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(Felia POV)

I've been waiting for two days since we entered the dungeon with our teacher. That strange voice changed me into another race. She believed I was now worthy. I tried various ways to call out to her, however none succeeded. I visited Vincent's home to discuss this matter with him.

'I don't mind being closer to his tastes just... The impact of having a dark elf princess could affect the dignity of my mother!'

The streets were dirty and filled with garbage. 'Do the human rulers not allocate money to their border cities?' We were currently walking, as Narara insisted on following me to meet him. She seemed to look forward to it more than I did… Stating her duel with him was drawing closer.

"Narara, are human towns always this poor?"

'Sometimes I feel my guard doesn't actually respect me. She enjoys it when I fail, holding back her laughter. Well, I guess it's not anyone would have issues guarding someone if she was the dark elf princess.' I watched Narara from the corner of my eyes. She perfectly paced each of her steps with an unchanging expression.

"Your highness, this city is in such a state because of cut funding. The humans seem to cling to greed rather than wishing all their people to prosper. Only those living in the central cities truly benefit. People on the outskirts don't matter. They are simply a meat shield for enemy invasions." Narara said in a flat voice.

"Hmmm... I can never understand human countries."

The topic was rather boring, so I left it as was. Narara replied, which was something rare. Normally, she'd just give a simple answer or stare at me with a blank, idiotic look. We continued walking, ignoring the begging children and old people with missing limbs. I couldn't save them all, and saving one wasn't worth the effort.

'It's okay, Felia... They aren't your people! Don't get depressed! Fight on!' I tried to focus on myself and avoid feeling sorry for them.

I received quite an enormous surprise from my talent over the past few days. My attributes have risen drastically thanks to what must be Vincent's hard work. It's true that my love for him may have started when he helped me as a child and we spent months playing together in secret. His ability to put all his effort into a goal he decides is what slowly transformed my puppy love into a more solid desire to have him as my partner.

My mother had given me an artefact to hide my actual status. I begged her for one to give Vincent, too. The change in my attributes was mostly thanks to him, and I could never repay his hard work. 'Maybe I can take the throne from my elder sister's in future!'

[Felia Vilda Drethrar - Aged 19]

[Abyssal Elf] (Moon Elf)

[Huntress - Level 3]

[Strength: 13 (9) Agility: 15 (11) Stamina: 11 (7) Wisdom: 12 (6) Intellect: 9 (7)]

[Blessed by Bellatrix Demon Goddess of Darkness and Obsession]

(AN: The Numbers in brackets are what her attributes look like to others. Thanks to her Magic Artefact.)

I was getting close to my target. A woman has amazing muscles and tanned skin was training. She must be his mother... After so many years, her looks haven't changed.

'It's rather strange, though. I would gain several attributes upon his level ups, but now it's only 1 each time. I guess his growth spurt finally came. Maybe... Vincent, you've levelled many times. Are you alright? Don't push yourself too hard. I can help you…'

I felt an intense pain assaulting my muscles. My body nearly fell to the ground as Narara caught me.

[Your fated partner levelled up!] [Agility +1]

(Felia POV end)


A zombie's body exploded into blood mist upon as it slammed into a large stone pillar. Its impact caused it to crumble into pieces. Streams of red vapour trailed from the body, entering the blazing red lance held by Vincent. Raizel could use the essence and mana of monsters to improve both of their strength so he didn't stop her from doing it whilst they were alone. He asked her to do it more discreetly in the future.

He was panting while he tried to regain his focus. Several cuts filled his body as he looked at the last remaining door in the dungeon. He used Silvari's timer to judge the time.

'Damn... I've been fighting for almost an entire day. This floor's difficulty spiked so much!' Vincent complained as he used the spear to hold himself up.

[Gained 25 EXP]

[Levelled UP!]

[Strength +1] [Stamina +1] [Agility +1]


[Vincent Schwartz] [18]

[Daemon of Wrath] [Stage - 1]

[Element: ALL] [Mana: 0/0]

[Summoner - Level 8] [EXP 53/800]

​ [Strength: 21 Agility: 10 Stamina: 12 Wisdom: 5 Intellect: 5]

<Hey stop using me as a damn walking stick! Bastard!> Raizel said in complaint.

