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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 203 [Bonus ] 27: Oblivion

Mel felt dazed as she tried to get up from the ground, countless arrows piercing just inches from her face; slowly, she pushed her upper body, lifting off the ground as she looked towards the position she and Vincent were standing, Zarina's black armour also clattering as she quickly stood to her feet letting out a sudden gasp.

A group of more than 30 goblins appeared from various small doors made of stone, holding poor quality black short bows, with several arrows oozing with dark green fluid, most likely a powerful venom.

"V....vincent?!" Mel'Zeth's voice was quiet and a little hoarse; she shouted twice in succession, the sight before her causing great disbelief to her senses.

The goblin archers let loose their attack, their arrows hitting true on target; Vincent's bloody black scales caused several sparks, lowering the damage as they took some hits, which helped him deflect most of them away. The front line of the goblins recoiled, drawing back towards the door they came from.

"RUN!" Zarina shouted as Mel'Zeth tried to leap over the fallen arrows towards Vincent, only to feel her body lifted off the ground, her eyes widening as she saw Vincent growing more distant; she tried to scream and struggle, but the power of Zarina was too powerful as she dragged Mel'Zeth away, her eyes only taking one look at the face of Vincent to know, he was furious, that her and Mel'Zeth being in that narrow passage was going to limit his actions.

So she ran,  making sure to go the way they came, dashing with all her strength, feeling the hot sensation in her legs; a slight whisper came through the wind, flowing gracefully, filled with a wave of dark anger, causing both girls to feel relieved, but also worried as neither saw Vincent this serious or angry before.

"W-we should go back... So many goblins and orcs...." Mel'Zeth whimpered, her eyes filling with tears as she dropped her hammer, desperately reaching towards the distant door before Zarina slammed it shut, pressing Mel against the wall and half choking her.

Thick black gauntlets pressed against her sweaty olive skin, causing Mel to focus on the pain and choking sensation rather than fall into panic and hysterics about Vincent being left behind.

"Don't worry; we're safe now," Zarina whispered, then looked at Mel'Zeth. "You have my word. He will be alright." She gave a gentle smile, then turned to the door, pushing her hand against it as if trying to push it open, a small magical power humming into existence around her hands as she held them there.

Zarina could hear a strange sound, like rumbling, before a slight heat began to warm her hand, the very stone and walls vibrating before suddenly, a loud boom filled both girl's ears, and they were blown across the room.

The wooden door flew off its hinges, mashed into Zarina's black armour, and shattered into countless splinters before dark purple flames burst through the opening, smouldering and cremating the entire entrance until nothing but creaking black ash and crumbling charcoal was left in its wake.

"w....what..!?" Zarina's body, filled with pain, rolled onto her back, struggling to breathe as she tore a thick bloody splinter from her side, blood squirting from the wound as she gasped in pain, slowly sitting up.

A few seconds passed, and the pain faded; she looked around to see Mel'Zeth still lying on the floor, coughing violently, her mouth wide open as she sprayed blood and saliva everywhere; she started to crawl towards her friend, helping her up as best she could, supporting her weight.

There was only darkness before her eyes...

No, it wasn't darkness...

It was the molten remains of what used to be the stone passage to where they split with Vincent... That darkness was HIS flame!

A strange smile formed on her lips as she tore off her broken helmet, rattling on the floor as she looked towards the distant passage with glowing eyes. His flame was like a beckoning voice, causing her heart to race, the desire to avenge her mother and the fallen knight group... Seeing his flames even in the distance, feeling the heat from so far away...

Zarina was finally convinced, not as a woman, but as a warrior.

She now firmly believed in her mother's words and that Vincent was the man to help her, guide her and start a new legacy of her own with him.


In the darkness, the flame billowed...

A heart beating, resilient in defiance of the foul creatures that tried to ambush and hurt his woman.

Was rage a word sufficient to describe his current feelings?

Or maybe this flame, as it chewed through stone, melting it into a bubbling liquid, charring the fiends that caused his world to almost stop in stagnation.

"Tell me, goblins." A hoarse, distorted voice resounded, the goblins in the distance desperately trying to flee, but their legs began to fuse to the melting stone from the extreme heat, its fierce embers like knives and fists pelting their body, smashing into their organs, tenderising them in a matter of seconds.

'I will rip them apart, tear them limb from limb, desecrate their corpses and wipe out their entire lineage!'

Vincent's mind spoke to himself, an idea forming in his mind as a sudden thought struck him. He looked towards the distant tunnel, seeing only darkness, hearing only silence for the moment as his eyes narrowed, his ears listening carefully for any sounds, or maybe something...



'They are fine; both were okay... Good...'

"Now then..."

"Grrrh.... grr!" (Stop.... monster..... don't come!) A goblin uttered fearful cries as the strange devil began to step forward, his towering horns, and flesh melting from his billowing flames, those black scales now a distorted and twisted shape causing fear to take hold of their already weak hearts.

"Grkkk....!" (Please..... Forgive us.... We we wrong your grace....) The goblins identified Vincent as a similar existence that didn't come from this world but from over there.

"Grrrr...." (Don't worry... we will return to the dungeon... won't attack your females.... they are your flesh holes....)

"Nghh..." (Right....right...!)

"A place where the sun never sets, the moon never rises, and the stars shine bright and high above... To a land of eternal light, where all things grow stronger, and life renews itself... Where evil cannot exist, and good is a mere folly...  Your souls purified and cleansed by my twisted flames, banished to that distant plane, never to exist in this land again..."

Vincent's voice was filled with deep emotions, his personal feelings coming out in his words.

"I doom you all to oblivion."

