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Eagle Claw Hall

In fact the businesses of these gangs were pretty much the same. Apart from charging some protection fees, they mostly ran restaurants, gambling stalls, brothels or traded slaves.

Since most of the gangs were doing these businesses, there was fierce competition. That was why the gangs had disputes all the time.

After a while Jiang Li finished reading the ledger.

“I don’t really know how to manage the businesses of the gangs, so you must do well. Just hand in the money you earn every month,” Jiang Li said slowly. “Also, I don’t want any forceful sale on the territories of the Sirius Gang from now on. Whoever violates the rules will be punished.”

“Yes, Chief.” Liu He nodded.

“Chief, don’t worry about it.” Zhuo Helin smiled.

“We’ll follow your order.” Wu Zong bowed.

“Chief, what if our members steal some of our profits?” Pang Kui suddenly asked.

“Right, I’m afraid some people might do that secretly.” Xu Ya smiled.

“Then, just kill them,” Jiang Li glanced over the three of them and said calmly.


Wu Zong trembled and looked a bit pale. He had indeed thought about taking money from the monthly income, but he was terrified by what Jiang Li said. After all, his life was more important.

“What? That’s not going to happen, absolutely not,” Zhuo Helin quickly waved and said.

“Don’t worry, Chief. The monthly income of Axe Hall will be given to you without a penny less. Nobody would steal from it,” Liu He said seriously.

“I hope so.” Jiang Li chuckled.

“Chief Jiang, you’re superior. People might think you’re the City Lord.”


Boom! The door of the main hall crashed open. The two guards flew into the hall and fell on the floor, spurting out blood.

“Who’s that?” Wu Zong and the others got up and stared at the door.

Clomp, clomp… There came some footsteps.

At the entrance there was a middle-aged man standing in the front. He was wearing a black robe. The shape of his face was long, his eyes were fierce and he had a mustache. His right hand kept touching the small beard on his chin.

“It’s the Deputy Hall Master of Eagle Claw Hall, Lord He Fenglin,” Wu Zong exclaimed.

“Lord He, what brings you here?” Zhuo Helin asked respectfully.

“My Lord, please take a seat.” Liu He nodded and bowed.


Pang Kui’s eyes popped out. “It’s him.”

“It’s been so smooth all day and here comes the trouble.” Xu Ya took a deep breath.

“Haha.” He Fenglin smiled as he glanced over the wooden boxes on the floor. He looked at Jiang Li with greed in his eyes.

“Chief Jiang, I heard that you killed Liu Yanbing, Lu Daoke and Hua Yanji, and even took over their territories. This isn’t quite right.”

“Enlighten me, Lord He,” Jiang Li said.

“Ahem.” He Fenglin coughed. “Well, the Sirius Gang is only a second-rate gang, so it has no right to manage four streets. However, since you killed Liu Yanbing and the others, you must be pretty strong. You should just give up Axe Street and Red Flame street, and hand them over to the Quicksand Gang. You can take Scorpion Street.”

“However, of course, with a price. You still need to pay tribute to the Quicksand Gang. There’s one thing you must understand. Without the Quicksand Gang, you’ll not be able to survive. It’s your duty to pay us.”

“Hm, these look pretty good. They should be enough.”

He Fenglin looked at the wooden boxes on the floor and pointed at them. “Here, take these wooden boxes back to Eagle Claw Hall. I’ll give them to Chief after a few days.”


“Yes, Master He.”

People who came with He Fenglin entered the hall, ignoring Jiang Li and the others. They walked to the center and started moving the wooden boxes.

“Well…” Wu Zong lowered his head and didn’t dare to say a word.

He Fenglin is truly greedy. He’s taking away all these things just like that. I guess Jiang Li must be enraged right now, but there’s nothing he can do. He must be frustrated.

Zhuo Helin thought.

The Quicksand Gang is the boss of City East, so nobody dares to disobey them. Besides, He Fenglin is a Martial Artist of mid-stage level one. Jiang Li must hold back his anger no matter what.

Liu He also thought,

I wonder what He Fenglin’s planning to do with Axe Street and Red Flame Street. I hope he won’t be too harsh.

“Damn it.” Pang Kui clenched his fists and were furious. He really wanted to smash He Fenglin’s head with his hammer, but he couldn’t do it, as he was much weaker than He Fenglin was.

The Sirius Gang had already taken over three other streets, but He Fenglin suddenly came and took away two of them without a reason. He even took the herbs, gold, silver and pills, claiming that they were “tributes” for the Quicksand Gang. That was total bullshit. They were just robbing blatantly.

“Chief.” Xu Ya remained silent as she sized up Jiang Li. She found that Jiang Li’s expression wasn’t much different. He wasn’t furious as she expected, but calm instead.

“There’s no other way. Jiang Li is already impressive. Unfortunately, he encountered this unreasonable Deputy Hall Master of Eagle Claw Hall, He Fenglin.” Xu Ya said quietly, “He should just give them the boxes. At least we’ll still have control of Scorpion Street.”

“Do it,” Jiang Li said.


Pfft! “Argh!!!”

The next second, a beam of light flashed. The right arm of the member of the Eagle Claw Hall in the front was cut off before he even touched the closest wooden box. Blood splashed everywhere. The broken arm dropped on the floor and the smell of blood spread over the place.

“My arm, my arm, my arm has been cut off!” this member of Eagle Claw Hall screamed. His face turned pale and he was extremely frightened. He kept backing away while his blood flowed over the floor.

In front of the wooden boxes LBQ03 stood with blood dripping off his alloy dagger. He looked cold and emotionless. Clearly, the one who attacked just then was LBQ03.

“If you take another step, you’ll die,” Jiang Li said.



“How dare you!”

The members of Eagle Claw Hall were startled. They didn’t expect Jiang Li to break the arm of one of their men without hesitation. Instantly they were enraged.

They were the members of Eagle Claw Hall, the Quicksand Gang, a powerful gang, but Jiang Li dared to attack them. He certainly had a death wish.

“Well…” Wu Zong’s jaw dropped. He looked at Jiang Li and then at the screaming member of Eagle Claw Hall. “Chief attacked them.”

“Shit!” Zhuo Helin was stunned.

“He’s mad!” Liu He shouted, “Jiang Li is really mad. What is he doing? Does he want to die? Does he really think he can resist the Quicksand Gang?”

“He Fenglin can exterminate the entire Sirius Gang alone, not to mention the Quicksand Gang.”

“Leader of the Sirius Gang.” He Fenglin burst into laughter. “Hahaha, you hurt one of my men. You’re really a courageous person. Wonderful, wonderful.”

“It’s been a long time since someone did this. I’ll show you what Eagle Claw Hall is capable of. Not only you, the entire Sirius Gang will be wiped out of City East.”

Buzz! He Fenglin started performing his arts. His internal force appeared on his body and his vital energy surged out. The fierce power of a Martial Artist at mid-stage level one came.


“He’s strong.”

“This is a Martial Artist of mid-stage level one.”


Wu Zong and the others turned pale.

“Chief.” Pang Kui looked at Jiang Li anxiously.

Even though it was thrilling to see Jiang Li’s man cut off the arm of one of the other party’s members, He Fenglin was the real danger.

“What should we do now?” Xu Ya said with her pale face.

“Kill him!” Jiang Li yelled.

“Yes, Master.”

Swish! Swish! Swish! Wang Gang stayed with Jiang Li, while the five remaining meches rushed at He Fenglin at the same time.

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