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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 186 [Bonus ] 11: Pamela’s Choice!

Vincent's rough hands began to stroke her sweaty brown hair running his fingers through her slight curls; before he looked down into her pleading eyes, his chest began to throb this girl was indeed meant to be a fun night for him.

'I don't think I can part from her, especially now she's marked with my seal.'

Her cute face began to rub against his chest like a cat, her soft lips kissing him obsessively across his chest and neck; Pamela's hot breath and warm tongue slid across his flesh, sending jolts of pleasure around his body.

"Pamela, I cannot take you with me" His voice was gentle, noticing her dropping shoulders as she flopped down, tears beginning to the brim from the corners of her eyes.

"W-why... is it because I am a mere village girl?" Pamela's trembling voice sounded as she gripped his waist tightly.

Vincent realised he should have spoken better; instead of leading with that, giving her more context, apologising to her in his mind, he wrapped his arms around her, the muscular sensation causing Pamela to feel confused; 'wasn't he about to dump me after popping my cherry?'

His lips pressed against her damp forehead, with brown locks of hair stuck to it, kissing down towards her cheeks and neck before placing a final soft peck on her lips, looking her into the eyes with his gleaming scarlet eyes watching her every movement.


His hands cupped both sides of her face softly like an artist drawing a portrait before leaning in and kissing passionately upon that little pink mouth that delighted him last night. He told gently before continuing, "You are not just fun for me tonight."

"Your beauty is not what makes me want you... I don't want you for just tonight." He smirked at that thought before leaning back again. "But the place I am going is very dangerous, there will be times I cannot protect you, and I cannot let you get harmed; look at your pretty little face."

"You are not just a village girl," Vincent told gently once more before smiling down at this cute little woman who was too innocent for this world: "I need someone like you." He kissed one of Pamela's hands gently before lifting it in front of him to kiss it, too, before continuing: "I need someone who can be strong enough to slay demons along with me."

"I-I can fight... Let me come with you... Mother will be back today... She will understand!" Pamela yelped, her little hands hammering his muscular chest, causing no damage and only feeling like a massage but getting her feelings across to him.

Vincent's head shook, feeling her soft hands quivering again as tears flowed down her cheeks. As she sniffled with cute, trembling pink lips.

Then he kissed that hand again while carefully watching Pamela's crying face.

"But I also need someone who can make me feel understood as no one else can. Someone to be there for me when I return, welcome me home and keep a place to return to." He whispered sensually into this soft woman's ear while stroking those luscious brown locks where they cascaded down onto his lap: "Someone like you."

Her eyes widened slightly as she felt him kiss each hand once more before whispering, "I need someone like you." He kissed and caressed both hands one more time before pulling away completely from this adorable woman who seemed far too innocent for this world yet still so desirable to him.

Vincent felt strange; he had never felt this way about anyone else before, and strengthened by that thought... continued kissing down towards Pamela's neck while making sure she felt every inch of him touch upon every part of this petite woman's body... even if she did nothing but cry or plead right now... 'she might even try to kill me if I didn't keep stroking these soft hands.'

"Pamela..." He said softly again after watching three more tears roll down between those pretty pink lips: "Would you like to come with me?" He asked gently once more while carefully looking into those big eyes pleading with him not to leave; instead of answering him directly, though... Pamela licked those lips again like a cat and nodded silently.

"It will be dangerous?"

"Don't care!"

"You might never come home again?"

"My home will be you!"

"I have many women..."

"I always wanted sisters!"

His attempt to dissuade her failed; before a shadow flickered behind him, a message entering his mind from the succubus sent along with Celine's desire to keep his heart fixed on them.

'Master, do you feel so strongly about this girl? You have only fucked her, and she could easily be discarded...'

Ambrosia's rough, sexy voice sounded in his mind; although she spoke bluntly, this girl was speaking for Pamela's benefit; he worried this poor girl might suffer hardships without a combat-type job or special race.

