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Supreme Crazy Wife
Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Molested (2)

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“Master, you’re an alchemist?” Charm was pleasantly surprised.?No wonder Master has such a magical pill. It only took one pill for my injuries to be healed and my spiritual power to be restored. It’s because she’s an alchemist!

“Hey, shall we stay here for a few days?” Leng Ruoxue said after some thought.?In the space, the green spirit fruits will ripen in less than two days. Furthermore, this is Charm’s territory, so it should be safe.?Thus, she decided to concoct green spirit pills before leaving.

Charm nodded obediently.

Three days later, in the purple bamboo house…

Leng Ruoxue looked at the translucent green pills in her palm. Although this was her first time using green spirit fruits to make pills, the result was not bad. She concocted a total of twenty green spirit pills. Green spirit pills were only intermediate pills. Through this period of non-stop practice, she could now concoct advanced pills, so green spirit pills were a piece of cake.

After concocting the pills, Leng Ruoxue just emerged from the Heaven and Earth Bracelet when she heard a furious scream. “How can you acknowledge a human as your master…”

Immediately afterward, she was hugged by a furry spirit beast. Before she could identify the spirit beast, she was being kissed on her beautiful cheek.

A-am I being molested by a spirit beast?

Being taken advantage of by a spirit beast was not something Leng Ruoxue could take. She glared at the spirit beast, only to see a purple fox, a very beautiful purple fox.

Around two meters tall, he had soft and smooth dark purple fur that glistened in the sunlight, and his silver eyes were sleek and shiny. He kept yelling, “So cute! So cute!”

Purple foxes, known as the nobles among the fox race, were spirit beasts with the attributes of lightning and water. There were very few purple foxes, and they were highly sought after for their precious fur by the ladies and young misses of noble families. But purple foxes that could have their fur woven into clothing were not the most pure-blooded ones but only purple-furred foxes from side branches. Although they were also called purple foxes, they were inferior. True pure-blooded purple foxes had to have silver eyes. Silver-eyed purple foxes were formidable high-level spirit beasts, and ordinary people did not dare to capture them.

The purple fox before her was another high-level holy beast. He was slightly weaker than Charm and probably around level eight. Looking at his beautiful and exquisite dark purple fur, Leng Ruoxue couldn’t help but extend her hand and caressed it.?His fur feels good. Cool, soft, and smooth.

“You like me, don’t you?


“Since you touched me, you have to take responsibility for me!” the purple fox, who had been caressed, said happily and shyly. The higher level the spirit beast, the more they liked beautiful things, so he liked this human.


What? I have to be responsible for him just because I touched him? How does that work??Leng Ruoxue’s face was dark.

“Stop making trouble. Go back to your territory.” Charm rescued Leng Ruoxue from the purple fox’s arms. This brazen cousin of his truly gave him a headache.

“Cousin, she’s your master?” The purple fox looked at Leng Ruoxue with a glow in his eyes.

Charm nodded and glared at his cousin to scram and not cause any more trouble.

“I want her to be my master as well.” After speaking, he directly began contracting with her.

Before Leng Ruoxue could react, the golden contract array had already disappeared, and the contract had been established.


Leng Ruoxue looked speechlessly at the big purple fox.?Why don’t the spirit beasts I meet ask me for my opinion before contracting with me??Usually, others needed to pay beast trainers a large sum to tame and contract with a spirit beast. But her spirit beasts simply came knocking on her door. Was she just too lucky?


“Why did you want to contract with me?” Leng Ruoxue asked curiously.

“Because I like you!” the purple fox said shyly.


What kind of reason is this? You must be joking!?However, because Baby had done so before, she was now used to spirit beasts contracting her without asking her opinion and was not that angry.


“Master, your spirit beast affinity is especially strong, but only pure-blooded high-level spirit beasts can feel it,” Charm explained, implying that she might come across more of such spirit beasts in the future.

Alright, seems like I’m very attractive to spirit beasts.


Leng Ruoxue decided to let the matter rest. She took out a translucent green pill and gave it to Charm. “We’ll leave after you advance.”

“Thank you, Master.” Charm accepted the pill happily. He had been stuck at level nine holy beast for a long time, and he could finally advance today.

After looking at Charm running into the cave with the pill, Leng Ruoxue turned to the purple fox. “What’s your name?”

“I don’t have a name, but Master can call me Darling!” the purple fox said bashfully.


A few drops of sweat rolled down Leng Ruoxue’s forehead.?What kind of fox is this? How can there be such a narcissistic and thick-skinned fox?


“Okay, I’ll call you Darling!” Leng Ruoxue had no choice but to humor this one-of-a-kind purple fox.

“My beloved master, your Darling is back.” Leng Ruoxue was grilling meat in the cave when she heard these cringey words coming from the distance. She looked up helplessly and saw the huge purple fox descending from the sky. The purple fox definitely couldn’t fly. He had hopped down from a giant eagle.

Yesterday, Darling knew that she wanted a flying spirit beast and volunteered to help her find one. As a result, Darling went out early this morning and soon brought back this eagle.

“Wow, Beloved Master, you’re so good to me. Grilled chicken is my favorite!” He excitedly picked up the grilled chicken and began munching on it.

“Be careful. It’s hot!” Leng Ruoxue reminded him before turning her eyes to the uncomfortable eagle standing there.?What a mighty and majestic black-feathered eagle!

The eagle stood towering over her. It was nearly two meters tall, and its wingspan probably reached ten meters. Its golden eyes were fierce and sharp, and its pitch-black feathers were as sharp as blades. Moreover, it was a high-level holy beast and a relatively rare dark-attribute spirit beast.

“Are you willing to acknowledge me as your master?” Leng Ruoxue asked the eagle.

The black-feathered eagle nodded its giant head. “Lil’ Purple said you’re a good master, so I want you as my master.”

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Supreme Crazy Wife Chapter 24