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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 238 [Bonus ] 11: A Wolf’s Courage

Momo sat with her tail slightly puffed out; she reflected on the chat with Vincent's mother in secret. Honestly, at first, she was worried his mother would shout at them and tell all of them to stop chasing her son, but Verda was strange.

'As long as we genuinely love and care for him, she won't stop us... But there will be a test...' She thought to herself as she recalled how Amira kissed Vincent in front of everyone, including his mother.

Still, after Verda beat her a few times, there was no more after that, in the late of the night, everyone heard Amira knelt in the dirt, asking for permission to be with him; it was strange; still, Momo felt it was also an example; she needed to be this forward, have that kind of drive.

If they truly loved him, they needed to show it. If they cared for him, they must do anything to protect him. Even if they failed, they wouldn't be mistreated as long as they did their best.

'I will do it... Mother, give me your strength... I want to be with him more, ride the carriage together more... have him touch my tail more...'

The flickering flames as they sat around a small fire; Momo chose to stay in the cabin to think to herself; suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

"Come in." She muttered, almost jumping out of her skin from the sound.

The visitor didn't speak as Vincent climbed into the cabin; his body was filled with bruises after his mother beat him, not because he was wrong, but wanting him to understand that if he wanted to have all these women, he MUST be strong enough to protect them all, no matter when, always ready to drop his things and rush to their aid.

Verda then said she would be re-training him three times a day to make sure he didn't slack, also adding that he should spend at least a quarter of his day with his lovers, especially Silvaria and Zarina.

"Hey..." He said with a tired voice, almost falling onto the carriage bench; they wanted to reach the capital before nightfall. Still, sadly the necromancer and damaged carriages slowed them down considerably, as Vincent and Verda ruled out using his for them, instead bundling the cargo on the still mobile carriages and moving slower.

"Mmmm... are you okay?" Momo said gently, her hand reaching out as she stroked his smooth cheek; thankfully, Verda didn't beat this handsome face; it was flowing through her mind, subconsciously rubbing against the soft flesh, her thumb squishing his lips.

"I'm good; it's the result of my deeds; how are you? She didn't scare you, right...?"

"Mmm... Your mother is good. She loves you so much. I can't tell you what she said, but I like her."

Vincent laughed softly, "You're weird... but I like that."


"Because you aren't afraid or jealous towards her... I'm happy you don't hate her."

"Jealous? Of course, I'm not! Why would I be?" Momo replied, blushing lightly as she spoke, her white tail slapping the carriage door, her heart throbbing as he guessed the truth. 

Momo did feel a sense of envy towards Verda, seeing how Vincent was different towards her; if it were just a son with his mother, Momo and the girls wouldn't care, but sadly that wasn't the case...

His eyes were that of a young man watching a beautiful female, while the girls noticed Verda's eyes were the same; she looked at him as a man... their fight was erotic... the blows were brutal, but they would wrestle and press their bodies tightly together. 

'It was so sexy... I felt like I was watching them have sex...' She blushed, remembering as his cock was erect, but Verda just kept pressing him down as it pushed into her lower body.

"So lucky..." Momo whispered to herself as she was suddenly shaken, realising her finger was inside Vincent's mouth, preventing him from replying, as her tail slapped his side.

"Ahh... You were suddenly strange, so I didn't want to disturb you. Is everything alright? You were panting a little. Are you sick?"

Vincent leaned over, his warm hand pressing across her forehead as she felt soothed, reborn as his gentle energy passed into her body, causing her to feel tingles and warmth, her arms naturally wrapping around his back, burning her snout into his chest as she sniffed his masculine musk, after fighting he seemed to have not bathed yet, as the thick scent drove her crazy.

"Momo... I've been fighting for hours; I might smell terrible..."

"I love it."


"I love it... your scent, your face.... the feeling when you stroke my head.... the sound of your voice when you try to comfort me..."

Her fluffy ear could hear his heart beating. It seemed to increase faster as her hands gripped tighter.

"Me too.." Vincent's deep voice sounded in her ears as she almost squealed at the simple words.

