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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 208 [Bonus ] 32: Goblin Kingdom In Strife!

As Vincent and his party entered the Goblin Kingdom of Geram'Tor, they were immediately struck by the mystical aura surrounding the land.

"What a wonderful land!?"

"I thought it would be more desolate and ruined..." Vincent said honestly, thinking back to the goblins in the dungeons. His idea of their habitat was filthy and disgusting, and countless women were chained up.

But now he was proved quite wrong...

The mountains towered above them, shrouded in mist and mystery, while the forests were filled with otherworldly energy that seemed to pulse and thrum with life.

As they made their way towards the village of Tor'vak in the southwest, they were awed by the sight of the towering trees that surrounded them.

Huge thick, gnarled trunks twisted into fantastical shapes that seemed to writhe and twist in the flickering light of the torches that lit their path. Small green leaves rustled softly in the wind, their whispers a constant reminder of the ancient magic that flowed through the land as they created a melodic symphony of sorrow and despair.

As if the kingdom mourned her fallen children.

The architecture's beauty struck Vincent and his party as they approached the village. Its buildings were crafted from a shimmering black stone that seemed to glint in the dim light; each was carved with intricate patterns and symbols that spoke of ancient power and wisdom.

The roofs were made from a gleaming silver metal that reflected the moon's light, casting a gentle glow over the village and the surrounding forest.

The villagers themselves were a curious sight to behold. They were small and wiry, with sharp features and piercing eyes glowed with an inner fire.

Wonderful shades of green, from khaki to olive, the goblins were running around but not in a good mood; some fled for their lives, while other's were in complete panic; the moment they saw Vincent and his party felt terror, only to see the beautiful goblin female holding onto his arm with a face that wasn't filled with sorrow, but joy.

Their clothing was adorned with feathers and intricate beadwork, each design a testament to the power of the spirits that guided their lives. As they moved through the village, Vincent and his party could feel the energy of the spirits around them, pulsing and thrumming with a life force that was both beautiful and terrifying.

Despite the beauty and wonder of the village, Vincent could sense that there was an undercurrent of danger lurking beneath the surface. The villagers were constantly on guard, their eyes flicking nervously towards the border where the war raged.

The air was tense, and Vincent knew any wrong move could spark a conflict that would tear the village apart.

As they moved deeper into the village, Vincent and his party could feel the power of the spirits growing stronger. The energy was almost palpable, crackling and sending shivers down their spines. It was clear that the village of Tor'vak was a place of great magic and wonder, a testament to the beauty and power of the Goblin Kingdom of Geram'Tor.

As Vincent and his party made their way through Tor'vak village, they were suddenly jolted out of their reverie by the sound of battle. Screams and shouts filled the air, and the clash of steel on steel rang out through the forest.

As they rounded a corner, they saw a group of humans engaged in a fierce battle with goblins. The humans were tall and muscular, their armour glinting in the moonlight as they wielded swords and axes with deadly precision. The goblins, by contrast, were small and wiry, their faces twisted in rage and fear as they fought with all their might.

The humans quickly gained the upper hand, and one by one, the goblins fell before their onslaught. As the last goblin fell, the humans let out a cheer, raising their weapons in triumph as they gloated over their victory.

It was then that Mel'Zeth screamed out a name, a name that Vincent and his party didn't recognize. Her eyes filled with tears as she ran towards the humans, her fists clenched in anger and grief as tears began to build in her eyes.

The burning corpse of a female goblin hanging from a destroyed hut, the stone and windows smashed, likely by a powerful fire spell.

'Damn it! Why... Kel'Feah! She was only a child....' Mel'Zeth's eyes poured with tears as she grasped so tightly onto Vincent's hand blood began to pour from his flesh, despite having the black scales to protect him from damage.

Vincent and his party quickly followed, their weapons ready to defend their companion. The humans turned to face them, their faces twisted in anger and hatred as they saw the goblins approaching.

Vincent stepped forward, his voice cold and commanding. "Hold your weapons, humans. We mean you no harm."

For a moment, the humans hesitated. And then, slowly, they lowered their weapons, their faces filled with uncertainty and doubt.

"Heh... Sorry kid!"

"It's our job...."

The two humans looked reluctant as they showed wry smiles, while the others didn't listen. They charged forward; their weapons raised high as they prepared to strike.

Vincent and his party braced themselves for the attack; their muscles tensed and ready to fight.

