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Refused to Trade

Jiang Li sent Wu Zong and the others off from the Sirius Gang. Wang Long and Wang Yan were both at the mid-stage of level one and six other meches of early-stage level one were also with them. They should be able to deal with the nine second-rate gangs.

In the courtyard.

Jiang Li asked all the members to leave. Only Wang Gang and the meches were left, guarding the boxes on the ground with tons of herbs.

“I must keep making meches.” Jiang Li took a deep breath and mumbled, “If I want to eliminate the Quicksand Gang completely and settle down in Yongan City, I must have a large number of meches.”

This time Jiang Li got almost a hundred thousand taels of silver from Eagle Claw Hall, even after he rewarded the members. This showed how wealthy Eagle Claw Hall was.

The thing was, it was just one of the halls of the Quicksand Gang. They had three other halls and their headquarters as well. If he could take down the Quicksand Gang…

If I can take control of the Quicksand Gang and convert everything they have to energy points, I’ll be able to make tons of meches. That would be incredible.

Jiang Li was a bit excited.

“Convert them to energy points.” Jiang Li waved his hand.


A white light flashed and the herbs in the boxes were all converted into energy points. Those that were a decade old were worth one point each, while the ones that were twenty years old were worth two. As the age of the herbs increased by a decade, the energy points they could be converted to also increased by one point.

“Conversion successful. Received 453 energy points.” A notice popped up.

Jiang Li opened the Dominator Panel and saw that the number of energy points became 460. There were 45 points left from last time, but he used 32 points for repairing the meches and refilling the bullets of the Firearm Meches during the fight with Eagle Claw Hall.

“Make ten Combat Meches, ten Cold Weapon Meches and ten Firearm Meches.” Jiang Li controlled the Dominator Panel.


A virtual window popped out and three virtual human figures appeared, which then gradually became realistic.

A minute later. Swish! Swish! Thirty meches appeared in front of Jiang Li, lining up orderly.

“Greetings, Master!” the meches saluted and said.

“Great, great.” Jiang Li cracked a smile. He used 300 energy points for making thirty meches so there were 160 points left.

“Upgrade Wang Gang, Wang Long and Wang Yan.” Jiang Li continued.


Wang Gang was surrounded by an aura and was successfully upgraded after a few seconds. He had been enhanced in every aspect. Although he didn’t look different, he seemed to be more fierce. He was promoted from Corporal to Sergeant.

“Mech Type: Combat Mech”

“Level: Perfected stage of level one”

“No.: GD01 (Wang Gang)”

“Skills: Level-one ultimate combat art”

“Equipment: Level-one ultimate special alloy gloves”

“Characteristics: A mechanical creation that isn’t afraid of dying, can’t feel pain and is extremely loyal. It stops functioning only if its heart is broken or 90% of its body is destroyed. After it dies, it can be recycled for half of the energy points of the cost.”

“Condition to Reach the Next Level: One level-two Soul Tinder, 100 energy points”

Wang Gang’s information also changed.

Perfected stage of level one.

Jiang Li nodded.

His strength must have increased a lot.

On the other hand, although Wang Long and Wang Yan weren’t next to Jiang Li, they were also upgraded. They reached the peak stage of level one and unlocked the “swords.”

I’ve used up my energy points.

Jiang Li watched the number of his energy points become “0.”

I used 80 points for Wang Gang’s upgrade and 80 in total to upgrade Wang Long and Wang Yan. That’s 160 points. Not one more, not one less. I’ll have to wait for Xu Ya to buy the herbs and continue making meches.

Jiang Li thought.

An hour later. Xu Ya and the others came back, but not with the herbs. They took almost a hundred thousand taels of silver with them and didn’t even spend one.

“What’s wrong? Where are the herbs?” Jiang Li looked at the empty carriage and asked as he frowned.

“Chief, people at the largest herb store in City East, the ‘Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs,’ refused to sell herbs to us after knowing we’re from the Sirius Gang. They even sent us out,” Wang Chao said furiously. “I’m so pissed.”

“Yes, Chief. They even said the Sirius Gang offended the Quicksand Gang and will be exterminated soon,” Ma Han said.

“How can they refuse to serve their customers?” Jiang Li said.

“Chief, there is another important thing,” Xu Ya said seriously. “The Quicksand Gang has secretly started gathering the members of their three halls. They’re apparently planning to attack the Sirius Gang tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow.” Jiang Li’s eyes twinkled. “That’s enough time.”

“The Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs,” Jiang Li said. “I’ll go with you. Let’s see if they’ll sell us the herbs or not.”

“Yes, Chief,” Wang Chao and Ma Han immediately said. “With Chief here, they wouldn’t dare to refuse.”

“Lead the way.”

Jiang Li only took Wang Gang, a Combat Mech, a Cold Weapon Mech and a Firearm Mech with him.

Together with Xu Ya and the others, they all left the Sirius Gang and went to the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.

Half an hour later, they arrived at the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs.

Looking from afar, it was a building with nine stories. It was grand, bright and there were lanterns hanging at the entrance. It was flooded with customers who came to buy herbs. Even though it was midnight, many people were still here to shop.

“Welcome.” At the entrance, two women in a close-fitting dress greeted Jiang Li with a smile.



Jiang Li walked into the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs. The decorations inside were gorgeous. There were many shelves with herbs and pills on them.

“You again?”

Jiang Li and the rest of them entered and saw a middle-aged man. He wasn’t tall, but very fat and had an oval figure. It was the manager of the first floor, “Du Kelin.”

“I told you we’re not going to sell anything to the Sirius Gang. Don’t you get it?” Du Kelin said angrily. “I’ve already asked you to leave and now you came back again.”

“You!” Wang Chao was furious.


Around them many customers looked at them curiously as if they were watching a drama.

“It’s the Sirius Gang, a second-rate gang in City East.”

“I heard that they took down Eagle Claw Hall.”

“Haha, I guess they won’t survive any longer. The Quicksand Gang will finish them very soon. Such things have happened before.”

“Right!” Everyone discussed quietly.


“You’re open for business. How can you choose your customers?” Jiang Li asked.

“Who are you?” Du Kelin glared at Jiang Li and said in disdain, “Where are you from, kid? Do you know anything about business? These things belong to the Chamber of Commerce of Spirit Herbs and we have the right to decide if we want to sell them or not.”


Jiang Li narrowed his eyes.

“How dare you disrespect our leader! I’m going to kill you.” Wang Chao was enraged. He pulled out his sword and pointed it at Du Kelin.

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