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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 237 [Bonus ] 10: Verda’s Feelings [2]

Returning to the two dragons, she gave a small nod, then smiled.

"You are both lovely, despite being classed as terrifying, dangerous beasts by the kingdom..."

Despite her words sounding negative, the warm feeling that she gave off allowed Silvaria to relax as she stepped forward and hugged Verda, causing almost everyone to gasp with confusion, however for Efrita she understood this woman was too similar to Silvaria's mother in attitude and tone.

"Not only are you carrying my son's children, but your devotion is admirable. How long will it be until they hatch?" Verda's eyes saw that although the other women were devoted and faithful to her son, these two were something different. 

The word devotion was too soft.

Affectionate was too weak to describe their intense emotions.

Their feelings were even equal to her feelings towards him. 

Thus she gave them the utmost respect as women and as her future daughters. 

In Verda's tribe, typically, the women would compete, and it would be a fierce competition to obtain the male's seed; if this were applied to the current situation, then this ice dragon named Silvaria was the supreme victor, but looking at the way her son treated the succubus and other women around the area. At the same time she spoke to them, it seemed he wasn't willing to choose just these sisters.

'A greedy boy... nothing like his father... but... they are all satisfied completely... even Amira.... just how much of a stud are you... What will Milla do? Can she, a normal girl, handle you as you are now?' Verda felt her heart pound hard as she realised how big of a man her son had become; he was a beast, a monster, yet he was kind enough to share himself with all these women.

She knew he could do such things, having seen him grow since birth, but seeing him do it made her feel so happy and excited her cheeks flushed pink.

'He's become so strong... I remember the days he would always shout about protecting me one day... Does he still remember? Will he keep his word?'

Her mind wandered back to her past life, remembering when she used to worry about her son; he was weak and lacked any affinity with magic; her eyes could see his affinity back then, and there were none. He was unable to wield mana and would never grow strong... Yet now, her worries were gone.

'How is he so compatible with the elements... I can understand ice and fire... these two dragons and their links... even their scent deeply covers his body, and they are so far away. But the earth... wind... even the darkness element loves him now!'

The only missing element was light, but she realised this might be due to his strange changes. Verda then began to return her mind to reality; in her arms was the cute Zerana, like a little cat enjoying her soft hands and stroking her hair as she seemed to become a pampered kitten.

Vera and P'ella watched them from the carriage window, kneeling so only their eyes and hair were visible, which caused Vera to chuckle that the women around her son were so amusing and different.

"What's wrong, Mother?"

"Nothing dear... It's just that I'm very proud of you." She turned and looked at Vincent, who was currently soothing all the women that looked more fearful of her. This strange succubus was crazy about him but acted a little cold, the dark elf who seemed to be undergoing metamorphosis and worshipped her son.

Finally, she looked at the dhampir girl again; her feelings for her son were pure and light. Somehow like a girl who fell in love for the first time, unsure what her feelings meant and struggling to balance her differences simultaneously. 

"Who would have thought that the daughter of that fallen order would survive..." 

"!!!" Zerina's body twitched as she looked fearful. Those that knew about her mothers were likely dangerous or an enemy as she grasped onto her sword; despite the vast difference in strength, her mother once said that she could trust this woman and her son, but people could change, just because her son was so wonderful, what this woman changed over the many years?

"Don't worry; you are Valerie's daughter. I am sorry that the kingdom sent me to the north during that time, so I couldn't help when that tragedy happened."

", it's fine... I..." 

"You were worried I was an enemy, right? Such a cute girl... like this little cat... As long as you don't hurt my son, I will never turn against you... any of you... but if you hurt him... I won't just kill you. So be warned." Verda's voice started soft and gentle but became deep and fearsome closer to the end with a menacing smile.

Verda turned towards her son, seeing him looking at her, slightly on edge; she couldn't be mad at him. She knew he killed an elven noble, heard about his clash with the Von Conzelmann family, and even the destruction of that loser's family who tried to steal Odette from him. The fact that so many women gathered around him shows how hard he worked when they left.

"Vincent, go see Amira while I take these cute girls and chat with them, okay?" Her body stepped forward, grasping the hand of Silvari while holding Zerana in her other arm, the cute cat now sleeping peacefully.

Of course, she would, though Verda was the one who brought Luna to safety; thus, being part of Luna, Zerana also felt safe and warm, quickly falling asleep.

"Ah... Mother about Amira..." 

"You've fallen for her... It's not just sex anymore, right?"

Her emerald eyes watched him, a slightly shameful look, like a naughty boy that knocked over the cooking pot; before he nodded and looked more resolute, the moment she saw him change, her body began to throb. Her womb is burning as she had already deemed him a possible mate during their small fight... Now she couldn't stop the passage of time and the feeling she willingly unsealed growing. 


'I've been seduced and charmed by my son; how can I blame Amira... Milla is going to kill me if she finds out, though... That girl is a little scary... the darkness in her heart... Good luck, Vincent, my brave son!'