And then, just as the humans were about to strike, Mel'Zeth cried out again. "Korgoth! Korgoth was my friend!"

"Die, you filthy dogs!" he roared, his voice echoing through the forest.

The humans turned to face him, their faces twisted in anger and hatred. They raised their weapons, preparing to strike.

Vincent's heart was angry, not because of the dead goblins; honestly, these people meant nothing to him. He cared about the tears and anguish of Mel'Zeth; what if they were her family? What would it be like losing someone so close to you--a mother or father, maybe even a brother? No matter how much pain that brought upon Vincent himself, surely there must have been some way she could've saved those people.

'Forget it! Kill these bastards... NO MERCY!' His mind began to fill with controlled anger, not the wild anger he used to feel; Raizel began to manifest in his arms, this spear extremely sullen since he made that crest appear on Silvari and refusing to show herself or even speak to him.

However, still, to his angry cry for her help, she shot from his spirit world and formed the long black and red spear, her blade gleaming like a grim reaper ready to kill all that caused her master any ire.

With another shout, he leapt into battle again, using the power within his spear to cut down several enemies. The other humans followed suit, but they seemed hesitant to go against such an opponent. Their eyes widened when he killed three men with one swing of his weapon and took off after another.

His furious actions caused the girls behind him to all jump into combat; Zera, like a bolt of lightning, shot into the human crowd, her dagger slitting throats like they were bread, crushing bones with her tails as she moved past.

"Kyahaha! Die! Die!"

Her speed and ferocity left many stunned by its beauty; no sooner had they begun to recover than she was gone again. She fought without fear, only focused on killing.

"Woosh~ Zera Number wan!"

Shocked by the sudden combat, P'ella, Tama, and Vera instead took defensive action, focusing on blocking the arrows from the humans that began to funnel into the city, likely a mercenary group or something similar; blood began to spray across the streets as Vincent's spear began to penetrate and tear out human hears throwing their corpses into a pile where the pigs excreted.

P'ella, who stood at the rear, wasn't doing too bad either; she blocked and dodged attacks from the bowmen, using her powerful wind to form a small but agile barrier, shooting her sharp feathers towards the archers hiding behind a wooden wall.

However, it didn't stop them completely, and several shots grazed her side before the next wave of arrows came. Still, the damage was minimal compared to what happened to most of the rest of the soldiers around her.

Tama, meanwhile, threw rocks and used her daggers to stop any warriors from approaching the casting group.

Vincent was ready. He lunged forward with his spear, thrusting it at the nearest human with deadly precision. The human stumbled backwards, blood gushing from the wound in his chest.

pαпdα-ňᴏνê|·сóМ The other humans hesitated, taken aback by Vincent's sudden attack. But Vincent did not give them a chance to recover. He continued to charge forward, his spear flashing through the air as he struck his enemies brutally.

The humans fought back, their weapons ringing against Vincent's armour. But he was a seasoned warrior who knew how to take a blow. He dodged their attacks easily, his spear striking out repeatedly, piercing their flesh and sending them reeling backwards.

The battle was fierce, but Vincent fought passionately and with ferocity, leaving his enemies reeling. He was a man on a mission, and nothing would stand in his way; this was no battle but a slaughter to ease the sorrow of Mel'Zeth.

In the end, the humans were no match for him. They fell before his deadly spear one by one until only a handful were left standing. Vincent stood before them, his chest heaving with exertion, his spear dripping with blood.

"Vincent... It's okay..."

A soft olive hand stroked his bloody arm, his head snapping towards her, before soft purple lips pressed against his; Mel'Zeth's tears now dried as she was covered in thick mottled blood, too hugging him tightly as she pressed her head into his chest.

"It's okay... Thank you... I am sure her spirit can rest knowing many humans died to atone for her death... We are used to this... Don't cry..."

"Leave this place," he growled, his eyes fixed on his enemies. "Or suffer the same fate as your companions."

'I'm not crying....' Vincent thought, unaware that his eyes were currently bleeding blood; the thought of his mother, his sister or any of the women he spent time with, whether he slept with them, loved them or not, left a deep impact on his heart.

The humans hesitated momentarily, then turned and fled, their faces twisted in fear and desperation. Vincent watched them go, his spear still held low, dripping blood onto the ground, his eyes burning with a fierce and unquenchable fire.

A strange smile came to his face, twisted and vicious.

'They will explode with my anima soon anyway..."

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 208 [Bonus ] 32: Goblin Kingdom In Strife!