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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 204 [Bonus ] 28: A Servants Desire [R18]

Zarina ignored anything else, her eyes looking at his body that continued to deteriorate, her hands wrapping around his cheeks as she began to squish them together, bringing her ruby-red lips towards his.

She began enjoying the soft and sweet taste before grasping the black scales affixed and melted to his flesh and using her strength to tear them off slowly, blood oozing from the slight tear in his skin. Still, she must do this; as his naked body began to show more and more, a burning heat began to build in her loins.

She could feel the racing beat of her heart as she looked at the half-sleeping Vincent, his dazed eyes alternating between gold and red as her hands began to slide across his body, leaning down and extending her long pink tongue to slide across his wounded flesh, hoping the anaesthetic function of her saliva would help lower his pain.

The sweet ambrosia that was his sticky red blood smeared on her tongue as she lapped it up while cleaning his body, her thighs trembling as she held back her arousal.

'Vincent comes first... stop... I want to help save his life...'

Her hands began to gently caress his torso, careful not to touch any of the new marks on his skin, watching as he lay there, barely moving as they both fought their urges, but one would lose, and soon.

Finally, she reached his left leg, noting the difference in the colour of the scales compared to his other limbs, noticing the faint blue hue to them; as her fingers ran over the thick scales covering his inner thigh.

'I know what these are... these are different... they aren't even part of his body!'

She leaned in closer, examining the individual scales, watching as he twitched and jerked every time she touched them, his muscles tensed and then relaxing, his body fighting the urge to change.

'They're like a layer of leather or skin, but harder, more durable than his other scales, but warm to the touch...'

It was only around his crotch where the scales were strange, not part of his flesh but covering his lower body; slowly, she peeled away the scales; these, too, were badly burnt and melted, which caused her to worry about his future reproductive ability, the scales popped off as it revealed a strange white layer that covered his penis and testicles, which caused her to worry.

'This isn't normal... has something gone wrong!?'

As her fingertips skirted along his cock, she noticed something odd; it was hard yet covered with a thin layer of soft, milky white skin. She couldn't see inside it, but something about this made her uneasy, like touching an animal's hide to find a hidden gift.

She took hold of his shaft and began to lightly jerk his member, feeling the smoothness of the white skin under her fingers, making her pause, her body beginning to respond to the feelings coursing through her body.

As her breasts heaved up and down her chest, her nipples pebbled and hardened as she began to kiss Vincent's neck and shoulders as her lust grew, her core starting to tingle.

"If you don't stop me, I'll violate you, master..."

He gave a small smile. "Then let it be; I've always wanted to be on the receiving end and be violated just once, haha."

Zarina grinned, her mind blanked as she continued to stroke him as he lay there, the sight of his rock-hard cock bringing her to the brink of ecstasy, her hips grinding against his muscular thighs; despite the slight burns and bloody wounds, he was attractive and caused her heart to race.

She rubbed her clit with her free hand, her breath coming in short gasps as her arousal built, her mind going blank; slowly, her fangs began to sink into his soft chest, the skin still a pale pink colour, having recovered from being charred and melted.

"Don't regret this..." Zarina whispered as her hips moved, rolling onto his thighs as his huge meat shaft slid across her slippery slit, a thick, syrup-like sensation smearing and coating his cock as her body leaned forward, sucking his blood ever so slowly from his muscular chest.

Vincent was too injured to resist but knew that sex would help him recover; although Mel'Zeth was the ideal partner, she wasn't conscious and seemed to be absent; all he could see was the plump, swaying breasts of Zarina pressed against his chest as she stroked his cock with her searing hot snatch, oozing with strange honey.

'This feels good, the pain is annoying, but her drool made my arms and body a little paralysed, and I cannot feel any pain; the lack of feeling makes my cock more sensitive than usual...'

His eyes slowly closed as he heard her whisper, 'don't regret this, my prince,' as her soft lips kissed his neck and shoulder, her voice causing him to shudder.

"Please forgive me, I... I need to... do this..."

Zarina moaned as his member slid deeper and deeper between her legs, each thrust making her gasp with pleasure as it pressed against her neat lips; his pale slit squished under his brutal beast before it parted them with a slimy and sticky squelch, pushing against her tight entrance, which looked way too small for his throbbing shaft, her hands squeezing his thighs as she pulled her mouth away from his neck, groaning as she watched his cock disappear within her.

