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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 193 17: Evolution - Part 2

Her face was serene and calm, her features gentle and kind. She wore nothing except a pair of white panties and a matching bra, covering her breasts with two thin straps, hiding her nipples under the material as strands of white cloth flowed around her beautiful pale blue body; the moment she saw him almost sleeping on the water.

His body was filled with cracks and burning bright red as his situation worsened; her eyes became serious as she dove towards him with her arms open wide.

'There's no time to waste!'

She landed gently on his chest, her breasts squishing together as she wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him passionately as she pressed against him.

As he returned the kiss, his lips pressing tightly onto hers, his hands running up and down her back softly as he held her close, enjoying every inch of her body, savouring her softness.

His heart beat rapidly as she broke the kiss, smiling lovingly as she stared into his eyes, a hint of sadness in her gaze. "Does it hurt, my dear Vincent? Are you in pain?"

"No, not anymore... the moment I saw your face, all my worries and pain became a blissful joy." He replied honestly, wrapping her in a tight embrace, feeling her little eyes flickering against his chest, likely blushing from his sugary words.

"I love you, Silvari."

Silvari smiled warmly, kissing him again as she nuzzled against his ear. "Then, will you accept my blood, my everything, as your third sin? I am lustful and a total klutz; I cannot cook or clean...Mmmmph!?"

Vincent answered her words with a soft kiss, stroking her cold flesh; it was a soft and refreshing sensation as it bounced back against his fingers was very pleasant as her presence helped chill the burning agony that filled every inch of his body.

After what seemed like ages of pure pleasure, Vincent finally came to terms with reality; he pulled back from her lips and placed his hand on her shoulder.

"You know we should stop now, or I might die for real... Let me use your blood and essence to reach stage 3..."

Silvari nodded silently as she removed her white cloth, revealing her purple nipples and heavy breast's that softly swayed and bobbed on the water's surface; she extended one of her sparkling blue nails before slicing across the areola above her nipple, her lips forming a decadent smile, unlike the cute Efrita, Silvari was obscene.

"Please, darling, drink away and show me your new form~ please try not to bite my cute nipple!" The lewd request made Vincent blush, shaking his head slightly as he lowered his mouth towards her tit, taking a deep breath as he sucked her pink nipple into his mouth, his teeth scraping lightly against it before sucking harder as he felt the soft flesh beneath his tongue.

Her strangely cold blood, like an iced beer, oozed into his lips, a strange mixture of purple and blue, nothing like humans blood or even his own, yet he felt addicted as the cold fluid began to surge in his mouth, causing extreme pleasure before it spread through his entire body.

Vincent didn't have the leeway to care about the slight grimace on Silvari's face as he began to suck on her breast with a more forceful and rough suction, his tongue slithering across the surface, flicking her nipple before poking at the wound, pushing inside as he got a taste of her bloody meat.

The sight of Silvari's large breasts bouncing up and down as she moaned in ecstasy caused him to grow bolder, licking her breast until she grabbed his head, moaning loudly as she pushed him further between her legs, spreading her thighs wider to give him access.

"Hurry up! You're going to make me cum already~!"

Vincent almost forgot they were doing this not for sex but to allow him to evolve further; closing his eyes once again, he focused himself; pulling her blood, essence and life deeper inside himself; in the darkness of his closed eyes, he saw a fractured core, like a crystal or glass ball that was dropped and then someone tried to glue it together but missed countless pieces.

There was a large red piece with a phoenix-like symbol, which formed the base, the bottom and substantial centremost piece; attached was a strange black piece, the top of the sphere and attached by a small purple orb in the centre, close to the same size as the phoenix, but with a dragons body, black and powerful as it seemed to contend with the phoenix as direct opposites.

He felt a painful jolt in his mind when he observed it for too long, the sheer power of the anima flowing into this core too much for his normal eyes, not yet reaching the level to view the anima with his bare eyes without pain.

