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Sealed the Deal

“Chief Jiang.”

This “beautiful” Young Master smiled and unintentionally showed his charm, making people feel close to him. After all, looking good was truly an advantage.

“Hm.” Jiang Li nodded expressionlessly. Luckily, he knew the Young Master was in fact a girl, or he might find it weird. Of course, if the girl liked to disguise as a boy, he wouldn’t expose her secret.

“I’m Dugu Luo,” the Young Master folded up his fan and introduced himself. “The Young Master of the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.”

“Right on time.” Jiang Li smiled and didn’t even ask if “Dugu Luo” was his real name. He said, “I wanna buy herbs that are worth a hundred thousand taels of silver from the ‘Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.’ I just need some non-graded herbs which are ten years old.”

“A hundred thousand taels of silver.” Dugu Luo raised his eyebrows and said, “This isn’t a small trade. It’s just a little strange. However, the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs has tons of herbs. Here, bring all the herbs Chief Jiang needs from the storehouse.”

“Yes, Young Master.” Soon a worker at the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs replied.

“Wait.” Du Kelin immediately stopped them and walked to Dugu Luo with his body bent. He whispered, “Young Master, the Sirius Gang offended the Quicksand Gang. If we sell our herbs to Jiang Li, wouldn’t we piss them off? Should we…”

“Shut up,” Dugu Luo interrupted Du Kelin and said coldly as he glared at Du Kelin.

“Yes.” Zhao Peipei came up and slapped Du Kelin on his face. Du Kelin let out a cry. His body spinned in the air and finally fell on the ground. Half of his face was swollen.

“Please forgive me, Young Master. Please forgive me.” Du Kelin crawled up, then knelt on the floor and cried.

“Du Kelin.” Dugu Luo glanced at Du Kelin indifferently. “You’ve always had close contact with people of the Quicksand Gang. You took advantage of your position to get benefits for yourself. In the past, I put that behind me because of your hard work here, but now, I think I’ve been indulging you. Your behavior has become more inappropriate and you even want to fawn over the Quicksand Gang.”

“Y… Young Master, I… I…” Du Kelin turned pale and was trembling.

“Also, for the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs, whoever comes to trade with us is our customer. And yet, you refused to serve them, disregarding our reputation.” Dugu Luo continued, “You’re no longer suitable to be our manager. You may leave now.”

“Young Master, I… I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. Please give me another chance. I’ll not do this again. I’ll not do this again,” Du Kelin cried and said.

“You deserve this.” Wang Chao grunted.

“Young Master Dugu, it’s late now. We should talk about business first,” Jiang Li said.

“You’re right. He’s not worthy of your precious time.” Dugu Luo nodded. “I’ve already asked someone to bring out the herbs. You can go to the storehouse to check it out if you want.”

“That’s not necessary.” Jiang Li waved. “I’ll wait here.”

Soon workers of the chamber brought out some sophisticated wooden boxes from the “storehouse” and opened them one by one. There were plenty of herbs arranged neatly inside.

There were a total of ten boxes. Each of them had a hundred herbs, including three-seven roots, Dendrobium Officinale, ginseng and ganoderma. All the herbs were a decade old and were of great quality. There were a thousand herbs altogether.

“Chief Jiang, these are the herbs you requested for, a total of a thousand herbs that are ten years old. They cost exactly a hundred thousand taels of silver,” Dugu Luo said. “Would you like to take a look at them? If you think they’re alright, we can trade right away. Of course, the quality of our herbs is absolutely guaranteed, so there won’t be any discount. I hope you understand.”

“Young Master Dugu, this isn’t a small trade. We’re talking about a thousand herbs that are worth a hundred thousand taels of silver. Shouldn’t you give us a discount?” Xu Ya said.

“Haha, no discount.” Dugu Luo smiled.

Although Dugu Luo looked fine, he was a bit upset about Jiang Li’s men hurting his guards. That was why he was making it difficult for Jiang Li in this way.

However, Jiang Li didn’t care about money. All he needed was the herbs. There were a thousand ten-year herbs. Each of them could be converted to one energy point, so he would get a thousand points in total. That was definitely a huge number.

“It’s alright.” Jiang Li waved. “Just seal the deal. I’ll take all these herbs.”

“Xu Ya, give me the banknote.” Jiang Li reached out.

“Chief, these herbs are overpriced,” Xu Ya said quietly.

“It’s fine,” Jiang Li said.

“Okay.” Xu Ya took out the hundred thousand taels of silver and gave them to Jiang Li.

“Young Master Dugu, herbs for the money.” Jiang Li handed over the “banknote.” “This is a banknote that equals a hundred thousand taels of silver. I got it from ‘Yongan Bank.'”

“Great.” Dugu Luo took the banknote with a smile and had a look. “The banknote is fine. These herbs are yours now. Should we deliver them for you?”

“Yes, thank you.” Jiang Li nodded.

“Cover the boxes and prepare a carriage. Chief Zhao, send a few people to go with Chief Jiang to help deliver the herbs to the designated location.” Dugu Luo said.

“Yes, Young Master.” Zhao Peipei nodded and replied respectfully.

“Chief Jiang, I still have other things to deal with. I’ll leave you with Chief Zhao,” Dugu Luo said.

“Thank you, Young Master Dugu,” Jiang Li said.

Dugu Luo turned around and was about to leave, but he saw Du Kelin still kneeling on the floor. He frowned and yelled, “Why are you still here?”


Du Kelin lowered his head as if he didn’t hear Dugu Luo.

“Break his limbs and throw him out,” Dugu Luo said.

“The Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs is indeed fierce. You’re harsh to your own people. He only refused to sell herbs to a second-rate gang. Does he deserve to have his limbs broken? I finally have the chance to see how you treat your men.”

At the entrance of the chamber a brawny man walked in. His voice resounded in everyone’s ears like claps of thunder.

Clomp, clomp, clomp. Some footsteps came, and many gangsters surged into the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.

“Chief Heng.” Du Kelin looked up and was thrilled.

“Heng Liusha.” Dugu Luo was startled. He looked at Du Kelin and kind of knew what was happening.

“It’s really Heng Liusha.”

“What is he doing here?”

“Great, Heng Liusha came here for them in person.”

“Why do I feel like this is all planned?”

“Jiang Li is in big trouble. They’re here for the Sirius Gang,” people murmured.

“It’s the Quicksand Gang.” Jiang Li slowly walked to a wooden box and put his right hand on it.

“Convert them to energy points.” Jiang Li controlled the Dominator Panel.


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