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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 206 30: An Uneasy Feeling!

Vincent sat in his penthouse; the bed was quite a decent quality, soft and comfortable to sin on; since earlier yesterday unleashing that flame, he always felt strange; it was like he was an empty cylinder before he felt like that cylinder was filled to the brim.

Now it was completely barren and needed filling.

'I feel so strange. Am I tired? Do I need to rest?'

With a soft sound, he threw himself onto the bed, relaxing on the quilt; when they got to the third floor, he asked Titania and Momo to take the other girls to explore the town because soon they would be busy diving into the dungeon and helping Mel'Zeth with her task.

Knock! Knock!

A soft sound came from the door; Vincent looked to see who it might be before realising it was someone safe, "come in; it's not locked; I was waiting for you."

The door opened as two women entered, both of whom he knew very well.

Zarina was wearing a simple brown dress, her curvy body fully on display as she wore a small red ribbon in her hair wearing it in a ponytail, while Mel wore a black tunic with the chest opened and a long floral skirt, her plump body as erotic as ever.

"Sorry to bother you, Vincent. Is it okay if we talk?" Mel'Zeth's unusual meek voice sounded as she stepped inside the room upon seeing his smile, nodding towards her.

Zarina gave him a cheeky smile, it seemed that the ice-faced act would not be restored when in private, but when they were walking around the town earlier, she was in full knight mode, trying to hide her embarrassment after the other women began teasing her about the noise she made.

Mel nodded at them all before speaking again, "I am here to discuss something important."

Vincent sat up from the bed, patting his side as both women walked over and sat beside him, bouncing as their bodies sank into the soft mattress, two beauties one to his right and the other to his left.

"So, what would you like to talk about, Mel?" Vincent asked as his right arm wrapped around her waist, stroking her side gently, smiling.

She blushed deeply, " know how I said my plan is coming along nicely?" She paused nervously, looking down.

He smiled warmly, "yes," he replied softly, lightly stroking her shoulder.

Her face lit up, "good. Well, there are some changes..." Her cheeks turned red, then dark blue, as she desperately tried to keep herself together.

Mel'Zeth wanted to take a detour on the way to the capital, wanting to visit her home briefly to check everything was alright; after hearing what happened, she worried about her family too much to focus and didn't want to have this on her mind when taking the exam, she leaned against the firm chest of Vincent, hoping to gain some confidence and feel relieved as his powerful heartbeat entered her ears.

"Do you want to go... to the northeast?" He whispered, leaning back slightly as he rubbed her shoulders.

His hand moved lower until he reached her neck, running his fingers through her hair, feeling the silky texture under his fingertips. He kissed her lips slowly, whispering words of reassurance and encouragement as she breathed heavily between each kiss. It took no time for her to melt away into his arms.

"Mn... Is it no good?" She asked, looking at his face with her huge eyes, those shimmering orbs like gemstones almost sucking him inside.

When Vincent was about to reply, he could feel another hand grasping his left arm; Zarina was close friends with Mel'Zeth and wanted to help him accept her request as she pressed her hand against his, squeezing tightly as if to reinforce Mel's plea.

'These girls, I was planning to ask if she wanted to visit them on the way even if nothing happened...'

Vincent thought to himself, ensuring enough time; the detour would take an extra day, while the event would start in roughly 4 weeks, a little later than the actual event.

"Haha, of course, we can go. Will it not affect your exam? Were you not in a rush to get to the capital even faster than us?" He laughed, kissing Mel's forehead.

She grinned, "not really, it will only delay my arrival by a few days, but I'll make sure to give myself plenty of time before the exams begin. If anything goes wrong, I don't think anyone else has a chance anyway!"

Vincent felt her change the moment he agreed to visit them; her face became filled with a brilliant smile as her hands began to entwine with his and hugged his body tightly; it was a good thing Mel had such determination and confidence.

After discussing plans for the trip, they talked more about general things, mostly gossiping about people and events in the city; it was nice just talking about normal stuff without worrying about getting distracted or interrupted. After a while, they decided to retire to their rooms; the others explored the town and would probably return for dinner.-

The evening dinner was quite uneventful; Zera and her two little stooges made a bit of noise complaining the meat were too tough, but after being spanked.

Fed mouth to mouth by Vincent, they all shut up and behaved; the thing he found most amusing about Zera was that of the three, she became the shyest when it came to anything related to kissing or adult behaviours and would run away after the event, despite getting really into it, forgetting it wasn't a kiss but rather him feeding them the "nasty" chicken.

As usual, the group retired to their rooms afterwards; everyone slept apart except for Mel'Zeth, who snuggled up next to him in his bed; he did not object to having her sleep beside him, though she had never stayed overnight during previous trips. They cuddled as they fell asleep, enjoying the warmth of the night air and the comfort of the mattress beneath them.


Early in the morning, Vincent awoke from his sleep; the night was still dark, while Mel'Zeth and P'ella, who must have sneaked in during the night, lay in his bed naked with the traces of their passionate affair still visible on her body.

