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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 184 9: The Cute Pamela [Part 2] [R18]

Vincent heard the knocking, almost feeling the nerves from Pamela as she lightly hit the door once again; not wanting to make her wait; he lowered his body before walking towards the door, still naked from his exercises.

Click! The door opened slowly, revealing his muscular body. Pamela's eyes widened, filled with shock as her nerves were blown away by the intense image that peeked from the open door, unable to stop her eyes from drifting down, pupils dilating upon seeing the ribbed monster between his legs.

'Eh? Why is it so large, an arm? Is he sick? Those bumps and soft ridges? What are they for?'

"Good evening, pretty little Pamela." His husky voice caused the cute girl to jump before muscular arms wrapped around her back, with two big hands grasping her lower back and soft, fluffy ass and dragging her inside his room, the door closing with a slight bang, followed by a clicking sound.

"What happened to your clothes, Miss?"

Pamela blushed deeply, shaking her head as she tried to escape his grasp.

"No, I..."

But his strong grip held firm.

"Don't worry; I'll take good care of you," Vincent whispered, his lips almost touching her pink ears as she still locked her eyes on his swaying member, its size growing as he appreciated her beauty, the cute red dress with white frills, barely able to contain her surprisingly large breasts, the village girls rarely wore bra's as her cute areola and nipple area puffed out the dress slightly.

'She's so cute... I want her! But it's her first time, slowly... gently.'

As if reading her mind, he pulled her closer, causing her to squeak as she struggled, his free hand running along her cheek, making her shiver, before he placed his mouth near hers, whispering softly:

"Do you know how much I desire you, my dear little innkeeper? You look lovely in that outfit, cuter than the noble girls from the city!"

Pamela lowered her head quickly, blushing heavily, embarrassed at herself and her desires.

'Does he mean it!? I thought I looked strange... What about my large areola and weird nipples!?' Pamela worried, feeling his hands gently stroking her body, enjoying her slightly soft and fleshy body; unlike his other women, Pamela wasn't a warrior, so some of her body was a little soft with just the right amount of fat, her hips, little belly and cute ass all felt amazing as he grasped her more passionately as he felt her breathing increasing, no longer dominated by nerves.


"You're very attractive and tempting, yet I must restrain myself. My poor cock wants to ravage your sweet body," Vincent breathed in her ear as he moved forward, pressing their bodies together. "Mmm... Your scent is intoxicating. So delicious..."

Before Pamela knew what had happened, the tip of his erection pressed against her inner thighs, leaving a thin line of wetness between them, a clear sign of arousal. Her heart beat faster as she saw him move closer, her eyes widening as she realised what he intended to do.

'He's hard for me!!! He wants me! A dirty village girl, it's so big... Wendy... Why is your lover so small?'

"Y-you can't--"

The moment she began to speak, his finger stroked along her soft, pink lips, squishing them as he lifted her in a princess carry; he could feel her bodies weight against his arms and chest as she let out a small yelp, grabbing onto his neck, with her face almost touching his, their eyes locked together in a moment.

Vincent carried her further into the room, stopping at a certain point where he laid her down on the bed, smiling at her cute expression and flushed cheeks, the young lady trembling under his touch.

"Now we both shall see what kind of maid you are, my dear," Vincent chuckled, pulling her dress over her head and exposing her smooth skin beneath. "Your body deserves better treatment than working so hard all day; look at how wonderful your skin and naked body are."

Each time he spoke, leaning forward and kissing her gently, starting with her neck, slowly down to her shoulders, collar bone and further, reaching her huge, swaying tits, filled with a heavy momentum as they swayed from her heaving chest, slightly shuddering each time he kissed her, a slight "N-no~" after his lips touched her.

Vincent wanted her to feel relaxed and the best pleasure, not rushing as his hands massaged her arms and body, causing her to move her body, swaying as a sudden moan escaped her lips as her inverted nipples entered his vision for the first time, causing his cock to throb with arousal, his mother also had inverted nipples, maybe this caused his fetish for them.

Pamela was too focused on his massage, her body filled with a pleasure she had never felt before, something different from her fingers; it was magical and made her feel like she was in the clouds before suddenly a violent evil pleasure brought her crashing to the ground as her ears could only hear a sloppy noise of something being sucked, then a popping sound as her entire body shudder, an intense jolt of pleasure coming from her chest.

In an instant, Vincent released his hold on her breasts, allowing the bouncing pair to fall freely, with a hint of bounce as if trying to entice him to return to suckle them once again, one of her nipples no longer hidden, the thick little button filled with his drool and a small bite mark, as Pamela began to gasp quickly, her eyes watching Vincent with a sense of passion and fear.

'Ah~ can tits feel this good!? No! He's playing with my weird and freaky nipples... he's going to...' Suddenly her thoughts stopped as she heard shocking words.

"You have such beautiful breasts and wonderful nipples. May I suck them a little more? The other is shy and needs more coercion to show her cute little body." His voice was sultry, filled with clear arousal as the deep voice made her spine tingle; before she realised what she was saying, her thick pink lips opened.

"Please, suck them and make me feel more of that tingling sensation!" She begged, almost pleading, her legs spreading wide apart as her hips rocked forwards, eager for whatever he wanted.

Without hesitation, Vincent bent down and licked the sensitive nub, tasting the saltiness of her light sweat and fragrance before sucking it deeper within his hot mouth, causing her to groan loudly as his tongue teased her swollen bud before using his teeth to scrape it, sending waves of pleasurable pain through her body until she moaned in ecstasy, tears forming in the corner of her eyes, begging for release.