Amira sat beside Valerra, one of the knights left behind; her body now recovered as she watched the carriage in the distance feeling conflicted. She also saw all the women around that carriage, many she never saw during the entire journey. 

"My lover has so many women..." 



"Were you sleeping with that handsome boy...? How was it...? I've seen him naked once, bathing in an inn's backyard with the well..."

"Does bigger mean better?"

Valerie smiled gently as she held her head in shame. This girl was from a noble family, and her future was decided for her, but the man she would marry was relatively small. When they performed the act, she could only feel a slight sensation, but when she thought of Captain Verda's son.... she could only open her mouth in shock at the difference.

  "That boy is a monster... His cock is huge... I almost died..." Amira said jokingly, her body leaning back as she sighed.

"Each sway of his hips, that thing would poke the depths of my womb, at first it was painful... It hurts and is nothing like those fancy novels... It was worse pain than my first night. I felt like my insides were being torn apart and stretched, despite not being a fresh maiden... His constant movements and the way he changed the shapes his hips moved... I soon sang like a common prostitute begging for more... Haha...."

"So, did he come inside you?" The second knight approached, gossiping about their Commander's sex with the Captain's son.

"It was so warm and thick... It felt like my insides were flooded."

"Then, after that, did you sleep? Was it while you left the camp and stayed at the inn?"

"Yes, we slept together under the blanket, but not after that... V... Vincent... he's a true demon in bed... each night would be a minimum of 4 times... sometimes I felt like I was dying as if he was a judge for all my sins and was going to kill me with pleasure..."

"Wow! You got into it, huh!?"

"After that... I would send him to sleep in a separate room, but I woke up to find him beside me every morning. I think he enjoyed watching me sleep."

"Oh, how cute... but what about your husband?" Another knight asked, her eyes shining with delight from the saucy drama.

"Haha... that is something that died long ago... He is different... Strange, and we officially divorced not too long ago... But I haven't announced it yet as I felt it might affect morale."

"But why didn't you tell us earlier?"

"Haha... true, why didn't I? Maybe I am just getting old."

The female knights began to create a fire, sitting together as they all began to speak about their past, some with raunchy secrets, others with sad circumstances. 

"Oh... Speak of the devil!" A blonde knight whispered as they all saw Vincent walking over, the women behind entering the carriage without him.

All the knights began to look at Amira, who seemed to fidget; she didn't know how to face her lover and son-in-law; should she reject him coldly? Be the same as always. Her mind raced with countless thoughts before Vincent finally approached them.

"Greetings, ladies of the Lazarus Knight order; thank you for always caring for my mother and sister." Vincent greeted them all with a pleasant and soft greeting before bowing. He then looked at Amira, smiling at her as he continued his approach.

With a soft, worried expression, he asked her, "Are you alright? Does your body hurt?"

Amira was slightly stunned as he knelt beside her, his hands glowing with that strange light, which made her not only feel immense pleasure during sex but also healed her body, made her skin tighter like a young maiden, removed blemishes and helped her bones recover from old injuries from decades past.

"I... I'm fine... your mother?" Amira honestly wanted to avoid another beating, but his face smiled wide before speaking, his hands cupping around her cheeks while the other female knights whistled and made a noise like zoo monkeys.

"She seems to have accepted everything, but Mother is a little stubborn, so she needed to beat you first...." 


"Ah.... accepted that you are my woman."


Amira just looked stunned; she thought to Vincent this was just a momentary fling; she was more than five times his age, her eyes slightly confused, but her chest and mind were delighted. This young man still wanted her, despite all those beautiful young women... But the image of Odette appeared. How would she feel...?

"About Odette... She seems to be accepting of me and other women; I will make sure to let her know honestly."

"Won't she be mad?" 

"Ah... But I love her too much to hide things this important."

"Oh... you love her, I'm glad... She's so cute and loves you so much."

"I also love her mother~" He joked, kissing her cheek as he ignored the female knights whistling, not trying to push the kiss further as Amira stared into his eyes.

"Can you give me a little time? I don't want to tell her until I am ready..."

He nodded and smiled brightly, "Don't worry, I never expected to fix things quickly; I'll wait as long as it takes for you all to accept and care for each other."

"Haha... oh my, what if it takes too long and I become old?" Amira joked with him, her fingers stroking through his soft red hair.

"Well, by then, I wouldn't be fucking a milf but a gilf... Haha!"

Amira looked at him as he turned away and began walking to the carriage again with light steps, shaking her head as she thought.

"What is a gilf..."

A moment later, one of her younger knights whispered the meaning into her ear; instantly, Amira threw a small pot onto the fire, as it smashed into pieces.

"Little bastard! You won't make my Odette pregnant so soon!"

She whispered into the dungeon's dark breeze, her hand rubbing over her lower body with a warm smile. 

"I'm first..."

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 237 [Bonus ] 10: Verda’s Feelings [2]