He didn't wish to wake them up, slowly climbed from his bed and walked towards the window; reaching out, he opened the curtains to see the town covered in darkness, illuminated only by the moonlight filtering through the clouds.

However, there was something different about today; the town was strangely quiet, the streets devoid of life. A sense of unease settled within him as he stared outside, 'what's going on with me? Why does nothing feel alright... My body seeks something, but I cannot understand what... there is a sense of restlessness...'

Vincent leaned against the window, his chest feeling tight as he pushed the wooden four-panel window open slightly, hoping the cold wind would help change his feelings. However, nothing helped and only caused him frustration.

He closed the curtain again, sitting on his bed; it was odd how none of these women seemed to notice his mood, which was usually easy to read; perhaps he was acting weird; maybe he should try explaining himself instead of hiding it.

It took a few minutes of contemplation before he stood up, walked over to the door, opened it, and let in the cool breeze again. The room was silent, save for Mel'Zeth breathing softly next to him.

"Morning," he greeted quietly as she stirred, rubbing her eyes.

"Good morning." She mumbled, rolling over and hugging him, pressing her soft breasts against his bare chest.

They kissed tenderly, sharing a gentle embrace as Mel'Zeth ran her fingers across his smooth skin, touching his muscles lovingly, before moving her hands down to caress his crotch.

"Are you okay, Vincent?" She spoke in a whisper.

"Yes, I'm fine; why do you ask?" He answered calmly, pushing her away gently, avoiding her touch as he watched her blush and look away.

"Well, you haven't since we are back at the fort... It's like something isn't quite right..." She murmured with a hint of sadness, giving him a sad smile.

He sighed, "it happens sometimes; I just need to relax." He lied, knowing she wouldn't believe it, especially considering she already saw the truth behind his actions last night.

Mel'Zeth nodded silently, wrapping herself in his blanket once more as she rested her head on his pillow.

The desire in his body didn't cease; no matter how much he ate or how many times he had sex, there was a desire inside him that just wouldn't stop building and growing, and he felt like soon it might reach critical mass and he might go insane.

He wanted to rush into a populated place and fire his magic endlessly, killing and slaughtering all that stood in his path, human, monster, demon? It didn't matter; he just wanted to kill the urge; this desire continued to grow within him each moment and only seemed to get more intense and powerful the closer he got to the city.


Meanwhile, in a dark cathedral close to the capital city of Ulkan.

The same church where a series of horrific corpses were discovered by various adventures to investigate before meeting an untimely end.

In the heart of the cathedral stood a solitary figure; she stood in the dimly lit cathedral, surrounded by the solemn silence of the empty halls draped in black, her eyes cold and calculating.

Clad in her jet black armour, adorned with symbols of the twisted cult she belonged to, spoke volumes of her dark purpose. she seemed to blend in with the shadows, her regal aura now haunting in the darkness.

Despite the absence of company, she carried herself with the same poise and grace as before, her mighty mace at the ready, symbolising her indomitable spirit.

'Brother, can you feel me?'

The only sound that could be heard was the soft padding of her boots against the cold, stone floor as she moved further into the abyss of the cathedral, her destiny unknown.

'Brother... I can feel your powerful, fierce and intense feelings....'

The corpses strewn about the room were not victims, but sacrifices, given willingly in the name of their cause. The strange, cultist-like ceremonial tools surrounding her were not mere trinkets but instruments of torture and death.

Mammon touched her body, rubbing her breasts as she reached into her plated armour, pulling and twisting her nipples, brushing against her slit with the sharp-clawed gauntlets as if the pain brought her closer to Vincent.

'That's it! Come closer~ I can feel you so deeply inside me! I'm going to burst~ come...come...!'

She was not a hero on a quest but a psychopath on a mission, her mind twisted by the evil intent of her cult.

Her mace was not a symbol of strength, but a weapon of destruction wielded with deadly precision.

The whimpers of a woman sounded before a disgusting thud sounded as the plated woman slammed her mace down, crushing the flesh and meat of a creature below her feet.

As she stood in the centre of the cathedral, her heart racing with the thrill of the kill, blood and flesh dripping from her vibrating mace as she looked into the sky, a look of rapture painted on her face, as Astaroth lay on the ground, her body beaten and battered with countless scars and runes carved into her dragon scales and flesh.

"Hahahaha~ I can feel, brother! He's so close; can he feel my embrace? Does he desire the same madness that drives me forwards!?"

The darkness seemed to embrace her, empowering her with its evil energy. And with a chilling smile, she began to move forward, her steps confident and assured, towards the next victim that awaited her.

"Kill! Brother~ kill them, all those filthy insects that merely smear you with their filth! HahahahahahahAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

The victim is one she was born to meet, the only reason for her existence.

Her beloved, detestable brother, Vincent Schwartz.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 206 30: An Uneasy Feeling!