'I don't understand myself, but I MUST have her!' Vincent said, his hands wrapping the soft cheeks of his new adorable hamster-cheeked girlfriend, Pamela.

Taking a deep breath, Vincent used his secret weapon, a final test. If this happened, he would fulfil her every request and make her his lover, never forcing her to stay again.

"I am not human."

"I'll accept you!"

"I am a daemon, humanity's greatest enemy!"

"Then make me a monster too!"


"???" She looked at him with a tilted head as he seemed stunned by this airheaded little girl. 'Why did I even try?' Vincent thought next to himself as he sighed in defeat; then he smiled again at Pamela before nodding silently at the girl holding him tightly once more; "I'll keep you safe."


Vincent decided to ask because he promised himself as he looked down towards her.

"So, is there anything you desire or want from me?" He asked carefully yet sensually once more.

"Anything! I want everything!" Pamela answered excitedly as she wrapped those arms around him tightly once more. 'But I think one thing is most important.' She added in silence. "Make me a monster too."

[Demonic Choice Triggered!]

Pamela seeks to devote everything to you, abandoning her boring and lonely village life, all because of one night with you! How will you respond?

-Accept her without thought; she wants this, then let's go go go!

-Let her speak with her mother first, meet her yourself and admit to wanting to take her daughter into your household.

-Smack her unconscious and run away, (Warning, the system will make her pregnant with your child in response to this horrible idea!)

Vincent gave a sigh, his eyes looking at the girl who began to wipe her snotty face and puffy eyes with her hands.

He lifted her, placing her back on his lap, her plump little ass rubbing against his dragon, slotting the half-erect member between her cheeks, before picking up a soft sponge filled with his superior soap and began to slowly slide it over her soft skin, enjoying her cute little yelping and the small erect cherries poking from the bubbly water, her little arms grasping the side as she seemed to enjoy the pleasure of him washing her body.

"My princess needs to be the prettiest after all." He hummed pleasantly, the cute Pamela almost sleeping against his chest after his detailed caress and washing, trying to hide the small climaxes she endured from his teasing hands.

He made sure to wash every inch of this petite woman; from the tips of those small puffy cheeks down towards those plump ass cheeks that were still slightly taut but now squishy from their recent activity; he washed between those thighs and behind that cute little butt until all of those places were clean as well as each of her delicate fingers and toes.

The soap made a pleasant squeaky sound as it slid off each place every time it met smooth muscles or skin so smooth there was no sign of any hair anywhere on this adorable woman's body. After that... he allowed himself five minutes more time to clean up his equipment before finally picking up Pamela in one arm and leaving the bathroom.

"Let's meet your mother first; you said she would return today, right? How about we look around your little village together; I'll pay any money the inn might lose in business upfront."

"D-don't pay... I...."

"Take it; think of it as your mother's money, as you'll be stolen by me tonight." Vincent teased lightly before pinching Pamela's cheek and grinning at that yelping sound. "After all... you are mine now." He added quietly before looking down at her sullen expression and leaving his room to find an angry pair of girls, one green and the other silver, as their little tails swayed, slapping the floor towards Vincent.

"Ah! Vincent fucked another woman!"

"Darling, why do you abandon Vera for such a normal girl!"

Momo stood to the side, her eyes looking tired with dark bags underneath them, but her skin looked fresh and shiny, which was a strange contrast.

Vincent ignored the stupid cat and bird; instead smiled greatly, "let's get something to eat and speak with the girls in the carriage?" He suggested.

"I am starving."


The girls accepted eagerly without any further argument or hesitation for once.

Thus Vincent, a cat, wolf, bird and cute hamster, left the building; in the shadows behind him, a slightly jealous girl with caramel skin pouted, her book long closed as she followed Vincent's every step, wishing that she was in Pamela's place last night.

'Maybe I can win his heart too, on this long journey...'

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 186 [Bonus ] 11: Pamela’s Choice!