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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 199 23: Prepare! Battle At The Fort!

Silvari would thank Meiya one day; the passionate time she spent with Vincent was enough to fill part of her broken heart; she would give Efrita some time to enjoy a passionate and loving embrace with him when her womb was filled to the brim.

She looked at the sleeping Efrita with gentle eyes, her body almost painted white as the gooey cream bubbled from her thighs.

'My cute eldest sister, I am so happy you could finally release some of your frustration.'

Vincent walked back into the room, his hands carrying breakfast for three people; however seeing Efrita with her eyes still rolled back and pure white as she babbled and burped small amounts of his seed, he placed her on the table before beckoning to Silvari to sit in the small chair to his side, barely enough for two people to sit.

"Mmmm... You're not wearing any clothes." Silvari moaned before skipping over to him, almost falling onto her face as she felt both legs heavier than lead as she pulled herself towards him.

"I don't need to wear clothes," Vincent said as he reached out to take hold of her shoulders, "You are my wife now, so don't care about stupid things."

"Kyaa... wife~ what's this lewd tattoo? Fufu~ am I your princess? Is that because they call you a daemon prince?" Silvari giggled before looking up at him. "A demon prince?"

"I'm no such thing," Vincent scoffed, "but I will accept the title of the demon prince if it makes you happy."

Silvari bit her lip, taking in his words before she wrapped her arms around his neck, "You'll always be my king, but I do want to be your queen!"

Her soft body pressed against his lap, sitting on his thighs with her soft, meaty ass squishing flat as she leaned against his chest; at some points since meeting Vincent, she thought that maybe the other women were more important, despite being first she was going to fade into the background.

In desperation to be accepted, she acted like a perverted cuckold, trying to ease the pressure on Vincent, not wanting him to feel pressure always to give her attention and love, but in reality, all she wanted was affirmation; that Vincent loved her and wouldn't turn around and abandon her someday.

'Now, it's too late for him to abandon me... these girls won't ever let you do that~ fufu!' Silvari said, stroking her stomach; although it might be several years, maybe hundreds. The face was they had already finished the deed, and now she was branded as his princess; what more could she wish for right now.?

Silvari was blissful as she enjoyed how Vincent cut her gammon into small bites, dipping it inside the mayonnaise and egg before feeding her. She closed her eyes as she savoured the salty but delicious meat before giving him a peck on the cheek.

This had been their routine for 10 days now, having sex all day, then Vincent would pamper both of them, stroking their hair, massing their backs and thighs to help ease their cramp before falling asleep together as three.

"Hm?" Silvari asked as she looked up, feeling her eyes droop and her eyelids heavy; she yawned deeply as she snuggled closer to Vincent. "I'm sleepy."

"It's okay, you can sleep here," Vincent said as he picked her up off his lap, carried her to bed, laying her down before climbing in beside her.

Since that moment happened, Silvari felt like her anima was always being sapped, slowly but constantly.

No amount of food or sex with Vincent would restore her fully, as she almost felt close to needing to slumber for a long period. Yet that was impossible, so she would rest in his spirit world when they left the medallion; his spirit world was filled with endless anima and would allow her to care for both Vincent and her future daughters.

'He's so gentle~ like a real prince.' Silvari thought as he tucked her in a clean bed, stroking her damp forehead and kissing her cheeks, using a slightly wet cloth to clean her cheeks.

Vincent looked at the frail Silvari, slowly falling into a light sleep before turning to Efrita, who was still pretending to be sleeping, but he knew she was awake. His finger clicked, forming a small ball of water and fire which began to roll along her body, cleansing her skin of the thick white goo and the parts that became hard.

Efrita shuddered at the pleasant sensation, her lips moaning as the water slid over her nipples and clitoris, cleaning them thoroughly as she began to sparkle, her black scales and caramel flesh now radiant and lustrous.

He then pulled out a sheet and laid it across her lower half, leaving only her head exposed as she turned to look at him, smiling before turning back to face the wall.

"Efrita, we will leave this place soon."

"I know..." Efrita replied, biting her lip, knowing that once they left the medallion, there was no way of returning in a small amount of time due to how many women wanted to spend time with Vincent, "But I want to stay here just a little longer; I'm happy here. With you and my sister. Please, let me stay until the very end... "

Vincent sighed, gently placing his hand on her head. "I understand, but there are only a few hours left, you to know? Then time will resume..."

"It's fine... Just stroke my hair.... let me sleep with your hand to soothe me, okay?"

Vincent nodded as he stroked her head, careful not to move her as he continued to speak.

"I've always hated lying, but it's for your good... I don't want to hide anything from you anymore so I will tell you my feelings for you and Silvari, all the girls."

"Tell me..." Efrita murmured, drifting into a deep sleep as he continued speaking, "I don't know where to start. First of all, I love you, Efrita. You are a wonderful girl, and I love you. I don't see you as just another woman I've slept with but like Silvari... I want to marry you."

