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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 190 14: The Dark Fort: Valestraz Keep

Vincent found it strange; why was Pamela or P'ella acting so strange? He honestly found her similar to Zera for a moment before Meiya decided to tell him the truth.

[Vincent, this girl's mind is just temporarily stunned by the huge changes in both her race and thought patterns; eventually, she will become closer to her real self, but sadly Harpies are not the most intelligent race and might be a little dumber than before, or rather more klutzy.]

'Why do I sound so stupid!? It's like I'm some slutty girl in the bar!' Pamella thought, but because of the strange disconnect between her mind and body, she only smiled at Vincent with an innocent and charming smile, her cute azure wings fluttering lightly.

'She's stronger than most of the girls were at the same level, though; does she know how to fight, or should I take her to get some practise before we raid the fort tomorrow? Rather does she want to fight?'

Vincent looked at the cute girl; her big green eyes watching his face; fluttering with her long lashes, almost every move seductive in a cute and pretty sense rather than a lewd and adult meaning.

[The harpy race is quite combative, a very short-tempered and territorial flock of girls. Normally they do not have high intellect and cannot use magic, usually using their airborne skills and screeching to stun foes. P'ella is quite a unique harpy considering this.]

'Can she see well in the dark?'

[Better than you can, my dear prince.]

'Stop that... I would rather you call me dear or master before that damn title.' Vincent thought with a wry smile on his face.

"Angry?" P'ella asked as her finger-like talons stroked against his unhappy smile, trying to even out the creases in his smile.

'Are you disappointed I look like this? What should I do to make it right?' The cute little girl thought.

She fought against her instincts to mark him as her mate, clasping his shoulders and carrying him away into the night to make a nest to squeeze him dry.

'No, I cannot be selfish... I want to, but Zera and Vera were so nice!'

"Haha, are you trying to cheer me up? Thanks, you, cute little girl; let's go kill some things, and I'll reward you if you do well, okay?" Vincent gave a ginger smile, bopping her small button nose with his finger and enjoying her nuzzling his fingertip before nodding.

"Mmmm, hunting! Food~ sex!"

'I want to spend more time with you; although that pleasant feeling is something I want to enjoy, right now, let's spend a few hours together. I am also quite hungry after my change... But why do I feel hungry for raw fish and fresh meat?'

'It's like having a flying Zera... although these are just her honest desires, no longer hidden by human thought and morals.'

[Completely, even we as spirits and daemons hold back some of our feelings; but monsters, spirit beasts are almost entirely without any filter.]

"Then first, let me change into my real form; don't dislike me for being a monster, alright?"



Her voice and thoughts matched perfectly for the first time.

Vincent was taken aback but smiled and began to transform further away from the old elven-like appearance he used for the small village, not wanting to cause unnecessary troubles while in his daemonic forms.

He dropped his robe down to the ground, the one now much more elegant and filled with more of the hairs of his lovely women, adding Celine and the many succubi and the vampire twins also adding their pale white fur into the robe, forming a cute little wing pattern on the back.

Poof! The moment it dropped, a blazing red flame began to entwine with a black fire filled with anger and rage, almost devouring and dominating the red fire completely. But the red flame was tenacious and never died completely, able to revive from a single ember or spark.

Vincent's height grew a few inches, and his muscles swelled and tightened, becoming more masculine and attractive.

The smooth pale skin began to shimmer, turning a wonderful tanned caramel colour; before the flesh wriggled, various black scales formed on the outsides of his arms and covered his leg like armour; although it wasn't something a human could ever have, Pamela found it mystical and attractive.

Those sleek black scales almost framed his perfectly sculpted muscular legs and body, two red plums instead of normal ears, flowing in the wind like a bird feather but nobler, almost regal.

Finally, his scarlet hair began to sway slowly in the night wind; he was no longer down to his hips but to his shoulders messily with two curved black horns from his forehead, flicking back towards the sky behind him.

Vincent felt amazing, no longer cramped in his former style. However, the cute harpies eyes were locked onto his crotch, now at least one size larger in both length and girth, swaying in the wind, causing her cute throat to gulp.

'I want him to put that inside me next time.'

"Mate... Please?"

He took a moment to calm down after the high from releasing his sealed form; it was like taking off a tight pair of pants and freeing your raging erection, a feeling of release and pleasure filling his every fibre.

"Oh? Do you find me attractive even like this? Am I not a disgusting monster? Are you not scared?"

