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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 197 [Bonus ] 21: The Sisters Lips [R18]

"What's the matter, Silvaria? Are you having trouble sucking me to the base?" Vincent teased, one hand stroking her soft white hair; the other sliding along the clitorises of Efrita, who began to shudder, letting out sexy gasps from the pleasure of his finger.

'That's only because you're so big!' Silvari thought, giving him an evil smile before she used her free hand to caress Efrita's breast, squeezing the soft flesh and moving her other hand along the smooth sensation of Efrita's body; before pushing her back closer to Vincent.

Silvari's head slid deeper, and her drool began to bubble from her nose as she spat and spewed thick, slimy drool down his meaty shaft, unable to focus on anything but sucking Vincent's huge cock.

"Unngh~ ah! Ahhhh, you bastard!" Efrita couldn't hold it anymore as the pressure built up within her. Her golden eyes met his, filled with lustful desire, a mixture of ecstasy, pain and desire, as she began to act on her desire, pushing Silvari away, who was pulled off Vincent's cock.

'I want to suck his cock, taste that wonderful flavour again!'

"Ah~ Efrita! Don't steal my cock! Get your fat ass out of my face! Or ill bite it!"

Her lips let out a dirty burp as the sticky drool, and his precum began to drip from the corner of her lips; she looked angrily at Efrita before seeing those red lips suddenly kiss Vincent's glans, like meeting her master.

With one swift motion, she grabbed his crotch with both hands.

She yanked upward, driving her mouth down to his groin and locking lips with his throbbing erection, which caused a loud slurping sound as her mouth compressed his girth, causing her lips to bulge and her jaw to stretch as she deepthroated the beast; her throat constricting around it further with an audible pop and a gasp before her cheeks expanded, almost reaching her ears.

"Mmmn~ Gubuh...! Nnnnph!"

Vincent's hips began to pivot, slowly pushing into Efrita's mouth as her hot cheeks sucked inwards, causing a vacuum around his cock as he violated her throat with his glans, her tongue and tight pressurised mouth began to violate his shaft, almost making him moan in bliss as he felt his muscles tighten from the sudden euphoria.

'Damn, this girl is amazing at sucking cock!' He thought.

Several seconds passed, and she swallowed, taking in as much of his thick flesh as possible.

Efrita's lips and tongue licked all over Vincent's shaft; sliding upwards towards the base, where she found his sweet spot; his swollen glans and his base. She held his throbbing member in place and moved her fingers downwards, forcing his semen from his cock—into her stomach.

"Mm... ahh, such a good little slut. You're milking me for dear life, Efrita." Vincent chuckled, leaning back and watching her deepthroat him with lustful eyes, his left hand stroking Efrita's hair.

In contrast, his right stroked along her abs as she drove down his shaft with her powerful jaws, clenching and releasing repeatedly; the dirty wet sounds of her throat gurgling all of her drool and Silvari's that began to mix caused Vincent's cock to get harder, throbbing as it pushed opened her throat; cutting off her air for a moment.

"Fuck, you are so good at sucking my cock, Efrita. You love the taste of my sperm, don't you!"

Silvari couldn't help but watch Vincent's face; her mouth was wet and juicy, but she felt more excited than at any other time. It was like nothing she had ever experienced before.

"Mmmmn~ I love it! Nnnnph~ Uehhh~ So thick and hard, almost choking me to death~ Mmmph, fufu! Enjoy my vacuum blow, Vincent!"

A part of her was afraid; a part of her yearned for this; her mind and soul screamed for this to be done to her, but her mouth remained still and silent.

Pah! Silvari's pale hands slapped Efrita's huge ass, the fleshy cheeks clapping with a loud noise before she hit again, causing Efrita to moan onto Vincent's cock; the sudden action caused his cock to push to the base, causing her to gag and vomit a huge amount of drool that squirted from her lips and nose; causing her face to become dirty as tears ran down her face.

'Bastard~ it's so fucking good... Silvaria! Don't slap my fat ass... suck my beloved man's cock.... then be beaten! I'm going to cum!'

"Good girl, Efrita," Vincent said in a hushed tone, silencing Silvari's thoughts. "Don't forget to lick my shaft with your slimy hot tongue!"

"!? Mmmmmn!"

Efrita didn't reply. Instead, she let out a deep sigh from her lungs as she tried to concentrate on swallowing Vincent's huge cock. She squeezed out every last drop that she could before she could move, removing herself with a gentle motion.

