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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 189 13: Awakening!

A strange feeling near midnight awakened Vincent; his heart began to race rapidly; drawn towards the carriage's roof, his feet began to move almost against his will; no matter how hard he tried, Vincent couldn't stop himself.

'She's calling me; she needs me!' Vincent thought in his still half-sleeping mind.

The pitch black night sky; with few stars to illuminate his eyes; Vincent climbed out of the roof's hatch; a loud clang sounded as he pushed it open, swinging in an arc until slamming down.

"Ugh!!" A cute whimper sounded; Vincent looked towards the noise, but even with his night vision, he could barely see a few inches before him.

It was like something was blocking his sight and vision; all he saw was a huge round object, like an egg on the top of the carriage; when he pulled himself up, slowly pushing out his hand to lift his body upwards, he felt something strange in his palm.

Soft, silky brown hair was sprawled all over the carriage roof; along with what seemed to be skin and bones; suddenly, he could feel his heart accelerating.

'Did something happen to Pamela? What happened? Had those damn monsters attacked at night... No! I can still see the distant barrier!'

Vincent's mind began to race with hundreds of ideas each moment, his body moving forward in the darkness.

Efrita and Silvari were asleep in their fully manifested forms, so that he couldn't call them and honestly didn't want to disturb them.

"Pamela!!" He shouted; in a desperate voice; a throbbing sensation and warmth enveloped him in response.

The strange egg shape seemed to vibrate, almost rocking the entire carriage as the moonlight shone through the dark clouds.

"What the fuck is that?" Vincent whispered before walking towards

His hands reached for the edges of the mysterious object only to find soft flesh instead of rock or metal; it was warm, too much warmer than any living creature should have been. He brought one arm around the egg, feeling its smooth surface, then pulling back quickly.

Vincent touched another part that had a different texture from the rest. The side where he'd laid his hand felt wet; some fluid was running down.

He moved both arms closer together, touching more parts of the strange object and finding a solid, hard casing under the soft fleshy outer; Vincent could feel something inside the egg, a connection just like when he was around the succubi.

The thoughts of Pamela began to flow into his mind; there was no fear.

Instead, she was chirping like a morning bird about how she was feeling, that everyone was nice to her, and she wanted to remain beside him; although Pamela could feel him, she couldn't hear his thoughts.

"This cute little girl..." Vincent whispered before leaning his face against the hard shell, feeling her warmth from the outside, not caring about the nasty sticky layer of strange fluids; right now, he just wanted her to feel his support and warmth. "I'm here."

The vibrations stopped as if responding to his words, and the egg started to glow softly, pulsating in time with his heartbeat. It took a while, but eventually, the light faded, leaving nothing behind.

Only their heartbeats were pulsating in sync.

'He's waiting for me...'

'I need to meet him...'

'Will he accept me?'

Pamela's thoughts began to flow into his mind easily; her little voice chirping caused the cold, dark evening to become filled with warmth and comfort; a gentle breeze caressed his cheeks as the wind blew.

There was something else, though, a sense of urgency mixed within Pamela's sweet voice, "It's okay, I am here. I'll accept you no matter how you change." Vincent spoke with a deep voice.

His selfish choice would change her; what kind of man would he be to reject that?

Several moments passed, maybe minutes or hours, none of that mattered to Vincent; his body still leaning against the warm egg, its dark shell slowly rocking along with his breathing before a sudden sound filled his ears.

He jumped up, turning around with a shocked and expectant expression, seeing a small fissure of cracks growing along the face of the egg; its black shell shattering like broken glass.

As soon as the first crack appeared, the other side of the egg split apart as well; the two halves fell onto either side of the carriage, bouncing off the ground several times before finally stopping.

The sound of something heavy slamming down onto the carriage roof began to rattle, causing Vincent to star in wonder; a small burst of heat began to flow from the inside as a slimy sound followed each of "her" movements.

"Mmm..." Pamela began to groan as her bones began to crack.

Her head tilted slightly downwards, and her jaw opened wide, revealing a mouth full of sharp teeth. Two large eyes widened, staring directly at Vincent, who stared back with a surprised look.

Suddenly a female appeared.

A beautiful girl appeared; she had a petite, slender build with toned arms and legs. Her skin was a warm caramel, with soft feathers covering her arms and legs and a downy coating of feathers covering her chest and belly.