Vincent felt the spear vibrated within his arms, disturbing his moment of respite. He grasped her with a cranky face. The level up had restored his stamina quite a lot. His arm holding her took a javelin toss pose, and he flogged her across the room.


He couldn't hear her voice so clearly once she left his side a certain distance. 'Ah, now it's nice and quiet. I needed to rest before opening the door. Tsk talking weapons are annoying.'

"I guess this battle will be quite harsh... Am I really up for this?"

Raizel reached the wall on the other side of the room, however it was just outside of her max distance of 40 metres as she vanished, once again manifesting inside his grasp. She didn't speak and seemed to pout at his treatment.

"Well, stop being so difficult or I'll stab you inside an orc's, asshole."

The spear vibrated rapidly.

<Nah!? You barbarian! How could you let a pretty girl like me pierce such a filthy hole?>

He chuckled as he span her around, warming himself up for the coming fight. Vincent took heavy steps towards the stone doors, using his left hand to open them. The doors slid open slowly with a loud scraping noise.

Sand and dust from the broken pillars and old stone murals blocked his vision. It took over a minute for the dust to settle, revealing a large woman sitting on a weathered throne. She looked to be a former human as her red eyes traced over Vincent's body.

"Oh? The child of the two traitors is my visitor. Haha! What a lovely visitor, indeed. Come in, let us chat before we fight. I am not one of those barbarians." Her voice was extremely softy and filled with a sense of serenity.

The woman had long brown hair that flowed to her feet. She clapped her hand as a zombified maid appeared. She then prepared two cups of tea before leaving. This woman was strange as Vincent stood at the entrance and approached her. He never loosened the grip on Raizel.

"Who are you?" Vincent said as he joined her. He sat at the small stone table that had been erected.

Her monstrous chest jiggled with her every movement as she adjusted herself, giving the young boy a glimpse of her naked body through the thin white dress and bandages. He resisted her flowing charm and took a sip from the cup. It tasted just like the tea his mother brewed on their birthday, a hint of raspberry adding both a sweet and tart kick to it.

'Focus! Don't turn away, don't blush! This is a reward! Also, this tea is superb... It's a good thing daemons are immune to poison hehe!'

She clasped her cup with grace, equalling an empress. Her eyes closed as she savoured the scent and taste, seeming to be pleased with the maid's brewing.

"It's hard to teach the undead how to do menial tasks. The fact you killed so many of my guards means I need to train them again... What should I do with such a bad... bad boy?" She said with a charming voice.

Her hand placed down the half-empty cup as her face smiled like a devil. She moved her arms to enhance her chest. The woman was less hostile to him than the other floor bosses.

'I'm unsure what to do. Is someone going to attack me out of nowhere?' Vincent kept his senses at maximum vigilance, trying to avoid being taken by surprise.

"My name is Celine, no longer anything but Celine. I was once an empress ruling over a gigantic empire. However, that was in the past... I made the mistake of trusting my subject, even after I rejected his courtship, believing he'd see my side and help build a greater empire together, as it's general. Oh, how young and foolish..."

Vincent listened to her story, wondering where it was going. He saw over a dozen zombie maids filled the room. However, they didn't look ugly and their skin and looks were well maintained. He was worried because Celine seemed friendly and didn't show any hostility towards him.

"I don't wish to lose any more of my precious subordinates. Maybe we could solve this differently?" She said, biting her pink lip seductively as her dress slid down from her shoulder.

His eyes widened in shock. He didn't understand. Dungeon monsters should be under full control. Only able to attack, kill and violate. His eyes would fixate on the gaps of her light clothing each time she shifted. 'Her words cannot be trusted! She is clearly an evil temptress! Wake up!' He tried to shout in his own mind.

However, deep down, he was a young male who only just started puberty. His control of his emotions and hormones was very weak. He wanted to see what she was selling.

"Please... What did you have in mind? My name is Vincent for the record."

<Are you going to fuck a zombie?>

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