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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 207 Chaper 31: Towards Gerrak’dun

While feeling the constant desire to cause chaos and feast on the flesh of his companions, Vincent decided they should depart earlier, heading to the goblin capital of Gerrak'dun, meaning the home of the sun, the same day, instead of waiting two days.

Momo looked to her side, holding the reins as the horses began to navigate the twisting and narrow path, there was only enough space for a single carriage to pass as their sides were blocked by

The winding, twisting road snaked through the dense forest like a serpent, coiling around trees and slipping over rocks. Its surface was rough and uneven, riddled with potholes and scattered with fallen leaves.

'This road is always so creepy!' Momo remembered her journeys here alone, once travelling through here at night, feeling like the forest was whispering to her, a strange and dark voice hidden in the depths of the bifurcated forest.

Vincent sat quietly, his hands so tightly clenched they began to ooze a crimson trail of his sweet blood, but in his current state, he felt no pain; in fact, the pain only caused a twisted and sadistic pleasure to build in his lower body.

'There's something wrong... but I like this feeling...' His mind was at constant war, always twisting his own words like something was controlling or guiding his thoughts and mind.

A fluffy and warm white tail began to pat his lap, the silky fur brushing against his bloody hand as if ignoring any dirt or the sticky blood spreading to her fine tail.

Momo looked towards Vincent from the corner of her eye; although she couldn't do many things for him, she knew that playing with her tail sometimes helped him relax or feel soothed. So she took a chance, trying to see if it could help him only a little.

'Vincent looks stressed; his face is filled with concern, and the veins in his forehead are bulging; what is he thinking? Why does he seem unsettled?' Momo thought to herself as she felt his tight hands slowly wrap around her tail, his grip a little painful at first, causing her to let out a muted yelp.

But as her fluffy tail soothed him like always, that tight, jerking grasp weakened considerably until she felt his long fingers running through her fur, massaging her tail and enjoying her like normal.

Regardless of whether she could do anything for him, at the very least, Momo gave him a moment of reprieve from that dark, twisted voice always ebbing at the back of his mind, filling him with gruesome thoughts and desires.

'Momo... this soft tail... I want to.

Vincent's thoughts changed from murderous to something more profane and illicit, her hand slowly sliding towards the base of her tail; a small gap in her clothes let the tail pass through, normally only enough for her tail; however, Vincent's finger slightly stretched. The fabric of the dress, his long fingers passing through easily as they felt her warm, sleek flesh, silky smooth and pleasant.

His hand began to push through the fabric, now feeling her plump ass, half squashed against the comfortable seats, moving with a light sway from the carriages movement; Momo's eyes became dazed, the initial shock from him touching the base of her tail had transformed from shock and surprise into a warm pleasure that was building in her belly.

Feeling his fingers pressing against her soft rear, her hips naturally leaned forward, the huge buttocks now free for him to enjoy and caress, filling her body with more of that irresistible pleasure.

As they journeyed down the road, the group couldn't help but notice the overpowering scent of blooming flowers. The fragrance was so potent that it felt like they were inhaling the very essence of the forest.

But the beauty of the flora was blocked by the thick canopy of trees that enveloped each side of the road, casting a shadow over everything in its path. The sunlight struggled to penetrate the darkness, creating an eerie and foreboding atmosphere.

'His fingers feel so magical like he is taking me into the clouds, soaring above as we fall gracefully to the ground together, so warm, pleasing and long.' Momo thought as she swallowed her sweet saliva, grasping the reins tightly, pushing herself against his fingers; if this helped his mood, then why not accept a bit of pleasure what they were at it?

He didn't stop there, though - he continued further down her tail, feeling each inch, savouring every bit before finally reaching its end, where her slit was revealed, glistening wetly. He lightly traced the length of her pussy lips, his fingertips barely touching them while making sure not to touch too deeply into those sensitive.

"Mmmm~ that's...." Momo moaned, feeling him touching her most private place, the sticky nectar's sound echoing through the driver'sdriver's cabin as he teased along those pretty, pink lips, neatly closed and hiding her secret cavern. "So good..." She breathed quietly under her breath, shivering softly at how nice it felt.

It wasn't just his gentle stroking, either: he also kept on whispering lewd comments into her ear, speaking about her body and what he wanted– even if she had never heard these kinds of remarks before, they still made her blush and tremble nervously, her cheeks turning scarlet red at some of the things being said.

" hot," Vincent whispered between breaths, his other hand gently rubbing her cheek. It almost seemed like an apology for what happened earlier. Even though she understood that this was all part of something affecting him, it made her feel better knowing that he cared about her feelings, despite whatever else might be happening inside his head.

As much as he tried to ignore that voice, he couldn't help but notice that the more he touched her, the easier it got to block off his thoughts, which left Momo with nothing except his loving touch and the warmth radiating from within, and the previous Vincent's charming smile as if plotting to push her down and devour her whole.