His muscular arms suddenly wrapped around her back, and she could feel this strength as he pulled her close; it hurt a little when her breasts were squished against his chest, but the searing heat from his body and the tingle of pleasure soon wiped the pain from her mind, as she began breathing heavier, blowing against his neck, as she felt his lips brushing against her ear, causing her to quiver.

"I love your soft fur, the cute ears that move with your emotions; since I met you, I wanted to get closer to you, choosing your carriage service because of how beautiful and cute you were. I love the scent of your body; it's sweet with a slightly wild aroma... it drives me crazy with lust and the desire to hold you tight." 

'Eh... what's going on... I thought he would think I was weird... Vincent likes these things about me too... No, he said, love..... So embarrassing, he's sniffing my neck and ears...!'


"Don't worry; I love spending time with you when we travel, how adorable you are when sleeping, the little actions of your tail that tell me what you want from me before you even speak, or maybe because you can't say them honestly."

She felt her heart must be almost broken, the throbbing and resounding thud sounding in her ears as she clung to his chest, pressing himself again to hide her crimson face.

His hands gently slid up and down her back, his lips softly kissing her ears, as Momo felt this was some rapture; maybe she had died, and this was her afterlife dream.

'If this is a dream, I never want to wake up.' Momo thought as his soft red lips began to kiss along her face, gently touching her cheek, pressing against the corner of her mouth, as she almost tasted his delicious flavour.

"Momo, I've fallen in love with you."

His words caused her mouth to suddenly open as she stared into his red eyes, her golden orbs shining bright, as his face approached hers.

Suddenly, his lips pressed against hers as she gasped, her tongue pushing between his teeth as his lips moved against her own, their tongues entwined as she felt his hands sliding under her shirt, caressing her sides, his thumbs tickling her ribs, making her gasp as she held onto his shoulders. Her legs instinctively opened as his hips pushed forwards, grinding against her belly and sending shivers throughout her entire body.

"Me too... I love you... I want to be more than your employee... I want to be your woman... I want to be like Silvaria.... with your..." Her voice became quiet to the end, but he understood, his lips gently pulling on hers as they slowed down, sucking on each other's sweet lips, tasting their mixed saliva as they teased each other's tongues.

'Kiss me forever... Don't let me go.'

"Aahhhhh!" Momo moaned loudly as his tongue touched her lips again, tasting the sweetness of her saliva; she could taste her arousal in his breath, her body twitching as she rubbed against him. 'What is happening to me?!?' She wondered as he slowly removed her top, exposing her large breasts, bouncing freely as he took one nipple into his mouth, sucking on it gently.

"Nngh... Aaaaahhhnnngggg!!" Momo screamed out loud as his hands squeezed her ass cheeks, squeezing harder and deeper than ever before; she couldn't help but moan louder as she felt his erection pressing against her stomach, his tip poking against her navel.

He broke off, staring into her eyes, smiling as she saw the excitement in his expression. She learned a trick with this driver's cabin, leaning back and pressing a small black button as the seat started to move, the wall behind retracting as the backrest dropped, forming a large bed, sheets and pillows inside the new space.

Momo then tapped the [Lock] button, which would stop others from seeing in or entering. The fire outside would burn until the early hours, they had a long time to spend, and the fine wine from dinner seemed to have boosted the little wolf's confidence as she slipped off her tiny underwear, revealing a silver bush of fur protecting her smooth and sacred valley.

"I want you to make me a woman, your woman... Let me feel that pleasant feeling with something thicker... and longer than your fingers..."

Vincent just looked at her as he saw the naughty wolf, her tail swaying rapidly, his heart racing from her sudden but heartfelt confession; this soft-spoken and shy girl asked him with a red face, how could he not accept? 

"Okay, come here."

With a smile on her face, she crawled over to him as he stood up; his hands reached out and grabbed her waist, lifting her as she wrapped her arms around his neck; he gently kissed her, biting her lower lips while rubbing along her body with his large hands, grasping her soft flesh tightly and squeezing as she gasped into his mouth.

"Let's go to bed, Momo." 


He lifted her, gently carrying her to the bed, pressing her white hair out of the way, and laying her down on the soft pillows. 

"I won't ever let you go, Momo."

"You cannot ever escape a wolf's sense of smell... I won't let you run away either, Vincent!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 238 [Bonus ] 11: A Wolf’s Courage