'Oh no~ I am going to make nasty sounds. Will he think I am lying about being a virgin if I cum too soon!?'

His lips left her with a string of saliva forming a bridge before it drooped down onto her thighs as he moved to the hidden nipple, leaning forward, sliding his tongue into the little slit, teasing her as the hard nub pressed against his tongue.

'She needs help relaxing; those worries on her face are cute, though...'

Vincent enjoyed her breast's taste; it was slightly thicker than the rest of her body as his lips pressed against her right breast, kissing passionately, wrapping his long sticky tongue around the short nub, almost causing the poor virgin to squeal so soon.

"I-it....feels so g-good!" Her voice trembling as she spoke a pitch higher towards the end, causing Vincent to suck on her with more enthusiasm, wanting her to cum just from her shy little nipples, his other hand stroking, slowly twisting her left nipple, as it became harder under his caress, causing the little innkeeper to squirm with the blissful feelings in her body.

His slimy drool now filled the little crevice, as her nipple slowly began to pop from the thin opening, coated in his shining drool, before his lips began to suck on it, filling her body with bursts of intense pleasure, causing her to grasp the bedding tightly, with a whimper, her legs spreading out, showing a thick, sticky wet juice oozing down her inner thigh.

Her cries grew louder, breaking out into screams as he continued sucking on her tit, licking it roughly and pinching it firmly between his thumb and index finger, hearing her cry out repeatedly as her orgasm approached.

"V-Vincent!! Strange... It's different from my fingers... I don't... It's not under my control!!" She seemed worried, the first time another person made her climax was scary, the pleasure was extreme, but she felt like a wooden raft in a storm with high waves.

'I'm so wet... how dirty... I can smell myself, even though I cleaned it....'

Still, he kept up the pace, refusing to give her any relief even as he noticed her breathing getting heavier and faster, panting heavily. At the same time, he squeezed her boob tighter, causing her to twitch, moaning loudly as another wave of pleasure rushed through her body.

Finally, with a scream, Pamela came, crying as she screamed, "Aaahhh!!! Oh god! Oooh! Mnnngh!"

With a single burst, every muscle in her body tensed, quivering violently while her pussy contracted to leak out a thick trail of honey, which dripped down his thigh. With a loud thud, the young woman collapsed on top of him as he smiled proudly at her cute face and adorable smile, holding her tight against his chest as she trembled, her soft hair tickling his nose.

Vincent enjoyed the feeling of her soft hair; although a village girl, she probably used most of her money for make-up and hair products; he kissed her brown hair with a gentle smooth, her delicate arms hugging him tightly, as she began to kiss his muscular chest almost in a trance, sometimes her little pink tongue would lick across his muscles, as he got more confidence, her novice kisses began to rise, from his chest to his neck and finally.

'I want to kiss like lovers, but I'm too shy, and I'm just a slut, bought for a night with gold...'

However, this meant nothing to Vincent, nor did he judge her, instead felt a strong sense of admiration for her taking the chances as she did; his hands slid down her hair, across her soft cheeks, lightly squishing them as she turned her eyes away, filled with shame at her thoughts until he once again shocked her.

A gentle kiss, his lips overlapping with hers, a slight smack as he waited for her to adjust, realising they were kissing while lightly pulling on her lower lip, continuing their soft kiss. After a few seconds, she responded, moving her lips, filled with more confidence; as he opened his mouth, she enjoyed the warmth of his breath, the slightly sweet scent and taste as she, too, opened her mouth, gingerly extending her tongue with a blushing face, as their tongues intertwining, exploring each other's mouths.

'I'm kissing a super handsome rich male!!'

'I'm kissing a cute village girl!'

After several minutes, their lips parted, allowing him to take in her sweet scent, the faint aroma of perfume mixed with her natural odour filling his nostrils. He didn't know why he liked that scent, but it was special.

Instead of letting go, he held her close to him, bringing her back onto the bed beside him, sitting upright, keeping his upper arm wrapped around her waist as he looked deeply into her eyes, seeing the lust in her dark orbs as her breathing calmed down.

"How does it feel?" He asked curiously, still holding her in place.

"So much better than anything else..." She replied honestly, looking embarrassed but pleased.

"That makes two of us." He whispered, leaning down and kissing her softly, making her blush brighter.

Soon, he broke off the kiss and pulled her closer to himself, lifting her by her ass, and placing her above his lap, sitting face to face. At the same time, his huge erect cock, began to throb as it pressed against her sticky slit that drooled along his shaft, with her head resting upon his shoulder, the position giving him access to her exposed cleavage, leaving her ample bust open to his gaze.

'His cock is touching my little pussy.... it's peeling my slit apart... so naughty... that thing will it fit? Won't I break!?'

He took advantage of this opportunity, cupping her soft tits and squeezing them gently, causing her to shiver as she gasped, her whole body shaking as he played with her large boobs, caressing them tenderly. As he stared into her eyes, he slowly pushed his hips upwards, rubbing his shaft along her slippery pussy, a light squelch from her thick honey as he squshed her lips, his bumps rubbing against her clitoris, causing the cute little Pamela to shudder once more, letting out a moan, before kissing him to mask her obscene sounds.

At the same time, he lifted her hips with one hand, forcing her to wrap around his erection, straddling him without any resistance or effort.

'It's finally going to happen, I'll become a woman, and those girls won't mock me anymore!'

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 184 9: The Cute Pamela [Part 2] [R18]