"So big, oh god..."

Zarina cried out as his meat entered her, the sensation of his thick girth sliding deep inside her, stretching her walls as he penetrated her womb, her body trembling as she felt it fill her with his enormous length, her moans echoing around the room as she held his body close, kissing his cheek.

"Oh god, Vincent, you're so big... It hurts... it's carving my insides... your cock... Ohhh..."

A high-pitched scream escaped her lips as her body slammed into his, his hands unable to move as she held them down, the fierce red eyes staring into his like a predator eyeing her prey.

'Fuck~ mother, I'm no longer a little girl! It hurts... you said it didn't hurt... but it's so good!?'

'Her insides are so hot!? Like a tight snake coiling around my cock... squeezing my shaft.... sucking me deeper... different from Ophleia's cool insides...'

She began forcing her weight up and down his shaft as she began to ride him, her moans growing louder, her pussy burning and clenching around his throbbing cock as she bounced atop him. Her breasts jiggled and shook with every powerful thrust, her hips slamming against his, the wet slapping noise of their bodies colliding, filling the room.

Zarina kept her lips locked on his neck and shoulder while riding him, drinking his blood and simultaneously sating her desire as a woman and dhampir.

"Master~ MasteR~ please.... crush my depths.... leave an everlasting mark... my depths... bestow your eternal wound on this servant womb!"

"Haaa... You're so cute... when were you this speaking, Zarina!"

Her ass slapped down on his thighs with a loud slap as she slowly increased the pace and depth of her movements, her slick skin smearing all over his hard cock.

Zarina swung her hips, bouncing and grinding against his belly as if possessed, her breasts shaking as they swung back and forth, the sweat dripping from her forehead as she leaned forward to bite his shoulder, her nails sinking into his skin as she continued to bounce, moaning louder.

"I'm cute!? Mmmn.... yeah! I'll be cute, Nmmmm, only for you... My prince~ I don't care about your secrets... those complicated things! Nnnnm... so deep... it's ripping my pussy apart....!"

Zarina continued to drive herself into his cock as her screams filled the room, the rhythmic slapping sound of their flesh meeting filling the air, her tits quivering and her saliva stringing out of her mouth as she bit down on his shoulder, her hand cupping his chin as it ripped with her saliva.

'Whoa~ this is intense... so deep inside me, stretching me apart... I love it! I'll serve you~ for your blood..... revenge.... this cock... because I want you to be mine! Mmmmh!"

Zarina let out a loud shriek as her orgasm crashed down upon her, the pleasure building up inside her, her hips bucking violently against Vincent's legs as she cried out and gripped his shoulders, her face flushed red as her body convulsed, her sweet nectar trickling out of her rosy lips, her juices flowing onto his cock and soaking it as she screamed, her back arching as her hips drove down with increasing force, driving him deep within her.

'How did this girl hide her passion for so long!? Even now, her insides are yanking and pulling at my cock... she is milking me of blood and semen simultaneously!?'

'Zarina... I need more... give me more... I can't take anymore...'

She shuddered as she came again, her pussy clamping down on his cock as she screamed, her body spasming as her muscles tensed, her legs weak as she fell on top of him, her head hanging down in exhaustion and pleasure, panting heavily as she panted.

"Mm... muh... ugh!"

Vincent smiled as he watched her, his cock still buried inside her cunt, his hands still pinned down by hers. He knew she needed the release. His body was a wreck with the amount of blood loss, and the mental trauma of thinking Mel'Zeth was about to die.

The moment he was about to start thrusting, her ass began to tighten, slow movements as her insides, like a slimy snake, began to slither and cling to his shaft, dragging him deeper into her warm, throbbing cunt, the oozing nectar-smearing down his cock as it dribbled onto his balls, a sticky squelch sounding as her dazed face looked into his eyes, kissing him gently.

"You're so big, master. But I love you... please."

