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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 198 22: Silvari: Daemon Princess [R18]

Vincent's large hands pressed down on Silvari's chest, sinking into her soft breasts, as her firm flesh sprung back against his palms, her erect nipple brushing against his hand, causing her pussy to clench onto his cock; before squirming and tightening around him with her skilled hip movements, taking his throbbing meat club deeper into her sultry, wet snatch.

Efrita wasn't impressed; she wouldn't allow it; even if she came second, she would never permit anyone else to take Vincent's cock away—even if it meant death.

She envied that about her. Yet, she found a strange sense of peace watching Silvari take him slowly and carefully, giving her time to adapt to his huge girth before she moved faster or deeper, pleasuring Vincent without hesitation.

"Mmmm~ fuck me deep! Show my core just who its Master is~ hmmm...!" Silvari moaned as her ass clapped loudly from his powerful but slow thrusts into her depths, like grapes being crushed in a barrel; thick stringy nectar began to ooze from her pussy, coating Vincent's member with white foamy goo.

"Silvair, your pussy is always so cool and refreshing~ my cock is just gliding into your depths, no matter how tightly your soft fold clings to me! It feels so fucking good!" Vincent groaned as he pulled on her nipples; each time he was rough with her tits, Silvari's pussy would tighten before vibrating and churning her nectar around his cock.

'I love this wet, slimy sensation!' He thought, pushing against her womb's entrance teasing it with his long flesh spear, dragging her needy flesh tunnel as he pulled out, a smirk on his face as her lips uttered jumbled moans.

Even though Silvari was no match for Efrita when it came to her skill in combat, she showed fewer reservations in pleasing her beloved Master, whereas Efrita tried her best but still couldn't quite let herself go; felt shame and embarrassment when her holes made lewd sounds; knowing it made her Master happy helped, but she was quite shy underneath her strong act. At least compared to Silvaria.

Watching the pair; Efrita began to slide her long fingers towards her slit, teasing her erect clitoris poking from between her pink flesh; covering it with her love juices as she pushed the other finger inside her tight; warm hole, fucking herself to the same speed as Vincent was ploughing her sister; she closed her eyes and imagined the cock was his, leaning back and gyrating her hips to the pleasant sound of Vincent's grunting and his cock penetrating "her" (in her mind.)

But unlike Efrita, Silvari didn't care what others thought of her. Her sisters were too good at hiding their emotions under those smooth faces of theirs.

Still, she was different: she loved to show her feelings, thus clearly showing her love for sex with Vincent, her ass slapping against his thighs as she began to match his slow thrusts.

Increasing the amount of pleasure she got by double, as jolts of pleasure continued to assault her mind, from her breasts as Vincent began to suck on her nipples, gently chewing on them as he penetrated just an inch from her core; the sense of being teased so badly caused her to go crazy with delight and bliss.

Ever the masochist, Silvari's pussy continued to ooze her thick honey from his teasing. For a moment, she almost reached climax before stopping midway through, struggling to maintain control as she slowed, finally letting her urges have free reign.

Efrita also increased her pace. Watching her younger sister getting pounded beside her did not help matters any better than having her pleasure manipulated with such a clear image in her head—of her body being taken; at least Efrita could escape reality briefly enough.

The thrills went through her entire body the moment she lost control.

Her body tightened, her cunt squeezing and wringing her finger for that imaginary semen as she convulsed, feeling a great climax and began to call Vincent's name, losing her fetters and only wanting to indulge in her image of him fucking her, pumping her with sperm and fertilising one of her eggs.

It was worth it, however; the reward was far beyond anything one could imagine. Every touch sent heat waves throughout her veins, silvery strings and ribbons coursing down her spine as she floated along on a sea of ecstasy.

Finally reaching fever pitch, Efrita screamed in joy and excitement as she came closer and closer to her limit, stroking herself with reckless abandon, the sensation growing stronger with each passing instant. 'Yes! Yes! That's right! Use me! Make yourself feel good, Master! Let me serve you!'

And it happened. Like a bolt of lightning struck forth from her crotch, a blinding burst of energy exploded within her body, causing her essence to distort and change in seconds.

As quick flashes and streaks of light flashed within her vision, she felt her consciousness begin to slip away. Still, before she fell completely unconscious, she saw Silvari's triumphant expression grow brighter and glow with triumph, revealing her true nature.

Then, everything faded into darkness altogether, leaving only distant voices and fading whispers behind.

Silvari loved her older sister, but she was too uptight; seeing her relax for her final orgasm added extra spice to her sex with Vincent as she pulled his face off her tits, now covered in his sticky drool and bite marks; her blue skin a mixture of dark red from his teeth and a dark purple from where he sucked and toyed with her.

"Mmm~ kiss me! Make me cum too! I want to feel good! Tell me this moment, and your words were not a dream! Hmmm~ so good!" Silvari urged while caressing Vincent's cheek, sending his cheeks reddening beneath her fingertips. "Husband? We're supposed to be kissing, aren't we?!"

With disbelief, Vincent leaned down again. He took her lower lip into his mouth, biting gently at it before deepening the kiss with a guttural moan, devouring the princess' lips hungrily, forcing his tongue between her soft blue lips, twirling his tongue around hers.

