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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 188 12: Onwards!

The visit to the village was relatively boring, only managing to get a handful of the blue tear seeds and some fresh meat and vegetables for the carriage; meeting Margret, Pamela's mother, was even more uneventful as she merely asked Vincent to look after Pamela; contact her when possible and never asked for anything else.

He decided to give her a large sum of money; so she didn't have to work as much in secret Pamela, which her mother tried to reject but finally accepted when Vincent called her "mother" and seemed to awaken some strange fetish in her.

She was an older, more mature version of Pamela, so he wouldn't reject her if it happened in the future.

After that, there wasn't much to do except prepare to leave.


Vincent returned to the carriage to find them all lazing around either half naked or wearing nothing; even the normally prim Ophelis was walking around with a thin black thong as they seemed not to expect him to return suddenly with yet another girl.

"New girl? Is she normal or different?" Silvari asked, eating a thick sausage on a stick, with a spicy mustard dressing; she didn't even pretend to be lewd, simply biting that thick juicy thing with no mercy, causing Vincent to feel a little strange.

"Hmmm?" He looked back to the cute Pamela, now dragged along by Vera and Zera, seemingly designated as their newest playmate after Momo ran away and hid in the driver's compartment, her poor hair and tail abused too much.

"She's cute but will change tonight; something different and random," Vincent replied, his voice a little strange and not the usual confidence as he looked down at the system's response.

[Rewards Gained!]

-Random Transformation!

The cute monster bride Pamela accepted your lineage with no qualms, requesting to become a monster for you at her behest! Fear not; this system will make her a cute monster girl, maybe a fearsome medusa, seductive lamia, or sleek centaur!

A mixture of possibilities!

This transformation will be complete at midnight tonight; Pamela will experience light pain and should probably be allowed to sleep in a bathroom; or easily cleaned room.

Things will get a mess!

-Bloodline Improvement!

The system finds the cute Pamela endearing and will improve her bloodline, talent and skills to become the best, the most efficient head maid in both the mansion and in bed!

"Ooooh! So exciting; mmmmn!" Silvari responded, her lips sucking on the fat and juices from the sausage before eating the last few inches; nothing like a lady as she slurped the leaking juices from her soft lips.

"Vincent, this food is so good! Zarina is a great cook; she woke up early today and began making snacks, treats, and meals for everyone! Fufu~ what did you do to her yesterday?"

Before he could respond, A warm, soft weight pushed against his back; these huge marshmallows were familiar to him; even more, this heat.

"Efrita, your tits feel a little bigger; they are so soft!"

A moment later; Efrita walked past eating a sausage on a stick just like Silvari; but her eating method was obscene; sucking down the sausage and licking the mustard and ketchup with her long tongue; the moment she saw Vincent began to be even more sexual in her eating method.

'It's not Efrita!? Who else has tits this big and red hair?'

He knew that Violetta was smaller chested than Efrtia, so it wasn't her; unless she had a breast-increasing surgery.

"Hmmph! Can't even recognise a succubus you've had sucking on your cock!" Ambrosia's sultry and slightly shy voice sounded.

Although she was quite introverted, her voice was extremely deep and sensual and something Vincent loved about this orange-haired succubus.

'Oh? She finally came out of my shadow! Let's grab onto her before she escapes!'

"Ahh!? Don't grab.... don't fight! I surrender!" Ambrosia pleaded as she couldn't react to his sudden movement.

Vincent spun around, wrapping both arms around his soft body; she wore a very revealing outfit whenever around him because she could hide away in his shadow, but since last night there was a sense of jealousy towards Pamela; now the scent of the food caused her to become interested and broke her normal ways.

"You won't escape into the shadows this time! Little minx!" Vincent said like a low-class villain assaulting the heroine in a play; his arms grasping her tightly before squeezing on her ass, his fingers slipping toward the cute little puckering hole as she turned into honey in his arms; leaning against his chest, with sad eyes filled with tears.

"Stupid, bully, molester! Hmph!" She buried her head into his chest; her brown, chocolate face flushed with embarrassment as he rubbed her weak spot; even worse, many women now looked in this direction with slight envy.

"Ah! Sneaky Bat!" Zera shouted; with her tail wrapped around Pamela's waist, dragging her around; Vincent felt relieved as the girl seemed to have accepted Pamela quite quickly, while Vera skipped behind them, no longer wearing pants.

"Wait! Vera, put some damn pants on!"

Vincent couldn't control himself when seeing that little phoenix girl, but he didn't want to throw her down a few hours after taking Pamela as his woman; restraint was needed for this long journey, and the immature little phoenix could wait.

"Mmmmmm, but you like big butts. Zera said, "Vincent loves ass!" right?"

As Vera spoke, she turned around, shaking her huge, jiggling ass; it was both muscular and soft and almost drew Vincent's eyes like a magnet.


The moment of hypnotism was quite brief; before Zera dashed forward and dropkicked Vera into the next room; before slamming the door shut, a poor Pamela stuck in a room with Silvari, Ambrosia, Efrita and Mel'Zeth, who was quietly working on some blacksmith drawings for a new item she planned to create.

