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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 191 [Bonus ] 15: Valestraz Keep! Mighty Harpy!

The pair began to float and flutter in the night sky, like birds of a flock spiralling, twirling around each other's bodies as Vincent enjoyed his first time truly flying. His face filled with a natural smile as the cute harpy would constantly tease him in mid-air; her little butt rubbing against his face before kicking him away with a playful tap; only for Vincent to chase her down, enjoying the breeze on his skin as he grabbed her tiny waist; to slap her butt several times.

Slowly they drifted close to the target place, a fort filled with death and darkness.

They both stopped around 30 metres higher than the fort's tower, flapping their wings and slowly hovering with their hands connected.

"Are you ready, my cute little harpy wife?"

'Wife!? Ah~ I want to be your wife forever, my phoenix-like prince!'

"Ready~ lots of kisses and spanking!"

P'ella and Vincent floated 30 meters above the fort's tower, their hands intertwined tightly as they surveyed the goblin-infested surroundings.

The night air was thick with an ominous aura, and a thick veil of clouds masked the stars. Vincent's phoenix wings glowed faintly, casting a dim light on their faces.

As P'ella looked down at the fort, her heart raced with fear and excitement. The fort's walls were rough stone, with sharp spikes jutting irregularly.

'It's so big and wonderful, but the darkness and abandoned walls are horrifying!'


A massive iron gate blocked the main entrance, guarded by two hulking orcs. The courtyard was littered with the bones of fallen warriors, and the stench of rotting flesh filled the air.

P'ella's voice quivered as she spoke, "Zombies... orc guards."

Vincent nodded, his eyes fixed on the fort. "We have to move quickly. Follow me."

With that, Vincent shot forward, pulling P'ella behind him, the wind smashing against his head, torn apart by his black horns to create a small barrier around the cute harpy so her flight was unfettered.

'She's a little green; let's help her gain confidence with this low-level trash. P'ella needs to learn she isn't a weak village girl but my wonderful Harpy mistress!'

They darted through the air with lightning speed, dodging arrows and spells aimed at them by the goblins below.

As they flew past the ramparts, P'ella saw the zombies turn their lifeless eyes towards them, but they didn't move to attack, maybe mistaking them for mere birds or couldn't see them well enough due to Vincent's anima barrier covering them both.

They landed on the tower's roof, and the cute harpy began panting heavily. P'ella clutched at Vincent's arm, feeling her heart pounding in her chest.

'I'm so scared! Will those orcs violate and ravage the women they capture? Those zombies had no flesh; their eyes were horrifying, nothing like the novels I read...'

"Scary... What do we do?"

Vincent's eyes glittered with determination. "We have to find the goblin leader and stop him. It won't be easy, but we can do this. Together."

"Bad guy!"

'If you are with me, I will do my best!'

The cute harpy tightened her talons before looking at the group of small goblin warriors who were just below them, feeling as if her heart was racing rapidly.

P'ella smiled weakly, her harpy wings flapping nervously. She wanted to show she wasn't useless, her big, wet eyes shimmering in the moonlight as she looked up at the towering man she had been taken prisoner by.

Despite the terror of their situation, she felt a deep admiration and love for Vincent and felt together; she could face the horrors of the dark fort of Valestraz Keep.

"Do you know how to use your skills, P'ella?" Vincent asked; his hand stroking her smooth back; fingers brushing through her blue feathers, trying to soothe her nerves.

'Skills, uhm... lots of things entered my mind in that dark place.... wind? Storm witch? Yes... can I do it? I've never fought in my life... Let's pick the most powerful-sounding skill and attack those goblins! Take the initiative, Pamela, win his praise!'


The moment he was going to ask her to attack the three goblins down below, as the patrol moved away, she moved from him towards the tower's edge.

P'ella took a deep breath and hovered in the air, her heart pounding with nervous energy.

She perched on the edge of a fort wall, squatting down as her feathered arms swayed, allowing Vincent to enjoy her smooth ass peeking out of the robes, sexy and alluring as the cheeks swayed with her movements.

While P'ella looked down at a group of three goblins scurrying around below, her lover Vincent stood nearby, watching her with curiosity and admiration for her initiative to act, despite her fear.

Without warning, P'ella uttered a sharp melodic cry and stretched out her taloned hands. She concentrated all her energy on conjuring the Feather Storm spell, visualizing sharp, deadly feathers swirling around her.

The air around P'ella erupted into a maelstrom of sharp feathers, swirling around her like dancing blades with a light blue trace of light following them; Vincent noticed that they wrote words in common language which caused him to smile and almost blush.