His body became calm; for a moment, the goblins mistook his words, they couldn't understand him but thought it was maybe him allowing them to flee before they assumed there were only 30 goblins, but there were close to 200 here, now a mere 40 still breathed, the rest turned to charcoal, ash or a pool of bubbling filth.

The flames began to suck back inside his body, and the boiling flesh and melted scales began to harden while his body shuddered, holding a single finger forward towards the direction the last of the goblins hurried to escape.

Vincent's rage and anger intensified, his finger began to tremble, and a dark aura surrounded him. Suddenly, a small black orb materialised on the tip of his finger. As he focused his energy, the orb began to spin faster and faster until it erupted into a spiralling, chaotic flame.

The flame whirred and pulsated, growing in intensity as it wrapped around Vincent's finger, rotating rapidly. The air around him grew heavy with a sense of impending doom as if the fabric of reality was torn apart.

He opened his lips as the words resounded through the fort, all the women inside able to hear as it seemed to meld with the stone walls, resonate and cause their hearts to race, spirits to soar as if a bards song.

Vincent's calm voice sounded almost eerie as it sent shivers down the fleeing goblins' backs, chasing them like a peerless hunter in the forest; terror and dread assaulted their souls before it was too late.

"I will judge your fates for the crimes of touching mine possessions..."

"Nay, you are sentenced to rapture for attacking my beloved woman."

"Animus Oblivios"

With a fierce determination, Vincent thrust his hand forward, and the flame shot out like a bolt of lightning, illuminating the darkness around him. The air crackled with energy as the flame exploded on impact, unleashing a wave of destruction that shook the very foundations of the earth.

A blinding white light filled the entire fort, and everything became silent.

After a few moments, a few cracks appeared on the wall, bits of rock falling as the strange red light filled the room, crawling up over their bodies.

Their eyes widened in surprise as they watched a strange crack expand from under the ceiling, moving towards them; before a dark flame destroyed all the light, obliterating everything in its path, stone, cloth, flesh, everything was destroyed in an instant.

The dust fell away, leaving a crater in the ground, as the smell of burnt flesh and stone coated the air; a small stream of black blood trickled out from the hole, revealing the remains of the dead goblins; only a handful survived, only to be burned alive in a few seconds before they were reduced to a pile of ashes.

A howling scream seemed to follow the beam as it shot into the night sky, smashing into the top of a small mountain and shaving off a small portion of rock until the spell fizzled, leaving Vincent swaying on the spot, his face twisted in agony.

Not from pain but from the fear he could have lost Mel'Zeth if he didn't react in time...

As if to attest to his folly and careless mind, despite getting a little stronger.

His fingertip that shot the dark spiralling flame split apart, blood and flesh bubbling a splurting across the charred room, slowly falling apart after losing the support of the fort's stone pillars.

[Congratulations on clearing Valestraz Fort!]

Vincent gained 30,000 experience points!

Gained Title: Prince of Oblivion

Class name updated


Name: Vincent Schwartz

Title: Prince of Oblivion

Health: 30% Stamina: 50% Anima: 0%

Race: Daemon (Stage 3)

Bloodlines: Abyssal Phoenix, Abyssal Dragon, Incubus (Lesser)

Class: Abyssal Summoner

Level: 38 ^2 Levels


Strength - 60

Agility - 57

Stamina - 60

Wisdom - 50

Intellect - 49

Charisma - xx

(average stat of same-level warrior = 10)


-Animus Oblivios(Soul Oblivion): A sinister flame that destroys the target's soul with abyssal flames. It causes extreme soulfire damage, ignoring all resistances, but will backlash against the caster.

-Ruina: Shoot dark shadow blades and spikes at the enemy, causing moderate damage, and can be cast multiple times to barrage the enemy.

-Anima Flare: A huge blast of flames, using one's soul as fuel, shooting towards the enemy and causing high soulfire damage, ignoring all resistances.

-Overcharge: Cast a single spell with double the power and effect, which costs double the mana.

-Enhanced Flight: Able to fly faster and with more speed and flexibility than normal flight, reduces all damage taken while flying.

"I am oblivion..." Vincent's distorted voice echoed through the now empty fortress; only his beloved women, who sensed his poor health ignored the flames; even if their fingers bled, feet boiled and began to blister, all of them pushed forward to find him, even Momo and Tama.

They were the perfect women, all worthy of his intense anger and protective desire.

His body began to tremble, and the strange atmosphere surrounding him faded before he began to fall, spearing his arms out like a bird. When his head was about to smash into the concrete, a smooth, cold black pair of gauntlets wrapped around his head.

The last thing Vincent saw were the faces of two women.

A distraught olive goblin, eyes filled with tears and nose dribbling with snot, her skin flushed and filled with burns.

The other, a beautiful woman, her black armour melted and warped in places, maybe smelted to her flesh. Yet, her pale face looked down on him, those ruby eyes like gemstones, glistening with a pool of tears as she held him close, the intense heat even now causing a sizzling sound as his body melted her black armour even more.

"I will become your shield... Protect you from harm." Her bold voice flowed into his sleepy ears.

Zarina remembered the things Silvari and Efrita told them in secret about his future, his destiny and origins; thus, at this moment, seeing his withered and weak state, finally, her mind was completely decided.

'This man can help me, for his lover, without hesitation, he endures this pain just to get vengeance; I will offer my everything to this man, no. This daemon prince.'

She pressed her soft lips against his, as she felt a burning sensation in her pelvis, as the same tattoo as Silvari began to etch into her flesh; it didn't require sex, only for the female to purely dedicate herself to him, mind, body and soul.

'Mother, you always wished to have our knight order to serve a wonderful king, graceful prince... I have found the place we can start again... Please watch as your daughter, the last survivor of our clan stands with my head high and restores the glory you deserve!'

"As my prince, guide me forward!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 203 [Bonus ] 27: Oblivion