"I love you too, Vincent. I don't want to lose you, but I'm scared... I'm afraid I'll make you hate me if I continue to cling to you... I want you to be happy; I don't want to ruin your relationship with other girls..."

Her powerful arms gripped him, yet they were like normal girls; weak, frail and delicate as her eyes opened again, nothing like the powerful red dragon princess, just the simple girl in love with Efrita, her golden orbs looked wet and dreamy as she leaned her head against his lap; on the other bed.

Finally, Silvari could smile and let out a quiet sigh of relief; bickering with her sister was always intense, but deep down, her true desire never changed after that massacre.

'I'm glad, big sister... I don't care about our dragon flights, the colours... I wanted you to say beside me, it's selfish, but I am so happy you fell for the same man as me, prophecy or not... We chose him because of his identity, not some stupid folklore.'

Silvari's eyes flashed as she thought of her future, hoping they could live harmoniously.


"Are you sure you want to leave? You'll be alone in the spirit world without me, and I don't know how long I'll be gone for."

Efrita sat on the large bed, a mirror image of the room where Silvari became Vincent's princess; his spirit world is now filled with this image because of both Efrita, Silvari and Vincent's deep attachment to this moment in their lives.

She tried to convince Silvari to let her stay here too, like Silvari Efrita knew that her sister was carrying fertilized eggs, thus becoming protective of her, no longer bickering but helping set her hair, combing and washing her body in the bathroom.

Dragons were a very loving race to their family, although it didn't normally happen between two tribes; now it did because of Vincent being the glue for the two women and their kind hearts after seeing all the sadness in various worlds.

"Efrita, I am happy if you just come to sleep here when he doesn't want you; that way, we can chat and play a little... I am not a cripple; these girls won't grow for a long time; you know it will take at least 10 years or even 100 because of our races being so different; he's only a small part black dragon, so who knows the length of time before you become 'Aunt' Efrita. Hahaha~ stupid, you love him, right? Go on! Stay beside him and keep those women from stealing OUR man!"

Silvari seemed more mature after the past 10 days, not only because of her body changing; but because she now had a solid position in both his heart and future; she could relax. Her delicate fingers traced the exposed abs of her sister before sliding over her pelvis, where a faint "Princess" mark was beginning to be engraved.

"See? He loves you so much, only a few times, and it's almost complete. Don't be unconfident, my dear eldest sister; Please have him fertilize your eggs soon so we can have them simultaneously, fufu!"

"Silva, I've thought of it myself... But I don't want to wait that long; I want to get pregnant by him and give birth to my children together!"

"Hahahahaha, my poor sister; it's like that; he'll be with you until you're old and grey, and he'll be with your children.

The two sisters spend several hours in the spirit world, both filled with joy at Silvari's situation and the sudden appearance of the same mark on Efrita's pelvis.

In the real world, Vincent and the carriage began to move towards the fort, his body wearing a leather tunic, with vambraces and padded black pants; with the robe created with everyone's love wrapped around his body, causing him to look sexy and charming evil wizard.

Tama stopped messing around in the mini-blacksmith as she came out, her body wearing a half-plate armour and carrying two shimmering black daggers with "Mel'Zeth" written in a beautiful sigil along the pommel.

'It seems that Mel'Zeth has spoilt this little cat; she's a close friend of Vera, so they must get along well. Speaking of that, where are Vera, P'ella and Zera?'

Vincent's eyes looked around the carriage before he heard several girls chirping and giggling in the driver's box; a slightly more confident Momo seemed to be guiding them on how to drive the carriage before her sudden nervous voice came.

"No! Don't!? Stop slapping the horses, they will run too fast, and we will crash!! Zera, don't jump out and ride the horse! They are not racing horses but carriage mules! P'ella, put our claws away! Those are not food!? Someone help... these girls are so troublesome! -sniff-"

Vincent smiled as he watched the girls, remembering how they behaved when he met them, feeling happy that all the girls seemed to be getting along.

At the same time, in the blacksmith, he looked through the open door to find Zarina speaking to Mel'Zeth, who wore her cute protective goggles, hammering away at the blacks word; magical sparks began to flutter from the blade as Mel's hands glowed with a green and black magic aura.

"I want it to be more durable; you can sacrifice some of the sharp edges; is it possible, Mel? Or maybe can a blood groove be added?"

"Mmmm.... maybe..... let me tinker with it... Rina, stop asking so many things and choose a second sword; wouldn't that be better?" Mel'Zeth replied, her hammer and tongues like a magic as she moved them with fluid grace.

'Such a beautiful style of blacksmithing... I never knew Zarina could be this talkative, haha poor Mel looks so irritated.' Vincent thought before heading towards Titania's room, who spent most of her time training these days.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 199 23: Prepare! Battle At The Fort!