'This bitch, slapping my ass and toying with my body while Vincent watches...!'

The younger sister gave him a loving look before smiling as she began to slide her hands along the warm, caramel ass of Efrita; her eyes always on Vincent alone, making sure he enjoyed this as she watched his eyes fixated on her; he nodded before pushing down Efrita's head, causing the brown-skinned red dragon to convulse and spew more drool and spit along his cock.

Efrita shuddered as Silvari made short strokes, feeling her fingers touching her sensitive clit and pressing her fingertips into her delicate folds, her palms remaining stationary. In contrast, her fingers worked her pussy with a slight force.

The slippery sound of her wet snatch filled the air, only interrupted by the guzzling and wrenching from Efrita as she almost vomited and spewed her drool from the extreme deepthroat as Vincent's hips began to swing even faster, clearly loving her tight, fleshy throat.

Efrita moaned in delight as she felt Silvari's hand travel slowly along the full length of her vulva, glistening with a sticky lubricant as she added more of the same substance to her finger.

"Mnn...!" Silvari slid a finger into Efrita's pussy. The older sister gasped and spasmed as Silvari pressed in, opening her up and causing the slimy lubricant to pour down Efrita's inner walls, causing her legs to tremble and shake with a sexy, erotic tingle.

"M-Master, Silvaria..." Efrita murmured in a daze, feeling Silvari's finger sliding in and out of her pussy.

Silvari paused for a second. She wanted to ensure that Vincent was okay with this, but he was only focused on fucking the face of Efrita, who was now spitting and sucking on his cock, her nose pressed deep into his pelvis, as her ass began to raise into the air, like a bitch.

Her slender finger slid up and down Efrita's slit before sliding a second into her tight hole.

'Oh god! Sis, I'm going to cum soon!'

She knew then. This was the first time another had penetrated Efrita, only allowing it because Vincent was here, and it was merely foreplay.

Silvari could feel her desires building with each passing moment, her black nails digging into Efrita's soft ass as she gripped it tightly and forced herself to move her fingers more forcefully. In contrast, Efrita's head tilted downward, her lips parting as her tongue wrapped around Vincent's shaft, working her mouth with fast, hard jerks.

Vincent groaned with lust as he felt the tip of Efrita's tongue slide against his glans, triggering an orgasm within him. He couldn't hold on much longer.

"Hnn~!" His hips twitched once before he grunted; a warm rush of sticky fluid entered Efrita's mouth. With a huge squelch, her lips closed around his glans, swallowing the rest of his thick load.

Efrita kept sucking Vincent's dick until the last of his cum dripped from her tongue and into her stomach before she stopped, licking her lips clean.

"Ghaah... damn you two..." Silvari growled in disgust. "You bastards make me so jealous!"

Efrita smiled sweetly.

"Now, relax, Silvaria. I can use both of you tonight, yeah?" Vincent said with a smile, placing his hand on Efrita's shoulder, guiding her towards the bed, and pushing her face down onto the sheets before slapping her ass with a resounding smack, causing her bubbling nectar to ooze out from the slightly parted slit.

'I want his cock so bad...' Efrita thought before watching over her shoulder as Vincent pushed Silvari down, his eyes filled with affection, possessive desire and lust.

Silvari followed after them, spreading her legs apart and lifting her butt off the bed slightly; Vincent positioned between Silvari's thighs, leaning forward and pressing his cock between her slimy, wet lips as the squelched apart, squishing her pussy with his glans.

In contrast, Efrita watched with lustful eyes as Vincent's huge tip began to expand her soft flesh; the light blue entrance opening further inch by inch as her nectar and honey began to bubble from the small hole, covering the tip of his cock, forming a sticky lubricant along his massive glans as they forced deeper inside her tiny little hole.

'He is so fucking big...' Silvari thought, her legs quivering as she watched him glide into her body.

The female dragon stared at his cock, slowly filling her snatch with its thickness; her inner muscles grasping at the fleshy pole and making a lewd popping sound as she stretched for his size.

Vincent groaned, feeling her tight walls clasping to his cock; slippery warm flesh folds filled with foamy nectar wrapping around his cock like tentacles as they squirmed and coiled around his flesh club, stroking his glans before pulling his foreskin over them, teasing him like her pussy was jerking him off with her warm sticky insides.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 197 [Bonus ] 21: The Sisters Lips [R18]