'Please watch me, my wonderful prince. I will do everything possible to become a worthy woman beside you!'

The goblins, caught off guard, tried to scatter and evade the onslaught, but it was too late. The sharp feathers cut through them like a hot knife through butter, causing deep wounds, slicing through their skin and leaving deep, bleeding wounds.

P'ella focused all her strength on the spell, pouring every last bit of mana into this attack; a rookie mistake, but she wished, praying to impress and please Vincent.

'I want him to praise me; I want to know more about him; please let him love me even ten years from now!'

Like before, the blue luminance of her mana seemed to leek her thoughts as each word and message fluttered through the air as each feather burst forward to make sure the goblins died.

The goblins screeched in pain and anger as they fought against the onslaught, but P'ella was too powerful.

She poured all her energy into the spell, determined to impress Vincent, and her efforts paid off as he watched her with glowing golden eyes; his dragon's blood now surging with the desire to answer her pleas and deepest wishes.

The Feather Storm intensified, easily tearing through the goblins and leaving them dead.

P'ella lowered her arms, panting heavily as she surveyed the scene below; bodies of the goblins lay strewn about, blood pooling around them.

As the feathers drifted to the ground, P'ella turned to Vincent, hoping to see approval in his eyes. To her surprise, he was already looking at her with admiration.

"Beautiful," he said softly, and P'ella felt her heart soar.


Pamela's mind was filled with delight; her body was filled with pleasure close to orgasm as it burst through her body, causing an uncontrollable feeling before her lips opened, and once again, she began to sing a song for Vincent alone.

Feeling more confident now, P'ella began to hum a bird's song, using her magic to enhance the melody and make it alluring. Vincent's eyes widened in surprise and delight as the notes washed over him, and P'ella couldn't help but smile.

With this successful display of her skills, P'ella felt ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead, and she couldn't wait to see what other spells she could master.

'I can fight~ stay beside him; it's scary! I am so scared! But I will do it; he turned my dreary life in that village! Accepted my strange body and even gave me this new wonderful body to protect me and those important to me... Mother... Vincent!'

Her body quickly recovered mana thanks to being close to Vincent, who oozed anima subconsciously that restored her body and mind.

"I'm going!" P'ella chirped as a small cyclone of wind and feathers wrapped around her body.

She spread out her cute arms before dropping off the fort wall backwards, causing Vincent's eyes to widen as she dropped off the wall with a swish!


He stepped forward in concern calling out her name, only to see a blue light shoot past his eyes as she swooped down like a natural predator with the words 'Don't worry, please watch me~' glowing as the feather's danced around her soaring body.

[That girl... She's both a natural-born seductress and seems like she thrives as a harpy... How does it feel?]

'How does what feel?' Vincent asked, his golden eyes glowing brightly, with a huge smile on his face, watching as she floated in the air, feathers cutting through the sky and slaying goblins like they were mere shrimp.

[How does it feel to have fallen for a simple village girl; from merely killing a few goblins?]


Vincent almost slipped off the fort, wondering when this woman could read his mind so well. It was true, the moment she began to sing, cast her spells and those heartfelt messages, before he liked her, lusted for her.

Now he wanted her never to leave his side, to protect and have her sing for him even if the world ended.

[It's nice to see you act your age; remember, you're still young. You can fall in love with her like a normal village boy; enjoy the moments with her, a small break from the world, ending your stress and worry.]

Her words struck deeply; in fact, the reason for his flirting with Pamella in the first place was she reminded him of being a young boy with no special bloodline or skills and always trying his best but remaining average even with double the effort of others.

'Then what about you?'

[I will always be here for you, waiting until you need me, no matter how many women you have or your choices. This Meiya will remain loyal and devoted to you until the end; I will win your love with my actions when we meet!]

Vincent stepped off the tower, his wings slowly flapping as he floated toward P'ella. As he closed off his mind with a smile on his face.

"How can you do that when I've fallen for your kind words and support long ago? As you said, I am just a young man..."

Meiya, the fairy dragon of shadows, could never know that long ago she had already burrowed herself deep in Vincent's heart, slowly but surely, with all her gentle advice, caring words and support. He would be a dense idiot not to fall for her!

Meanwhile, the azure harpy was singing in the sky as she killed the goblins that began to cry out with terror.

A harpy that could use magic was terrifying!

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 191 [Bonus ] 15: Valestraz Keep! Mighty Harpy!