Zarina was sweating profusely and breathing hard as she rode him, her face and breasts glistening with sweat, her pussy gripping and squeezing his cock, the burning sensation sending chills up his spine as his muscles twitched and jerked uncontrollably; his mind blanked as he stared at her beautiful red eyes, their lips inches away from one another as he leaned forward, pressing his lips against hers.

"Mnnn... master."

She gasped as he licked her upper lip. Their tongues met as he sucked and nibbled at her soft lips as she began to slap down her plump ass, squshing her soft cunt against his thighs, enveloping his hard cock, continuing to pump inside her.

'Master is going to cum!? His meaty club is throbbing so wildly inside my pussy!'

Her juices flowed down his cock, the room filled with the sounds of their heavy breathing and slurping noises as they kissed, their bodies moving together, his hands unable to move as she grabbed both sides of his hair and pulled him closer, sucking his tongue as she rolled her hips, her ass bouncing and squishing against his thighs.

She broke off their kiss and gazed at him lovingly, her eyes wide open as her body trembled, her inner walls tightening around his cock with an audible pop, the squelch of their fluids mixing as she climaxed, her body tensing up as she screamed out and moaned loudly, the sound echoing throughout the castle.

'Cum inside me, master... inside my womb... please! Please fill me with your seed! Please give me your power! Take everything from me that you can! I'm yours! All of me! Please! Mmph~ I love you, Vincent! Love meeeeeeee~!'

The two continued to kiss passionately as he felt his cock swell with excitement, her insides squeezing and massaging his cock as she kept her hips moving, her pussy pulsating around his cock as he pushed himself deep inside her.

His thick dick reached her deepest parts, the tightness causing him to twitch as his cock swelled with blood, his thick veins pumping the thick white fluid deep inside her, his cock throbbing with pleasure as his cum erupted deep within her womb, filling her with his seed.

"Mn~ ahhhhhh!"

Zarina screamed and clutched at his shoulders as she cried out, her mind empty; her body was drained of all its energy. She slumped onto his chest, her breasts falling with a heavy thud as she moaned softly, her lips parting as she breathed heavily, her heart pounding in her chest as she stared into his eyes.

She smiled and kissed him as their bodies twitched, his cock still buried in her creamy pussy; she wrapped her arms around him and pulled back, smiling as she watched him pant and breathe heavily as his eyes fluttered open he gazed at her, grinning.

"That was amazing... I never knew you could fuck like that, master."

He chuckled and hugged her back, kissing her cheek. "We have a lot of pent-up sexual frustration, you know... we should do this more often... once a week, maybe?"

"Once a week? How about twice a day, master?"

Vincent laughed and nodded. "Twice a day then... how to do three times sound?"

She giggled. "Three times? Haha... I think I can handle that."

"And just wait until tomorrow night..."

The pair were entangled in a warm moment; the brightly glowing marking that wrote the world princess also shone with the word "empress" upon him, filling her insides before returning to the normal princess as she leaned into his chest.

Her eyes narrowed, tired as she felt drained of every ounce of her power, watching as the wounded flesh, charred skin, and burn wounds began to fade rapidly, however, the scar on his chest, the soft kiss from her vampire's teeth, formed a cute little scar, it was like his body refused to remove it.

'How embarrassing... big sis Ophelia and ophelis will know... they will tease me...!' Zarina thought, the moment she made the pact, her sealed emotions and thoughts now spilling out.

She lacked a rock, someone to guide her or support her.

Yet the moment she named Vincent her prince, something clicked, like a seal was opened, a locked door unsealed as the keyhole destroyed. Her feelings of countless years began to ooze out, her sorrow from the death of her mothers, the frustration that she needed another's help to get revenge, and the fact it was a stupid male...

She used that same male's blood and body to relieve her fears, worries and pain. When she connected to him, it was like those things vanished, or they were slowly arranged into order, and she could deal with them more easily. Now...

Her breath was now faint as she began to feel sleepy; her last feeling was a pair of powerful arms wrapping around her back, making her feel safe and secure for the first time since she last slept in her mother's coffin together at sunrise.

"hehe~ mother, it's too cold. Warm me up!" A soft voice left Zarina's lips as Vincent wrapped them both in his long black robe, trying to recover his tired body, the distant shouts from the other girls approaching from the distance.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 204 [Bonus ] 28: A Servants Desire [R18]