Her wings were a striking shade of blue, with long primary feathers that could fan out to an impressive wingspan with sharp, black talons, and bright, lively green eyes.

She had a full head of long, fluffy hair that was a similar shade of blue to her wings. Her hair was wavy and cascaded down her back in loose curls, with a few shorter strands framing her face. A delicate, angular face with high cheekbones, a small nose, and a plump, pink mouth.

Her eyes were large and expressive, with long lashes that fluttered when she blinked.

"Mmmmn?" The girl tilted her head, her soft breasts swaying with each movement as she examined her body.

Despite her fearsome appearance, a playful, mischievous glint in her eye hinted at her fun-loving nature.

She quickly smiled and laughed and enjoyed a good challenge or competition. Her voice was clear and musical when she spoke, with a lilting quality reminiscent of birdsong.

"Hey! friend?" With a wave, she took a step closer, her soft thighs illuminated by the silver light, a small blue patch of fur swaying in the breeze between her hips just above her cute little forbidden cave.

With a flutter; she began to lift into the sky as she flew towards him, the wind causing her soft blue hair to dance around her body; a soft little ass appeared as she circled his head; before landing behind Vincent and clasping herself to his back, sniffing at his neck with her cute button nose.

"Smell nice! Friend... Mate?"

Vincent felt shocked at what happened to Pamela, wanting to shout to Meiya but instead decided to focus on the cute girl; his eyes began glowing with bright blue light as he identified the cute girl.


Name: P'ella

Health: 100% Stamina: 100% Mana: 100%

Race: Abyssal Harpy (Stage 2)

Class: Storm Witch

Level: 21


Strength - 12

Agility - 22

Stamina - 24

Wisdom - 27

Intellect - 21

Charisma - 42

(average stat of same-level warrior = 10)

Strength - Physical strength; higher numbers increase explosive force and a small increase to the defence value

Agility - Increases movement, reaction and attack speed.

Stamina - Durability of the body, increases recovery speed, and a large increase in physical defence.

Wisdom - the power of the mind, increased memory retention, faster memory recall, increased speed of perception and mana/anima regeneration.

Intellect - Increases total mana/anima, magical damage, and spells' duration and explosive force.

Charisma - Improves a person's looks, likability and chance of convincing people.


-Wind Blast: A simple spell that creates a powerful gust of wind that blasts enemies.

-Sonic Screech: P'ella lets out a piercing scream that stuns enemies and disorients them.

-Feather Storm: P'ella conjures a swirling storm of sharp feathers, slicing through enemies and causing bleeding wounds.

-Cyclone: P'ella creates a swirling tornado around herself, protecting her from attacks and throwing enemies away.

-Feather-fall: P'ella slows her descent when falling from great heights, allowing her to land safely and avoid taking damage.

The cute harpy fluttered her cute green eyes, peeking across the cheeks of Vincent as she leaned over his shoulder; the warm sensation of her large breasts flopping on his shoulder as she began to nibble at his hair, her nose rubbing against his soft hair.

"Smell so good! P'ella! Want's as Mate!"

Meiya watched the events unfold silently; she hadn't expected anything like this to happen, especially after everything they'd done. She wasn't sure how to react; however, she did know what needed to be done next.

She whispered to Efrita apologetically, "Please take care of Pamela," she said quietly.

In the darkness, both Efrita and Titania watched the events, their heightened senses discovering the strange movements of Pamela before Vincent even awoke from his slumber, both whispering to each other in hushed tones.

Titania turned towards Efrita and gave a quick nod before disappearing in a flash of black light, heading back to the barrier's limits; her spear already covered in black goblin and orc blood.

Efrita looked towards Vincent, her golden eyes watching him carefully. "You have a cute little Harpy now; I hope darling makes sure she doesn't give birth too fast; harpies are as bad as goblins."

Her body followed Titania with a silent burst of black light; before joining the dark elf to wipe out anyone that might try to disturb her sister and Vincent.

Since the beginning, Efrita decided to treat them all as her little sisters as the eldest of the group; however, she feared that one day her older sister might appear and cause trouble.

"Delphine... please don't show up! I don't want to be beaten up!"

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 189 13: Awakening!