While his large cock probed further into her depths, finally, the moment they kissed, he allowed it to press against her softcore; the essence of her own life and future little dragons she might birth; the moment he touched her core; like torches her eyes widened and lit up, sucking on his mouth as she moaned much louder than before.

"Oh~ Mmmmm! Vincent..... Haaan~ Nnnnm! Hmmm! F-fuck!"

Waves upon waves of pleasure and sensations flooded her mind and nerves as she desperately tried to stop her convulsing body, too deep into a climax, only able to grasp his muscular back, begging for the pleasure to never end in her mind.

"Damn, you feel so tight! SIlvaria, take everything I have!"

But it continued to climb higher; higher and higher still; until her body clenched hard around his shaft with her last remaining strength, releasing all of the excess fluids she had stored inside her, squirting across the bed and floor below as she felt a huge relief. Even then, it didn't fully cease; instead, continuing onward as the sheer power of her climax turned into more streams and bursts, like water flowing downward…

Until it stopped.

Everything changed.

The world became white as the woman lay in shock; a sweet scent permeated the air, yet something was unfamiliar. A sudden headache hit her, and her pupils shrank wide open as the room grew darker again. All she could do was blink repeatedly, trying to understand her surroundings—but nothing came to her mind.

After a few blinks, the scene before she opened slowly, like a camera adjusting focus. Before she even noticed, she realised she was lying in bed surrounded by three figures; the first was a familiar figure it was Vincent, laying beside her, a small creature in his arms covered in a cracked shell, like a dragon egg that had just hatched; to her right was Efrita with a joyful face, as she wiped the strange sweat from Silvari's face.

Then at the bottom of the bed was someone who shouldn't be here, her second sister and the biggest bully, yet her face was gentle as she looked at the small dragon whelp stroking her stomach.

Silvari wanted to speak, unable to understand what was happening before she returned to the carriage; her body was filled with a deadly pleasure; she suddenly felt a burst of warmth filling her insides; Vincent's cock throbbing wildly inside her as it spewed out that thick, stick white cum inside her; enveloping her core as some began to permeate inside and suddenly something changed within Silvari, it had happened.

Instinctively, Silvari wrapped her arms around Vincent tightly, his powerful body still ramming into her as she closed her blissful eyes; unable to speak as she groaned and panted from her pleasure, that scene; she was sure it was the future.

It had to be the future! The future she should expect if she agreed to become his wife! His mate, his queen of love and sex! Everything seemed so bright and vivid after that nightmare with Daphne—at least, until...

A flash of lightning pierced her awareness; blackness followed as something heavy landed atop her, holding down her arms above her head; Vincent wasn't finished, and for some reason, he entered his full transformation; thick black scales, they even warped and wrapped around his shaft as it grew even larger.

'W-what!? Is this a male dragon mating instinct? Silvari thought as she remembered the sex education her mother once told her; that once a male dragon slept with a woman he intended to seed, he would become almost frantic and filled with only the passion and desire to fill her until everything inside him was shot into the female dragon's womb, which would penetrate and fill her core, creating an egg.

Silvari didn't resist; feeling his claws tear her skin slightly; her own body was covered with dark blue scales as the two dragons clashed; her body was thrown to the bed face first; Her ass pressed into the air; Silvari didn't care and wouldn't resist him as she could feel the affection and feeling she had towards her oozing from is the body.

'I'm sorry, Efrita; tonight you won't get any cock~ He's going to ravish me until I cannot walk!'

A slimy wet sound filled the air as his glans widened, forming a strange curve which seemed strange; it was designed to stop any of his sperm from leaking out from the female dragon; Silvari's eyes began to flutter when she heard the sound, now convinced that he was going to violate her repeatedly until she was fertilised.

A long dragons tail began to grow from her ass as she started to transform into a half-dragon shape; otherwise, her body would break; a moment later, his huge cock began to slide along her scaled slit, parting her purple lips as her gaping entrance also sought his dragon cock.

"Vincent... Come! I want you!" Silvari whispered as Vincent seemed to understand but only groaned before pressing down on her head; his love, desire to protect, lust, fear and respect pouring out in the form of a mist of anima that began to show Silvari his feelings the words he might be too shy to say.

'Fufu~ you are so cute. Did you love me that much? From the moment we met... I thought you disliked me... Mmmm~ Take me! I will give you everything I have, my daemon prince!'

A beautiful crest began to form on the pelvic area of Silvari. It was a large heart with two black wings; the draconic word for "Empress" was printed in the centre as it glowed a bright pink the moment his cock pushed through her sordid flesh tunnel, her insides torn, expanded and reformed to suit his dragon's member, never to match or suit another male; only Vincent's.

'I'm finally his, not just a summon... a woman... I am his... Finally... Ah~ I won, hahaha! The prophecy said it was only a 40% chance; I forced myself to be the first summon; my poor sister was supposed to be the first; forgive me, Efrita, I will pull you onto the empress seat with me~ screw the rules!'

The next moment, her mark changed back to the word for a princess.

Someone watching them secretly did this to protect Silvari and Vincent as this shouldn't have happened yet, destined to be; it would cause too much danger for them now.

[Thank me later, Silvari, enjoy the 10 days of mating together with your new Fiancé]

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 198 22: Silvari: Daemon Princess [R18]