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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 200 24: Departure, My Cute Girls

Vincent entered the room, the sound of a woman's deep breaths and gasping resounding as a figure came into sight; Titania was holding a short sword in her left hand while using the heavy shield in her right hand to slam into a strange dummy that was similar to the one he had in that strange world.

'She's such a hard worker...'


Titania's body lunged forward, thrusting out her arm, holding her spear, which whistled through the wind before piercing into the neck of the dummy; Titania rapidly tensed her right arm, as she tore it out with a twist and pull before penetrating its chest and waist in quick succession, a golden earthy glow flowing around her body as she took a deep breath, before taking several steps back.

"Phew... Almost."

"Again..." Suddenly a voice interrupted her, causing the dark elf to blush a little as she snapped towards the direction. "Wait... Titania! It's almost time to leave!"

Vincent's body wearing the black robe and leather tunic, was extremely dashing, Titania's eyes glued to him the moment he entered before her body almost flashed like magic and teleported beside him, the spear and shield clanging to the ground as she wrapped her slightly sweaty arms around him; neither of them cared much as he returned the tight hug.

'It's been a long time since we were alone. She's grown stronger... and more beautiful.'

His hand gently stroked her silvery white hair, sleek and smooth like silk. She leaned into his hand before his deep voice resounded in her long brown ears. "You've become more beautiful, my cute Tania; how was the visit back home? Do you also want to introduce me to your mother?"

"Ah... Y-yes!" She looked up at him with wide eyes, worried he might reject her and her mother would be disappointed.

'Look at her anxious face...'

Vincent's hands wrapped around her damp body, sliding along the tight muscles on her sides; the wonderful shoulder's honed through years of practice as her body trembled as he tickled her.

Titania's face began to blush; her face was already buried into his tunic, the manly scent entering her nose and filling her with joy; his very touch was sending jolts of pleasure down her spine as she pressed her body against him, squishing her plump, marshmallow balls against his chest, as her lips began to kiss his neck.

"Mmmm, we have to leave..." Tania said, trying to move on the subject as she was worried and scared he would be angry at her insisting.

"Not yet..." Vincent pulled her closer, their lips meeting as his hands caressed her soft skin.

They had not seen each other for so long that it felt like they had never been apart, even though it may only have been months or maybe weeks; but there was a reason why both wanted to see one another again after all this time; Vincent grasped both sides of her ass as he pulled her closer to him, brushing his cheeks against her's, enjoying her sweet breath blowing down his face and neck.

"I'll meet her; I'll meet anyone you need."

Titania moaned quietly, wanting nothing more than to feel his warmth and taste his warm mouth again; the pair shared a passionate kiss for several moments before they separated with a loud smack as their tongues parted, a string of drool forming a bridge between their lips; as both of them smiled at each other.

'He said yes! Mother, you were right; I am not unwanted goods!' Titania thought to herself.

Vincent rubbed at his face in embarrassment while Tania's cheeks turned an even deeper red, her heart beating rapidly as he gazed down upon her body.

"We can't..... Everyone is waiting...." Titania said bashfully, rubbing her nose against Vincent's as she grasped his hand, stroking his knuckles with her soft fingers and pulling him outside. "Come on!" She urged him forward.

They walked out of the carriage to find that most of the girls were already waiting; Silvari was out of action; Efrita said she would be late so that he couldn't rely too much on them.

Instead, he looked at all the girls that came with him and wished that Luna had been able to come along; sadly, Violetta managed to beat her in the last-minute duels, and thus, both of them would stay, and she would help guide the students into the capital city.

'Let's have the troublesome girls go with Titania...'

"Ah! Husband!"

"Ah! Darling!"

Zera and P'ella chirped as they both shot towards him; one along the ground with her swift legs, cutting through the wind like it didn't exist, while the harpy dove through the air, her wings flapping rapidly, aiming at his upper body as they performed an almost perfect double attack on him; Vincent didn't bother to dodge and held both arms out, hugging one of the girls in each arm, squishing their soft and flexible bodies.

"Hehe~ He loves me most."

"Fufu! I am the most loved!"

'Ah.... so embarrassing Vincent is touching my breast.... s-should I say something? B-but it feels good when he rubs against it....' Pamela thought, her body moving so that his fingers would stroke her nipples with slightly more power.

"Hello, Zera, P'ella Where is Vera?"

Vera walked up from behind with her sword drawn; she looked between him and them, puzzled.

'What do they think they're doing?' Her thoughts wandered; there was a brief flash of jealousy and anger as she felt herself grow red before she quickly hid the feelings inside of her mind as she jumped on his back pressing her modest chest against Vincent's back, kissing and sucking at his neck like a little vampire. At the same time, Zarina, Ophelis and Titania watched with wry smiles as three girls began to molest Vincent.

Ophelia wanted to join in but was held by the scruff of her neck by Raizel, who wore a strange outfit today; a long black robe with a furry collar like a mysterious woman. She seemed a little taller than before as her soft eyes stared at Vincent, filled with affection, devotion and unbending trust.