'What are you saying? You are so attractive beyond those distant princes, more devilish and alluring! I want you to whisper sweet nothings in my ears, then steal me away on the day of my engagement before ravishing me for an entire day and night!'

Vincent didn't understand why the harpy's face became bright red as she pointed at him several times, waving her small wings with a cute expression before burning her face and peeking through her black claws.

Pamela's love for romance novels became apparent with her extreme and detailed thoughts as her cute head tilted, the fluffy azure hair dropped down her shoulders and revealed her perky breasts and erect pink nipples.

"Big cock, nice body... Good sex... Ravage me?"

Sadly her detailed and romantic words were too difficult for her short, harpy tongue, but the important points were there.

P'ella's body squatted down as she parted her lower lips, the gooey slit drooling as he stroked her blue feather-like hair.

'Please don't think I am a lewd girl; it itches and feels hot since I looked at your naked body...'

[Dear, please wear some clothes. Harpies are a race that doesn't know how to contain their libido and lust; the poor girl will lay an egg of something immaturely with your god-like figure.]

'Oh!? Such a wonderful race! Like a flying blue goblin with smooth feathers!'

Vincent was trying to hide the fact he was aroused from the fact that P'ella would give birth to eggs and was truly now an avian monster girl. He almost wanted to begin collecting more strange girls, from goblins like Mel'Zeth to mermaids and maybe even Arachne women.

These races were detailed in the books back home; sometimes, he would use the naked pictures of the more alluring female races as material to relieve himself when younger, Arachne and Lamia being two of the more used images, as neither hid their female parts. The artist was detailed, showing the sticky fluids oozing from their vagina.

He suddenly realised he was beginning to lose control of his lust; before looking at the cute harpy acting strange and rubbing against herself, he put a soothing anima into her body and decided to help her first.

"Sorry, you are losing control, right? Wear this here; otherwise, I cannot control my actions."

He couldn't wear the robe over his upper body as there were no wing slots yet, so he just pulled the pants up and was naked from the waist up with his thick, black pants fluttering in the dark.

Swoosh! Vincent pulled out a smaller robe; its back was missing, so it wouldn't be affected by her wings; short open sleeves gently began to help her wear the silky white robe, which made her look even sexier as he tied the built-in cloth bra, her large breast's now squished a little flat making her cleavage deeper and more alluring.

'Thank you~ it's so elegant and expensive; how can I ever hope to match this?'

"Am I pretty?" The soft, bell-like voice sounded as she fluttered her wings.

"Ah, you are wonderful, Pamela; here, let me show you my wings too."

"P'ella! Have Wings!?

However, the moment his wings unfurled, her face and actions changed as she fluttered and waved her wings, almost touching them together and began to chirp and laugh, almost excited as if she had forgotten her lewd actions and words a moment before.

Both held their hands together; Vincent's powerful large hands grasped her smaller black talons as they began to flap their wings; a huge gust of air pushed both bodies into the air with a loud woosh.

P'ella's big eyes widened as she felt delighted; because both her mind and body were in sync, she was so happy that Vincent also had an avian side to his race; both of them elevated into the air, and Vincent used his powerful wings and body to help to hold P'ella in the air as she seemed to learn how to control her body.

The gentle breeze became more powerful a few metres above the carriage roof. The pair flew in small circles together P'ella began to whistle and sing small melodies like bird mating call as Meiya's gentle and impressed voice sounded.

[Dear, isn't her voice beautiful? If I didn't know better, I would swear she was a half-siren, this call isn't just a mating call, but one used to display how delighted a harpy is normally used when they have their first chicks or meet a spouse and decide to kidnap them.]

'She is adorable; will she still be this cute when the former human Pamela is back?'

[Don't worry, the former human restrictions cannot come back; she will remember laws, rules and common sense but will still be like this, just more vocal and affectionate. This girl seems happy you also have those phoenix wings, although there are some dragon parts now.]

'Good, I didn't want to ruin her life and make her a yes girl for me...'

[Your huge cock already did that, no? This spirit cannot wait to taste it herself.]

[She cannot ever dream of having met a human male to satisfy her loose snatch after being ravaged by you all night; it might return to its former state in time, but her mind could never forget that evil pleasure, you bad, bad man!]

'I will treasure her; my other women deserve better. Although I've increased my efforts to bond and give them time together, I still have a long path to go.'

[Don't worry; you are doing great, one step at a time. Dear, I will always help you no matter how hard it gets!]

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 190 14: The Dark Fort: Valestraz Keep