The last thing he noticed was the small core, which seemed to rotate independently from the two pieces of the phoenix and dragon; it was a purple colour with a symbol for "demon", not a daemon, but the regular demon you might find west of his current country.

Vincent noticed that the demon, which seemed to be an imp at first, was the weakest and most inferior type of demon, explaining why his talent and strength were low; if this was his base talent as a young boy, no wonder he couldn't keep you with the humans and other people around.

'It's evolving with her blood!?'

Under his bleeding eyes, the core began to change, the glow growing brighter as the imp evolved before his very eyes, from a lesser imp to a high imp before suddenly it formed a demon, a rare demon that foretold to be extinct; the male counterpart for Celine, an incubus. He suddenly felt the joyful cries from Ambrosia in his shadow as her voice travelled through the darkness, almost alerting the carriage and Valestraz keep.

Silvari didn't have the time or ability to react; her body was hot, and the amount of blood drained enough to kill her as she fell into his arms faintly; a slight tear from her face as she saw Vincent become more vibrant, his weak and pained self vanishing; while P'ella began to copy the message with her high pitched voice, singing the message over and over like a broken record player.

Ambrosia had sent a message that would reach Celine and all of her sisters—a message of great joy and celebration for the succubi.

"Ugh!?" Vincent gasped, as the blue blood pooled in his mouth, before dribbling down his chin. "Oh shit, I'm out of time!"

Silvari looked surprised for a brief moment before breaking into laughter.

"What!? Why!?"

Vincent opened his eyes slowly, looking down at his body as he felt a familiar warmth filling him; it was done, and the delicious taste of Silvari's blood was slowly healing, causing a strange sense of loss in his body, a deep lust and desire to drink blood, giving him a hint towards the third abyssal race he might awaken.

"I should probably have done this in the carriage... I am sleepy...." vincent said in a passive voice, struggling to keep his eyes open. He was about to evolve and become a stronger and more complete being; his phoenix, dragon and incubus bloodlines would fuse on a greater level; two abyssal friends and a demon with the potential to reach Demon emperor level.

Silvari was too weak; she couldn't carry him as she lay on his chest, feeling his powerful raging heartbeat thumping against her ears, a smile forming on her pale face.

'He finally chose my blood~ I finally have another family member, other than my stupid sisters....'

The pair fell asleep in each other's arms, swaying on the water's surface with light breaths; a thud sounded as Efrita appeared, looking at the pale Silvari and Vincent, who began to wrap in blood, shaking her head slowly.

"This silly girl, why did she start in the open, my cute little sister? I might have to beat you and fix your voyeuristic and exhibitionistic tendencies..."

P'ella flapped her wings and bathed again as she was somehow covered in mud, backstroking along the stream before seeing Efrita and the sleeping couple.

"Ah!? He's dead!" Pamela screamed, pointing at the still motionless Vincent before turning back to Efrita with tears in her eyes. "Why did you do that, Sister?! If he dies, P'ella will be sad!"

Efrita shook her head, sighing softly.

"He'll wake up eventually... And besides, there is no need for us to worry... Even death couldn't kill this perverted bastard!"

"You're the bastard!" P'ella pouted before splashing water on Efrita, causing her shirt to become see-through; the dragon princess just looking at the stupid harpy that began laughing at her, flapping her wings against the water's surface.

'I am going to kill this bird...' Efrita thought, picking up both Vincent and Silvari in her arms, unfurling her huge dragon's wings and taking off into the air with a loud bang, almost shattering the poor harpy's eardrums.

"Ah!? Don't fly! Wait for P'ella!"

Thus the naked harpy began to flap her wet wings desperately, with the most graceless form of flight ever to exist.

'I'm so embarrassed I look so stupid; don't look! Please, Vincent, don't wake up or look backwards! Ahhh... why am I so short-tempered now!' She thought, trying hard not to cry as she flew after Efrita, who was flying higher and faster, leaving behind a trail of steam and smoke.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 193 17: Evolution - Part 2