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Chapter 107: Don’t drop your guard in the farmlands, please! part

“You’re all tired, good! it means you’re ready to soak in some basic knowledge”

Lorenzo then proceeded to mention different kinds of weapons and their history. When they were developed, where did they come from and even if they played an important role in history. He also taught us the basics on how to properly hold the different weapons and which skills should we aim for in case we picked the warrior class after earning the right to visit the oracle.

I was a lot more curious about classes than I was of weapons but I didn’t dare interrupt him with my questions. There’ll be plenty of chances to ask him any questions I have some other day.

Now we were sitting comfortably, drinking water and listening to Lorenzo’s lecture when I noticed Bob and Luke running around the courtyard with a log tied on their backs.

Risa came to us in her usual attire, if it can even be called that, grinning mischievously.

“Miss Risa, why are they running like that? is that some sort of training?”

Sera asked worriedly.


“That? not really, it’s a punishment made especially for horny boys who ogle other girls while having a beautiful instructor right in front of them”

If it’s like that, maybe they deserve it, but I can’t completely blame them I couldn’t draw my eyes out of Sera’s ‘training’. By the looks of it, it seems they too think it was worth it, or at least it seems they’re not suffering with their punishment.

Hold on a second, are they actually enjoying it?

I could’ve foreseen that from Luke, but... Bob too?

“Hey kid, are you on this planet?”

“Don’t mind it, he’s always like that. One minute he’s paying attention and the next one he’s cloudwatching or smelling flowers”

“That’s not too manly, but I could dig it”

Risa says winking at me. Yet, Instead of feeling allured, a cold shiver runs my back.

My gut is telling me if I spend a night with her I’ll be devoured.

“So, what brings you here miss Risa?”

“Nothing much, I was just curious on your results”

“They did good on their quest, they gathered enough materials in the first minutes but we decided to stay a bit longer so we don’t waste our trip to the woods”

“Wow, that sounds like a dangerous adventure. Nothing compared to the prairie wolves subjugation quest we just finished, in just two hours.”

I’m unsure if she’s mocking us or bragging in front of Lorenzo, but it was effective in both ways.

After our short exchange none of us was in the mood to continue with the lecture, so Lorenzo sent us back home.

Because it was still early when we got back the shop was still open. The bell rang after we got inside and Mia greeted us thinking we were clients, but when she realized it was us her smile got even wider.

Inside there were a few customers, but what caught my eye was the presence of miss Athela and her shieldmaiden.

Uh, that’s curious, She’s wearing the same daydress from the other day. I don’t really know why but I’ve been paying close attention to her outfit and she’s never repeated. But now, for some reason, she’s wearing the exact same clothes from the other day.

I decide to pay her no mind at all and just browse through the wares as If I was just another customer. Since Mia is taking charge of the shop and Claire helps when necessary, I don’t really have to man the counter anymore and I would prefer if other adventurers don’t know I own this shop now.

If they knew I was loaded I might become a target, I always prefer to avoid unnecessary problems.

Once Athela is done with her daily visit and the rest of the customers leave the shop I come out from the corner and close the shop.

“How was today’s business Mia?”

“It was a long day at work, but we helped many people!”

She replied with the same kind smile she had minutes ago.

“He’s not asking you about that, he’s asking about the money you useless pet”

“If it’s mister Ryu, I don’t mind being a pet”

Mia replied shyly to Sera’s remark. Since when do they get along so poorly?

“It was a long day on our side too, did you drink a potion today?”

Mia shook her head in response. The problem with Mia is that she has almost no control over her urge to feed, as soon as she gets even a bit hungry she would drink a potion immediately. That’s why I keep count of every single potion in the shop, fortunately, whenever she’s working she’s able to control her urges but as soon as I come back she starts begging for a healing potion.

When we took the goblin subjugation quest and didn’t come back Mia almost lost it and made a mess on the house. I don’t know if it’s her true nature, but whenever she’s hungry she becomes wicked, the complete opposite of the mild mannered and gentle Mia everyone knows.

After our hard day taking on the quest and training, Lorenzo became unavailable and we had some uneventful days at the shop.

Since we’re just rookies in the adventurer’s guild, we can’t take quests without supervision and our hands were tied while Lorenzo tested other rookies. Some of them were a bit ahead of us while others were just starting.

We can’t complain about it since Lorenzo is doing all he can as an instructor and it’s not his fault the guild is so understaffed, but I really wish I could take some quests to become stronger.

“What are you doing mister Ryu?”

Sera, who likes to spend most of her free time around me, asks intrigued.

“Well, now that we can’t take quests we need to become stronger however we can”

“Is that so?”

She look at me with an awkward expression on her face as I drink a tonic and continue hitting the makeshift straw mannequin with a stick.

“I know I look anything but cool right now, but if I’m going to be fighting with armor I’ll need to get accustomed to it”

“That may be so but... how do i say it, uhm, did you make that armor yourself?”

I nod embarrassed at Sera’s question and blush heavily. I knew I should’ve done this when no one was around.

“Don’t be embarrassed mister Ryu, but why didn’t you buy an armor from the blacksmith?”

“Because I can’t wear proper armor currently, my strength is so low It would hinder my movements. Also, I’ve noticed most adventurers in here only wear some light armor, so I made this to cover my vital points while providing good maneuverability. To be honest I just strapped on some leather patches and pieces we had lying around while doing my morning exercises to see if I was able to gain a skill or something. When I faced the goblin I realized how important is to wear proper armor. I could have been shot to the head and I was covered in small bruises and wounds, If only I was wearing proper armor at that time I may have been able to do something, but moving through the forest even the fur cape made it difficult for me to move around”

“I’m sorry mister Ryu, It’s all my fault. I was selfish that night and because of that...”

“Don’t feel bad Sera, it’s true that being tired made things more difficult during the fight, but like I said before, we just need to find a way to become stronger. Currently both of us are the weakest in our group, I think even Claire is stronger. So we need to make use of what we have at our disposal.”

“And what is that?”


I smile at Sera who giggles at my remark.

After that I keep hitting the mannequin when a loud mocking laughter resounds behind my back.

“Pffft Ryu what the hell are you wearing? oh my! How I wish I had a camera, Hey Bob, come look at Ryu!”

Luke laughs at my expense without even trying to hold his mockery.

“Come on Luke, don’t make fun of Ryu. We came all this way to give him the news... pfft mwahahahaha What are you wearing Ryu?”

Bob joins Luke in his laughter and heat rises to my cheeks.

“I know right! it looks as if he picked up some roadkills and strapped them on”

“Yeah yeah, make fun of me alright, but I need to do something to become stronger and our instructor is currently busy so...”

“Oh, uhm, I’m sorry Ryu. Actually, we came here just because of that, Lorenzo says he’s done testing the other groups and he paired some new adventurers with you guys. You’ll be on a party!”

Bob says after laughing to his heart’s content.

“That’s great news mister Ryu!”

Sera exclaimed excitedly.

“Just, don’t show in the guild wearing... whatever that thing is”

I don’t care what they say, I’ll do whatever I can to become stronger, even if it means to be the laughing stock of the whole city!

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