The scent of perfume wafted up from beneath the thin silk scarf wrapped around her neck, her delicate skin glowing faintly as the carriage moved along.

She could sense his arousal growing by the second, and judging from how hard his cock was pressed against her thigh; it would have been impossible for him to hide such obvious signs. But no matter – she loved having sex with him anyway.

Her legs shifted apart ever-so-slightly, allowing his big erection to slip past her thighs.

Soon enough, he found himself buried deep between her smooth, meaty thighs, his powerful rod now pressing between them and popping out from the top, as it felt like a huge piece of searing hot iron, sliding between her legs as she sat on his lap, enjoying the sensation of him rubbing against her from the back and front.

Oblivious to the pair in the front seat enjoying each other's sweet flesh, the other girls were watching the journey from the side windows; Zera and Vera were taking a nap, while P'ella seemed to be inspired by her original self, helping with chores and cooking a meal for evening with Mel'Zeth and Tama.

As she became used to her new body, P'ella would spend the time not influenced by her new impulsive and lewd self to study and perform tasks she did before, hoping to even out her changes and return a little of the girl she once was.

The gentle rocking of the carriage was comfortable, while Zarina sat in the main room, wearing a soft blue dress, revealing all her thick, voluptuous curves as she closed her eyes to rest.

"Hey, Zarina, did it feel good when he ploughed you?"

A sudden voice interrupted Zarina, who slowly opened her sleepy eyes, she indeed felt good, but the man was like a perpetual machine; his hips knew no limits and would only act tired so that the woman or women he was with felt they did their jobs and could rest easy.

As the days went by, Titania's appearance started to change.

She fought tirelessly, refusing to give up in the face of adversity.

But as she battled on, her skin began to darken, taking on a deep, rich hue that seemed to absorb the very essence of the shadows around her.

It wasn't long before her transformation was complete, and she had become something new.

Her tanned complexion was replaced by a striking, dark colour that shimmered in the dim light of the forest, with ethereal skin that had become like the bark of the world tree, rough and textured, yet somehow silky and enchanting.

As she moved, her body seemed to shimmer with supernatural energy, like a dark fairy from the most haunting of legends. Her hair had become twisted and tangled, like the gnarled branches of the trees that surrounded her, but it only added to her otherworldly beauty.

Despite the darkness surrounding her, there was a purity to her appearance that was impossible to deny. She had become something entirely new, powerful and alluring but with an unmistakable air of danger.

Titania embraced her new form even more as Vincent commented on liking her changes; she was a creature of magic now, with mystical power and beauty that could not be ignored.

'I keep feeling strange irritation on my back... Like something is trying to push out from both sides of my shoulder blades...' Titania thought as she teased Zarina; both girls spent last night entertaining Vincent together, and only remembered this quiet-looking girl became wild and submissive during sex.

It had been 2 days since they left the last town, now only a single day from the goblin territory, or rather Mel'Zeth's home, but the signs of battle, death and conflict that filled the areas they visited left the entire group worried, for this could be something much darker and complicated than they ever imagined.

Zarina looked towards the dark fairy queen, at least that's how she thought; there were tales of a race called "fairies" in her mother's old study, speaking of how they were frail creatures but excelled in magical talent, trickery and playing with the minds of humans.

'This woman... she's a maneater... I've never seen someone takes such a big cock and seems so content before... even among his other women... Oh, maybe Silvari...' Zarina thought.

"Ah, I love it when he grabs my throat and chokes me the moment before I climax." Zarina didn't want to speak nonsense with this woman who had seen her unsightly actions, pissing herself as she was choked yet feeling the biggest climax of her life.

'There's no need to pretend; let's just embrace the real me, that dark little slut unknown for decades.'


Titania was a little shocked, thinking that she would deny it or at least be slightly coy, but just like Felia, this girl was a little open now; after seeing last night's crazy scenes, Titania also began to feel the excitement; but knew it wasn't her turn and thus looked out the window, twiddling her fingers as flickers of golden brown light would flutter from their tips when it touched the ground, small green roots and flowers began to take seed and grow.

The first of Vincent's Fairy-type spirits, close to maturity.

As they continued, the road seemed to twist and turn more sharply; they were drawn into a dark, hidden labyrinth from which they could never escape.

The sense of unease grew with each passing step, and the floral scent began to take on a sickly sweet undertone.

It was as though the forest was alive, twisting and contorting to trap its prey.

The group couldn't help but feel like they were being watched, and the hairs on the back of their necks stood on end.

However, this didn't affect Momo or Vincent, who explored each other's preferences as his hands enveloped, developed and caressed her lower body, causing the young werewolf to enjoy the pleasure of flesh like never before.

Upon a grand climax, her sacred water sprinkled through the air, gracing the cracked soil with its silky embrace.

They finally emerged from the twisted road and were relieved to see the sunlight again.

Finally, the group arrived at the goblin territory.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 207 Chaper 31: Towards Gerrak’dun