"Shall we arrange the groups?" Vincent said before Zera closed his lips, her kiss was unskilled and sloppy as her tongue began to probe inside his mouth, rubbing along his teeth and gums until he had no choice but to open his lips, allowing the other tiger to push in further.

Little did he know that Zarina, Raizel and Titania had already sorted the groups, and Mel'Zeth, Vincent, and Zarina would form one group. At the same time, the others would go through the front gate and use it to teach Vera and P'ella more about combat.

The girls went over to their designated team. In contrast, others came closer: A pair of beautiful sisters wearing silvery white clothes, their silver hair tied up in twin tails, their eyes blue and red like a pair of sapphires and rubies, both with small fangs in their top teeth looking at Vincent with a hopeful look.




The third voice was from Zarina, whose cheeks blushed red as her body fidgeted, remembering that delicious blood.

Vincent lowered his body, pulling down the robe as his muscular neck with powerful veins was on display for the three vampiric girls; the fastest was in the face of Zarina, who shot forward with her loud black armour clanging as she kissed his lips with a light peck, then slowly kissed lower, his cheek, chin neck, her soft lips pressed gently where his thickest vein was throbbing, her long red tongue slithering along to make it numb; before sinking her fangs into his neck and drinking his blood.

Zarina's body instantly convulsed as she climaxed from the sweet and powerful texture of his blood; each day, it seemed to become more powerful as her nose began to bleed from the immense power; only a few moments and her body were full, feeling her damn lower body as she panted desperately.

Ophelis gently pulled her away, a messy blood ring around her lips as sticky blood mixed with her spit and drool dribbled down her chin; Zarina's eyes were distant as she almost collapsed before resting against the carriage as the blood slowly empowered and changed her body.

Vincent turned back towards Mel'Zeth, who was standing there with wide eyes but made no move to do anything. Instead, he giggled, wrapping his arms around the well-behaved Ophelia and Ophelis, lifting them into the air as both slowly kissed his cheeks, stroking his chest and neck with their glowing red eyes.

They wanted to feed, his blood like a drug to any vampire, but they also wanted his affection and love... something which he always gave willingly without question; Vincent had never been refused a kiss from either of them whenever they wished to see him; he would stroke their hair, or just let them pet his legs until they fell asleep in his arms.

The pair was oblivious to what was happening behind them as their minds filled with pleasant thoughts of him. The two girls kissed his neck, sucking on his flesh like a lovebite, marking his nice with their rep lips; Ophelia was gentle and soft, Ophelis rough and aroused with her fierce slurping.

"You can drink, my cute vampire princesses." Vincent's deep voice seemed to be a trigger; at first, they had just drunk, but once he called them like this, it filled both bodies with a sense of delight, purpose and bliss.

Two pairs of vampire fangs bit into either side of his neck, a strange feeling of suction filling Vincent's body as pleasure and desire filled his mind; yet now he had conquered the sin of lust, able to control these feelings than be thrown around by them.

Gently caressing both girl's backs before slipping into the white skirts, a damp and sticky sensation greeting both fingers as he began to slide along their well-trimmed slits, causing both girls to gulp down even faster, wrapped in his arms, drinking his blood and now his fingers were teasing them both; a sensation they shared giving double the pleasure.

Mel'Zeth watched with curiosity as the three vampires drank his blood; she knew they needed his strength, so she figured if he didn't fight, it would allow all four of them to grow stronger together... she decided to wait for a while until things calmed down.

As Vincent finished feeding his vampire lovers, he looked back over to Mel'Zeth, seeing her watching intently, her hand stroking her beautiful lips gently; he smirked slightly before returning to face her as he slowly stood up, placing both the satisfied girls down, their legs weak and faces like they just scored a jackpot.

Vampires were easy to please.

Vincent did not need to speak with Mel'Zeth; somehow, both knew what they wanted as she gently embraced her, not a lustful hug like normal; his chin placed on her head, stroking her curly black hair as she held tightly onto his chest; worry, fear, anxiety, hope and adoration filling her mind and heart.

"Don't worry; you will pass the exam; I will be with you every step of the way." His gentle words soothed Mel'Zeth's worried heart as she kissed him softly, a heavy mace forming in her hand. She was strong enough to wield the weapon with ease.

"Thank you."

Mel'Zeth's eyes closed, resting against Vincent's warm body, a peaceful smile upon her soft cheeks as she continued to rest there, taking his warmth deep inside her soul.

The pair walked towards their forest, where Titania waited impatiently for them.

"Shall we go kill some goblin scum?" Titania said playfully as she reached out to grab his hands; she squeezed tightly before kissing them. "Ah, right... don't get yourself killed, darling!"

Vincent and Titania looked around and noticed that everyone else was gone; they were all walking towards the distant wall; since staying in the carriage, the girls had made a secret agreement not to get in the way of each other's moments with him; but if the girl who was going to sleep with him allowed it, they could join in.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 200 24: Departure, My Cute Girls