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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 196 20: Cannot Have One Without The Other! [Slight R18]

The moment Vincent spoke those words, it was like the entire room became void of all noise; suddenly, Efrita's half smile became distorted before returning to a full smile; Zera tilted her head, not quite sure how to respond before she shook her head and dragged the stunned Vera outside who seemed to look sad.

Although many women would not object, they felt a sense of loss; even though they knew he would marry more women, the engagement with Felia couldn't be cancelled, and Odette was as good as confirmed.

This time it hit the other girls quite heavily; even Momo, who snuck inside, felt a little saddened, her little white tail swaying sadly along the ground.

'Will he still have time for me, now that they will get married?' She wondered before a harpy's loud voice sounded, instantly destroying the tense atmosphere.

"I want to marry him next! Me~ I will be next!"

'Ah~ I am so embarrassed. Why do I keep saying my hidden thoughts and desires? The words I wanted to say were congratulations!' P'ella thought in her mind as she still danced around, the slight misalignment of their body and mind adorable.

A sudden flash of white shot past P'ella's face, a gust of wind and the scent of cooked beef; suddenly, Zera attempted to dropkick the harpy, but her elegant dodge avoided the silver tabby blow.

"Tsk, she avoided!?" Zera complained as she slammed into the distant sofa; bouncing back up with her tails swaying with a pouting face; Vera stood close to Zarina, watching the current events with amusement; the oblivious Vincent and Silvari, who were in their little world, ignoring the other women.

Efrita had fallen silent after hearing what Vincent said; only the sound of her breath could be heard through the silence.

After an awkward silence, Efrita finally spoke. "Congratulations."

For a moment, it looked like Efrita might burst out laughing or cry at any second, but then—she smiled. A genuine smile that no one had seen from this woman.

Silvari stopped kissing Vincent's lips; before turning towards Efrita with a strange smile on her face, pushing Vincent's body away slightly and walking towards Efrita, giving her a tight hug, before whispering something in her ear, even Vincent's new form unable to hear as they spoke in a strange code like something they practised as children.

Suddenly Efrita took several steps back, looking at Silvaria with a confused look at first before she opened her lips merely asking, "are you serious?" Before, the blue-skinned girl nodded several times, grasping Efrita's tanned skin tightly as she started to drag her towards Vincent's private room, giving him a wink as she left.

The two girls began to giggle together as they held hands with huge smiles.

Silvari's whisper flew across the air and her blue shimmering ice crystals.

"Come meet us in your room in an hour; calm down the rest of the girls, and we have something to discuss with you, darling~ fufu!"

Once Silvari's voice vanished, she and Efrita slammed the door shut, leaving Vincent in a room full of his other women and the pouting Zera.

Thankfully several minutes of bartering with the cat and offering her more cooked meat and fish, she finally let the problem go while he told P'ella, who was a little hyper in her actions, that he would consider her next to stop her nagging him.

He was grateful for the twins Ophelis and Ophelia, who laughed and said they were practically married anyway due to their bloodsucking and bond.

The time came an hour later; most of the girls were now in their rooms or sleeping for the last few hours of nightfall; thanks to their open schedule, there was no rush to enter the Valetraz fort.

With curious steps, Vincent finally entered his room, pushing the door open slowly with a slight creak and crack and walking inside, only to find the most wonderous sight he could ever behold.

On his huge bed, two women were sitting side by side, with nothing on their bodies, using their red and blue hair to cover their breasts and pelvis barely.

And they hugged each other with one arm before both sisters and sisters gave him a warm smile.

"Hello, darling."

"Vincent... you came..." The older of them, Efrita, whispered in her soft, smooth voice that brought a small gasp from Vincent.

He walked closer to the bed taking in the wonderful sight; Efrita's brown skin, firm and supple with no marks as she looked at him with her golden eyes; red flowing hair down her shoulders as it covered her breasts; while Silvari blew him a kiss; spreading her legs to show the cute white fur, with a sticky wet nectar already oozing from her neatly closed slit.

'These women are so damn sexy!'

