish I failed many times, I had to work very hard to learn how to fish. More important than that, Hiraku, I would like to talk about something, although I think it’s better if everyone is present. Do you think Anne and Luke will come back soon?”

“What is it about?”

“Well, I really prefer to wait for everyone, if you want I can say it now, it’s just that I don’t think it’s fair to your companions”

“Yes, you’re probably right”

Bob leaves another pile of stones, this time there are many that can be useful. I’ll get hands to work.

Spear 15/15

Spear (good) 20/20

Spear 13/13

Results are better than expected, even one of the spears is good quality, I don’t know what the chances are, but it’s good enough.

Bob reaches for more sticks and Hikaru asks him to stay close to hear what I have to say.

While the fish are grilling, Anne and Luke return.

“Ryu wants to tell us something and I think it’s in our best interest to listen to him” says Hiraku

“Is it urgent? Can’t it wait until tonight?” Luke says somewhat annoyed.

*Mmm hmm* I clear my throat ignoring his comment.

“As you know, I’m a native of this world. From what I’ve seen, my strength doesn’t compare to yours, but I have other abilities that could be useful. I’d like to... invite you guys to move into my home”

“What you’re saying is great! we really could use your skills.” Helena says in a cheerful manner.

“Even if it were, don’t you live alone? Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if you move in here? Why should we risk going so far? What if you’re plotting to ambush us or something? How can we trust you?”

As always, Luke’s comments feel offensive, but I do my best to stay calm.

“In all honesty, there’s no way for me to prove im trustworthy”

Luke’s arrogant expression intensifies, I’m hating every second of this.

“However, If you keep going on like this, you won’t last another month.”

A general gasp was heard at the same time. Is it that perhaps these people do not realize the precariousness of their conditions?

“You have a point” Hiraku clarifies “I’ve also thought about this. We have barely managed to get by so far, even depleting whatever resources we had at our reach. What will we do if the weather gets any worse? I can’t even think about it”

“It’s not just that, I think you don’t understand the danger that your current lifestyle presents. I don’t know how things were in your other world, but everything is dangerous here”

“I will not allow a savage who has taken advantage of our kindness to spit such nonsense” Anne exclaims vigorously while stomping on the ground. “You just want to take us to your cave to do perverted things to us!”


“My cave!? Why would you think I live in a cave!? believe it or not, I’m doing this out of the goodness of my heart. Also, no offense, but, I’m really not interested in you”

Ayumi bursts into a derisive laugh and Anne starts to blush.

“Anne, you guys are six people and you’ve been around for how long? what have you achieved since you came in here?”

“Listen you caveman, we don’t need your help, if anything you should be grateful we even bothered talking to you at all. If you want to stay, fine, I’ll recognize your skills and I know you could help us. But why do you ask us to move all of a sudden, when you could simply stay and help us?”

“That’s because you guys live in poor conditions and I’m afraid you won’t make it”

“Believe it or not, we are heroes, the weakest of us is ten times stronger than you!”

“Heroes, heroes! you keep saying that, when I arrived I was told that you are heroes summoned from another world with the destiny to save mankind. Tell me Luke, please enlighten me, what kind of heroes get up at noon? Who are you going to save if you can’t even build a proper tent?

Not only that, your settlement is a disaster waiting to happen, your tents were too close to naked fire... you guys are so poor that when you guys took me in I seriously thought you were going to eat me!”

Everyone looks embarrased now, even Anne’s eyes look watery. She’s looking at the ground while clenching her fist tightly.

“I know this! you think we don’t know? we were living peaceful lives until we were brought in here! And the only reason we wake up late it’s because we’re trying to regain mana!”

“That may be so, but just like Luke says, you guys are ten times stronger than me, yet you can’t even take care of yourselves. Listen, I dont mean to belittle your efforts, I’m just pointing out that you do need help, and if you don’t acknowledge that fact your situation will only worsen. I’m not saying I’m good by myself, that’s the very reason I’m inviting you. I got here because I was attacked by a single forest jackal, my life was in danger! What if instead of one there had been two? I wouldn’t be here right now, I’m sure.”

After hearing this Luke talks to the rest

“See? he can’t take care of himself either, why should we even listen to him? I say we kick him out, he’s been too much trouble already and we were doing just fine before he came. Now we even have some spears, so why do we need him?”

After hearing this, Ayumi finally lost her patience.

“No! I’ve had enough of your rants and fantasies, you spoiled brat! This is just like last time, remember? you are not our leader anymore! now we have a voting system in place and it’s been working far better than when you were calling the shots. I, myself, don’t know what to think, but one thing I know is we can’t go kicking people out without even listening to them. It’s the first human being we find after a whole month! and you want to kick him out!?”

Wow! that was intense. Ayumi really has a temper, nobody else seems surprised so I try to keep it together, but actually she scared the crap out of me. Helena looks like she wants to say something, but Anne quickly grabs her by the arm and takes a step forward.

“So, what do you propose? That we abandon everything and follow you without question? We may not have a lot of food, but we made our shelters and got a lot of resources. If what you want is to become part of our group we won’t allow it, we’ve already decided we’re not going to trust any strangers. But if you want to be a provisory member and have a say in our decisions, we may be able to work something out after discussing it” Luke retorts looking for the approval of his companions, but everyone avoids his gaze.

“That’s not what I want” I stared deep into his eyes “this is what I’m offering you. You can come to live at my place as long as you follow my orders. Without voting, without complaints, everyone working for everyone in search of the common good, but under my supervision. We could eventually get out of the forest, and only then you’ll be free to do whatever you want.”

“This is outrageous, I’ll never agree to something like that! I’m a hero, I am the hero chosen to save this world! I will not be under the command of some insignificant native”

On the outside I may seem calm, but on the inside I’m torn to pieces. Anxiety eats at me, all I want is to run away right now and leave everything behind. I can’t say anything else, my voice just won’t come out. Hiraku then takes the chance to talk.

“Young Ryu, first let me tell you that i do agree with you, but I also believe you may be asking too much of us”

“I’m sorry Hiraku, I really am. But I believe my chances are better off alone than with you guys in your current state. It may take me a while, but I’ll get out of this woods eventually... take it or leave it”

Anne runs off and Luke goes after her.

Bob walks over to me and puts his heavy hand on my shoulder. My first reaction was to dodge, but I can see what a friendly move it is.

” You’re right, Anne and Luke are just upset because they know you’re right, it’s something we need to talk about anyway.”

I’m standing in front of the campfire, it’s still early so I go back to crafting harpoons and spears depending on what materials I have on hand, when suddenly:

Weapon Crafting 1%

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