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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 195 19: I Want To.... - Finale!

"Ah!? How does such a pretty sister know my name... Silvari... a cute name!"

The moment she heard his voice, Silvari's body shuddered; it was like he summoned her all over again, but now she loved him dearly and wanted to be with him until she died, never being reincarnated unless she would be beside him.

Yet her perverted nature couldn't be fixed...

'He's so cute, honest and like an open book! My dearest Vincent, a shota made just for me! Ah~ I never knew this, so you were alone all this time too? Always worried about us, scared we would reject your truth?'

"Don't worry..." She whispered the sound eaten by the darkness, wrapping her arms around the young Vincent; her gentle embrace, a strange warmth filling both of their bodies as the pain inside him became distant, while Silvari's face looked pained as if she was enduring the suffering in his place.

Despite this.

Silvari laughed a bright and bubbly sound that filled the darkness with light.

"Thank you, Vincent. But don't let my looks distract you. You've got a job to do, remember?"

She leaned against his cheek, giving him a peck and whispering something in his ear before she pulled away, and they both giggled, extending their pinky fingers and hooking them together.

"Mmm! It's a promise! I will marry you when I grow up and become a real man!"

Her eyes glistened, filled with delight as she stroked his soft black hair, feeling her own heart almost torn apart, despite feeling all this happiness; the pain she was enduring for Vincent was beyond her imagination as she looked down at him with a worried look.

'How, why is it so painful? This is beyond when Efrita and I reached the eighth stage! Vincent... Please don't break; I cannot bare this pain... Let me stay until my mind almost shatters!'

However, ignoring this, she still grits her teeth and speaks a final sentence.

"Do your best, and remember to become big and strong. You must endure this pain and become strong enough to protect all the people you love and care about, okay?"

Vincent nodded, feeling a sense of determination fill him; right now, the void began to twinkle as small pieces of red and purple light started to form, only small, but the void was slowly being conquered, thanks to this woman.

With Silvari's help, he could do this. He could overcome the pain and emerge on the other side stronger than ever before.

For a moment, Vincent forgot about the pain.

He forgot about the darkness and the fear, and the despair.

All he could think about was Silvari and how she had saved him from himself.

He felt grateful to her in a way he had never felt as if he had found a kindred spirit.

Vincent had spent his entire life in darkness, both physically and emotionally.

As an abomination created by the goddess of chaos and obsession, he had been born in the dungeon's depths, surrounded by shadows and silence.

Now as he felt confident as the darkness was slowly fading, memories and thoughts began to flood his mind, his body slowly ageing as his eyes closed; he felt countless positive, happy and bright and negative emotions, causing him to feel fear, sadness and anger.

When he was born, he had never known anything else and had always accepted his fate as a creature of the dark; deep down inside, this remained even after all the love and care from his adoptive family.

On nights, his weak body would stare out from the window, looking into the distant black night, filled with comfort and desiring to explore those bleak and morbid depths alone.

Then he would snap back; his mother Verda would always find him or know of his brooding and cradle him warmly, allowing him to feel the joy of "light" for a moment.

Since meeting Silvari, Efrita and all the women around him now, that calling deep inside became less prevalent; he found something else in his life.

Something new, Vincent felt hope, felt passion and found love as he began to enjoy bathing in the light, almost forgetting the darkness that waited for him quietly.

Now he would face it with them by his side.

As he lay there, feeling his body change and shift in ways he couldn't understand, Vincent recalled all those years spent alone watching the darkness.

Now as he felt his bones snap and enhance, his muscles twisted and torn before being repaired stronger than before.

The pain hurt, like a drill being dug into his very core and churning his insides, but he wouldn't let out a cry of pain, gritting his teeth and accepting everything that happened.

'I must accept it! Don't look away!'

Vincent realized that he had never truly been alone.

Not from the moment he was born; there was always a woman filled with more darkness than him; she gave everything to protect him and stop him from feeling fear!

That woman surely loved him no matter if he was left in the darkness!

As a boy, on those nights when he felt that nobody in the world was connected to him, the freak was born and found in a dungeon.

Verda was there!



Both voices intertwined the free-spirited boy and the growing young man starting to mature and become a real man.

The next moment, the pain increased beyond his comprehension, like his fingers were ripped off, then jammed into his chest, or his legs were snapped and twisted the wrong way before breaking his spine in half.

'I must...'

And now, as his body was in pure darkness, unable to even hear his screams of pain, the screeching from his lips as tears poured from his bleeding eyes.

She was there when he became a "new" Vincent, even with her pain, sorrows and despair.

She was there for him when he needed her!

Silvari had always been there, waiting for him, even if he had never known it or taken it for granted; that girl's eyes and thoughts were always coming back to him!

That thought gave him the strength to endure the pain a little longer.

'I will endure!'

The next moment, the fading darkness vanished, greeted by countless shades of light; blue, red, gold, green, as various magic patterns and auras began to fill his slowly opening eyes.