"Rest in pieces, Vera!" Silvari prayed to the door; before seeming to lose interest as she kissed Vincent on the cheek and dashed into one of the special doors, and vanished.

"That reminds me; I don't see Raizel or Ophelia. Where are they?" He asked, the topless Ophelis walking inside with a tray of baked cakes, from shortcakes with strawberries and cream to jam tarts with various flavours.

"M-master, my sister and miss Raizel are sleeping on your bed like stuffed pigs; after eating several of big sister Zarina's food, they felt full and dashed to your room and began to roll around in your quilt and bedding."

"I see... Moving on!"

Vincent slid past that topic before walking towards the desk beside Mel'Zeth, which was filled with various drawings, some of a sword, others of spears and then a random weapon or maybe armour. He honestly couldn't see what it was from the rough design drawings and all the technical jargon she had written, and it seemed to only make sense to her.

'What's a spandrel grip?'

He didn't speak; but began to converse with Momo, letting her know it was alright to start their journey; it would take around 6 hours to reach the next point of their journey; an old abandoned fort, which was said to be abandoned in the past; now occupied by monsters like kobolds and even orcs were spotted in the area.

"Momo, can you hear me?" He asked through the link they shared as the owner and designated driver.

"A-ah!? Mmmmm, Vincent, I am fine! Is it time to set off? Or did you need anything from me?" She replied, her voice filled with delight and seemed to be expectant.

While he was speaking with Momo, Mel'Zeth's sleepy eyes began to close; as her pencil dropped with a ping before her soft, green body fell onto Vincent's shoulder, now breathing in a light sleep before cuddling up to his arm.

"Maybe I just wanted to hear your cute voice; I hope those scenes didn't scare you last night. Did you enjoy masturbating to me having sex with Pamela?" Vincent teased her; his voice sounded sultry and sexy in Momo's head.

Vincent began to stroke the silky black hair of Mel'Zeth, letting her head slowly drop to his lap; running his fingers through her hair, gently massaging her cheeks and scalp with a faint smile as she began to drool on his thigh; but giggled in her sleep.

'This silly girl, so nervous about being promoted that she hasn't slept for days... Finally, I can relax and feel relieved.'

A flicker of red and blue light shone in the air as he clicked his fingers; Vincent hadn't just spent the past few months fucking sexy women and training his spear skills; he could now cast many basic spells, like this sound isolation spell, without much effort as the distant sound of the girls moving around grew dampened and became soft background music for Vincent and Mel'Zeth.

"A-ah.... it was amazing... I mean! No, I didn't watch on purpose! Please don't be angry...!"

Momo sounded so cute; thinking he would be mad at her for that, with a slightly devilish smile, he began to give her some naughty orders, looking forward to the last night before arriving in the city.

At the same time, Momo's body shuddered when hearing his words, unable to hide her excitement and arousal but still trying to sound serious when she replied.

The black carriage began to travel across the southern lands of Ulkan, passing along the bumpy dirt road; their surroundings were a small forest on the right and flat grasslands on the left; Pamela looked out of the window as she saw the small village she lived in for her entire life slowly vanish, holding the pendant her mother handed to her tightly.

"All his women were nice; none insulting me... I am really happy, mother!" She whispered into the wind, clutching her chest and understanding tonight she might become a hideous monster, yet Vincent promised, swore an oath to accept her, which caused her great relief.

'Don't worry, mother; I will make sure to have his children, become irreplaceable to him, and never let him escape!'

Her eyes looked to the west; as she saw a vast expanse shocking her, just how small and limited her life was before; she was never able to look up and see the world around her, stuck inside that small village; even looking down and being to concerned with work to enjoy the sights of the wondrous mountains; strange flying birds and the cute fluffy animals running around in the tall grass.

"So cute... I want to pet them!"

She would later learn that these monsters killed countless weak travellers and then made sure to harden her resolve and kill them to help future girls like her, mere inn maidens or farm hands that might one day enjoy the same luck she did.

In the dreams of Mel'Zeth, her sisters and mother began to fight and rush to steal Vincent from her; in those dreams, she saw him having sex with her mother; while her mother rode him cowgirl style and the moment she saw Vincent creampie her mother; she woke up filled with a cold sweat while nestled on Vincent's lap; the drawings she made now neatly arranged in order.

"Darling... My family might devour you to the very bones!"

Mel'Zeth placed a gentle kiss on the sleeping cheeks of Vincent; now the night sky was above them, while the carriage seemed to have chosen to stop in a deep valley; a few miles away from the fort.

'Thanks to Silvari and Efrita, their barrier helps protect us even more than the barrier stones I brought. I have to do more! I want him to look at me more! This item, this gift... for Vincent, I must complete it!'

Filled with determination, another of his women also aimed to become more loved by Vincent, and a peaceful yet fierce conflict would arise between them in the distant future...

The oblivious Vincent merely dreamed of a huge bed filled with all his naked women; butts in the air swaying.

A lewd and realistic dream.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 188 12: Onwards!