The two women began to lightly grope each other, not for their pleasure but to arouse Vincent wanting him to dive on them and ravish them both until they forget time.

'He is already getting hard!' Silvari gulped as she saw the bulge growing in his pants, her nose sniffing the air, hoping to enjoy his thick scent.

Vincent gulped down his saliva before stepping forward with hastened steps, leaning forward as he dropped onto the bed, bouncing with the comfortable mattress.

He enjoyed feeling the warmth from Efrita's naked body as she leaned forward, pressing her ample blossom against his left side, reaching out with a confident hand sliding down his robes and pulling the belt unfastened with skilled hands.

While Silvari's cool body pushed against his right, her hard little cherries sliding across his arm before they sank deep into her soft and cooling cleavage, her lips touching his cheek gently before her whisper reached his ears.

"Darling, you can't just marry one of us; we both promised each other~ that we would marry the same man simultaneously!"

As if following Silvari's advice, Efrita pulled Vincent towards her, making his left thigh slide between hers; the older sister was happy as she pressed her large bust against his side and rested her chin on his shoulder, gazing into his eyes with a smirk.

Vincent could feel her warm, slippery slit ooze her sticky cream onto his thigh as her hips began to slowly grind against his thigh, her red lips parting to release a sensual moan.

"Do you like the feel of my searing hot pussy? Can you feel my slimy honey smearing across your body? Mmmmn~" Efrita became more aroused as time passed.

At the same time, Silvari's hand grasped into his loose pants, stroking the thick, ribbed cock that began to pulsate and grow rapidly inside her hands as she slid the loose skin over his glans with a sticky, wet squelch before rubbing the huge tip of his cock, with sticky fluid bubbling from his cock's eye, stroking along his dark head with a seductive grin.

"You are too slow, darling. We must take care of your needs properly." Silvari whispered in his ear, giggling as she enjoyed being like a mistress serving Vincent with her older sister, feeling his cock throbbing in her hand.

His thick musky scent reached her nose as she leaned forward, now on her elbows as her purple lips, shimmering with a sticky gloss, approached his huge, meaty club that flopped out from his pants and slapped her cheek with a loud fwap!

'Ah, his scent is filling my nose~ so thick and delicious!' Silvari thought, licking her lips before slipping the tip of his penis into her mouth.

Even though she had sucked Vincent off many times before, she forgot how much larger and thicker he was compared to the previous time, her cheeks now bulging as the twisted and grotesque tip began to excavate her mouth, teasing his tip and glans with her warm sticky tongue, twirling around his cock as her mouth began to drool and smack together.

She was a bit smaller than Efrita, but her tongue and throat were still capable of swallowing him; she could feel Vincent's hips twitch as she began to work on his cock more vigorously, sliding her soft lips and tongue around his shaft with ease, occasionally slipping a finger into her mouth, stroking her clit as her saliva filled his glans.

Soon enough, she could swallow half of Vincent's shaft, and with her free hand, she caressed the base of his cock, jerking it with a little effort until she managed to encase the whole shaft in her slippery lips fully.

"Mm~! Unh, ungh... ah, yes!" Silvari groaned as she placed her hands on Efrita's thighs, using her body to anchor herself, as Silvari guided Vincent's cock deeper into her throat, causing the younger sister to gag; her pink tongue slipped out of her mouth before she held her breath and went rigid as she continued to slide down his length, forcing him deeper inside her throat.

'I love that feeling~ it makes me choke! Make me gag and almost vomit~ darling, I've wanted you so badly!'

Her glowing eyes locked onto him as she began to kiss his cock with deep affection before slowly pulling her lips off his shaft, letting his cock slip from her soft lips with a loud pop, Vincent's searing meat lance slapping back against her cheek as she nuzzled it for several moments.

"Hehe~ do you want to fill me with your sticky white cum? Or put it in Efrita's fat asshole? Fufu~"

"Silvari~ don't tease him; let's have him pour it in all of them!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 196 20: Cannot Have One Without The Other! [Slight R18]