Those lights were his women; the cute women stood around him with eager and worried expressions.

"Is he okay?"


"Don't stand up. Please wait..."

"Husband became even more charming!"

They all began to clamour, but he was silent.

Vincent stood at the centre of the carriage, his body transformed by the third stage of his evolution. The merging of his phoenix and incubus bloodlines had already made him breathtakingly handsome.

'This feels good... My body is filled with power; there is no strange feeling... It's like my magic and anima constantly surge around my veins, dancing within my body!' Vincent thought before looking around the room, catching sight of his upgraded look in the mirror.

Still, the addition of his black dragon bloodline had given him a sense of masculine beauty and heroic features that were impossible to ignore. His body was now covered in black and purple scales that shimmered and glinted like jewels, giving him an almost otherworldly aura.

Vincent could make the scales retract into his body at any moment, looking like an extremely handsome male and then a beautiful ethereal demon the next; he could also use the scales to form a protective cup for his manhood, no longer worried if his robes were damaged.

If he wanted to hide them, he could!

His eyes, deep scarlet red eyes were slitted like those of a dragon, and they seemed to pulse with an inner darkness that was alluring and intimidating.

Two curved black ram horns sprouted from his temples, adding a layer of danger to his appearance. Like those of a phoenix, the feathers on his ears added an ethereal quality to his already perfect features.

Despite the scales and horns, Vincent's body was still perfectly sculpted and muscular, reminiscent of the fabled god in a distant world.

His skin was a shade of bronzed perfection that contrasted beautifully with the dark scales covering his body.

He was a creature of fire, ice and darkness, a living embodiment of the powers courting through his veins.

As he stood in the carriage, the pulsing aura of fire and ice emanating from his body, it was clear that Vincent had become more than just a daemon.

He was now a being of mythic proportions, a force to be reckoned with, and the mere sight of him were enough to strike awe and fear into the hearts of those around him.

"It's good to see you all; my vision feels much better than all of you are almost too beautiful for me to handle! Haha!" His confident and charming voice filled the carriage, causing some women to feel charmed just by his voice.

'Damn, charmer! Darling is going to get more girls...' Silvari thought momentarily.

'My husband is so hot!' Efrita clutched her hands and yelled in her mind.

Yet none of that mattered, as his eyes only looked at one person; the beautiful woman who sat with a tired face and full of sweat; she too seemed to have just woken up as the moment her eyes were placed upon him, Silvari gave a gentle smile, attempting to get up...

"Everyone!" He bellowed with a deep, husky voice.

Vincent's voice was deeper and more enchanting than before, causing several women to turn towards him; before looking away from his new form, something that took both his wrath form and envy form, phoenix form and dragon form and now, as a perfect trinity, forged them together.

Abyssal phoenix, Abyssal black dragon and finally, a demon or rather an incubus as the last race.

Three races, two from the deep depths and the other banished from existence by the selfish gods.

Finally, Vincent Schwartz could call himself a Daemon prince without any lies; his demon blood was not awakened and could anchor his abyssal bloodlines, no longer pulled by their selfish desires, everything under his control.

Yet still, he merely looked at the tired Silvari with piercing yet concerned eyes.

Step! The pair stepped towards each other with no words or thoughts.

Like they understood each other, as the other women heard his previous words waiting to hear what Vincent would say.

He reached out, grasping Silvari in his bronze muscular arms and pulling her close, almost tightening the air from her chest as her eyes closed, placing two hands on his chest before leaning into his arms with a slight sigh of happiness.

'I feel so complete... Like I finally found someone who will accept anything and everything about me...' Silvari thought, the days when her cold body and aura would kill thousands, even making her mother sick.

The only time her power was useful was to fight against that damn bitch and the daemons that killed their Dragonflight.

Vincent lifted his head, gently kissing Silvari's blue hair, not bothered about the sweat or her slightly bloody body, a mixture of his and her blood and sweat.

He could hear the conversation between Efrita and Silvari while he was in pain, the desperate voice and panting Silvari as she beseeched Efrita, causing him to smile from ear to ear.

She had carried him to the carriage, barely able to stay awake; when Efrita tried to carry them, she pushed herself out of Efrita's grasp, pulling Vincent onto her back, looking at her older sister with fierce eyes before begging her with weak voice.

"Please... Sister, let me carry him; let Silvari finish what she started for once!"

Silvari only felt happy; he was okay and didn't die or lose something important; she could feel he was more complete and stable than ever before, then his next words caused her to almost black out, not sure what to think as her own emotions and feelings couldn't catch up.

Vincent looked around the room, although not all here; many of his women were present before he finally finished his words with a softer and gentler tone.

Not because of some engagement or because he slept with someone.

Silvari, his first summon and the first woman to reach into his depths after his mother. Vincent made the first solid choice in a long time without using his system.

He loved Silvari for the longest time and now decided to speak out.

"I want to marry Silvari!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 195 19: I Want To.... - Finale!