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217 Pick up the scent, please! part “Don’t you dare insult our arch priestess, you lowly thief scum!”

One of the enforcers crossed Luke with a slap.

“Stop it right now! the next one who touches my friends will face the consequences”

The air around Helena started to feel dense and her hair was lifted for a brief second as if a strong breeze of wind ran from bellow her, except it wasn’t air. I can see it, clear as day, it’s mana.

The only one who wasn’t intimidated by this was the priest next to Stefan, all the others reacted to her outburst and the enforcers quickly untied them, except for Risa. It seems like Helena warned them that they shouldn’t hurt her friends, but she didn’t know Risa they didn’t care about her.

Since she had lost her hands, she was being tied by the neck, the rope was so tight she had trouble breathing. The first thing Luke did after being released was head towards her and release her too.

Helena walked solemnly towards the adventurers and healed their wounds with a bright yellow light.

Luke’s face became that of a handsome young man in seconds, the spear piercing Bob was expelled out of his body and Risa’s bruises and scratches healed instantly and skin covered her stumps instantly.

As soon as Risa was healed and released, she ran towards me at a frightening speed. Feeling threatened for just an instant, I tried to block her, but she stopped right in front of me.


“My sword! Lorenzo took it from me, did you find it?”

“Yes, it’s over there!”

I pointed towards the amarok and she darted over there. Having no hands, it was impossible for her to pick the heavy sword up, but it didn’t stop her from trying. It was a pitiful scene that forced everyone to look the other side.

“So this are your new friends? They don’t seem like good people... at all”

“They’re a bit rough, but can’t blame them after all they’ve been through”

Helena sternly replied.

“And you say you’re an arch priest now. Is there something you can do for Risa?”

I turned my back to see her, still trying to pick up the sword, this time she was trying to use her mouth.

“Of course, I could grow her hands right now”

She declared, but took no action giving way to an awkward moment.

Luke and Bob came to my side, they were unarmed just like I was, but it looked like they wanted to start a fight.

“What got into you guys? why are you so angry?”


Bob muttered, I just nodded my head in understanding. Helena didn’t let us catch up to the events that happened while we were separated, she clapped her hands and addressed to all of us.

“Listen guys, I know you’re upset but this is of the utmost importance. I can’t stress this enough, we need you. The sacred empire is failing to keep the enemy at bay and it’s our duty to make sure that humanity survives the events to come.”

Against everything I knew about Luke, he didn’t pay any heed to Helena as she played the ‘sacred mission’ card. They just weren’t interested in anything she had to say.

“I’m disappointed in you Helena, I never thought you would side with guys like that.”

Bob said under his breath.

“What do you mean? they’re the good ones!”

“The good ones you say... who on their right mind would abandon their companions like nothing? They left Lea to die!”

Luke shouted angrily, startling the enforcers who were about to draw their weapons.

“Isn’t that exactly what you did with me and Anne? did you at least look for us while we were lost in the forest? If it wasn’t by the grace of the gods we would have died many times over!”

Helena too raised her voice.

“Guys, calm down. We have a lot to discuss but I don’t think this is the right place to do so. We’re in the open and we need to catch up first.”

I try to mediate in between them before things get out of control. I know Luke’s hot headed behavior, but I can’t really tell what’s Helena thinking right now. She could be a completely different person from the kind girl I used to know.

“You’re right as always Ryu, why don’t we head back to the sacred empire and talk things over there in a more comfortable manner? you can even take your pets with you, Ryu.”

It took a simple glance at my friends to realize none of them wanted to go with her making the decision easy, but breaking it to her is actually harder than I would have expected. If she doesn’t like my answer we might find ourselves in trouble.

“Actually Helena, I think it would be better if we talked things over in the kingdom. Anne is waiting for us over there”

“Now, there’s no need to lie to me Ryu. I can see through lies clear as day”

I’m doing my best to remain unfazed, but ended up gulping unintendedly.

“Fine, I just don’t want to go to the empire. I feel it’s not a safe place.”

“I understand. I wish I could stay with you and reminisce about the old times, but the people in the sacred empire need me. If you change your mind you know where to find me.”

“Is that it? you’re letting us go? why go through all the trouble of catching us if you’re letting us go so easily!?”

Luke grunted.

“I didn’t pretend for something like this to happen. I’ll make sure the enforcers pay the right price for their sins and I apologize, you’re my dearest friends and I never want to see you harmed. Oh! before I forget, I brought something with me to help you become stronger, I wanted to give it to you once we were back at the sacred empire but since you’re going to the kingdom I may as well give it to you know”

Helena said as she took a beautiful jeweled box containing a seemingly ordinary cyan stained glass orb.

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