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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 182 7: Cute Innkeeper’s Daughter!

Thanks to the young guard, Sam, the carriage was parked, and all his horses were cared for with higher-grade feed for a low cost.

Still, the service caused Vincent to feel a little guilt seeing the starving family eating a thin soup for dinner, thus giving the normal fee and paying extra if their daughter would brush the horses in the morning.

Vincent had no idea now, but once he left would be remembered as a good noble with a kind heart by the people of Bluetear, his idea of money wasn't like nobles.

After living on the bare minimum, he liked to repay those who worked hard for him with a fair price.

Two hours later, in a small inn, the girls complained as some didn't want to leave the comfort of the carriage.

Thus, only Vincent, Zera, Vera and Momo would sleep in the inn together.

"Hmmm, this seems to be the place Sam mentioned," Vincent murmured, looking at the decent wooden house, three stories tall with white walls and a blue roof; there was a smaller table beside it, but not big enough for his carriage or horse.

'Sam didn't lie; the inn cannot handle my horses.'

Originally he thought the boy might have been lying to him, seeming to cheat him out of coin. However, that seems wrong, and he apologised to the lad in his heart.

Jingle! A bell sounded, a little cracked and off-tune, as the group opened the small double doors; a dull room with a few torches lighting it appeared.

The inn's reception had a soft woollen carpet which was dyed blue, with some basic furniture and light cushions to the left, with a rustic counter with various keys in square boxes behind a cute girl who looked to be around 25-26 years old, with curly brown hair and amber eyes.

"Ah!?" her voice was soft with a slight accent.

She seemed to be woken up by the bell, then noticed the group before straightening up and no longer taking a slight nap against the counter.

"W-welcome, noble sir and ladies; how might this little lady help you?"

Her voice was cute, it screamed rural and a simple village girl, but Vincent didn't judge people from their birth or lifestyles. He smiled towards her; the charm almost caused the poor girl to collapse as Zera and Vera rushed forward and began taping the bronze, cracked bell on the counter.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Vincent's brows twitched as he almost slapped their ass in front of this cute village girl.

However, a wonderful saviour appeared as Momo grabbed both of their tails, one like a bird's feather, the other two tiger tails and yanked them before quickly running away as the pair began to chase her with "ferocious" faces.

Soon after the chase started, both girls seemed to forget why they were chasing her and instead began to have more fun playing.

Vincent took this chance to apologise to the cute and embarrassed girl.

"Sorry about that; my companions are quite immature and silly. We didn't startle or offend you, I hope?" His hands reached across the counter, gently stroking the poor girl's hands as she stiffened

"My name is Vincent, and I would like to book a few room's if possible?" He said gently, the voice like an incubus, charming his target as she flushed red.

Pamela wasn't a stranger to being hit on; as one of the village's more beautiful girls, she would be asked many times about dating or starting a family; however still hadn't committed to any of the males, now faced with this sudden extreme challenge, she felt her entire defences were like tofu or wet paper.

"I-I...." She stuttered before his hands grasped tightly, causing her to take a sudden deep gasp of air.

"Don't worry; we won't rush you; feel relaxed and take your time." His soft smile and gentle words slowly help her anxiety and guard lower.

She thought nobles would be scarier and more forceful, hearing many horror stories of her friends being poisoned and then dumped after a night of passion; even if their bellies swelled, the nobles didn't care or believe it was theirs.

"W-we have two rooms available, my lord; they are double rooms and are quite expensive...."

Her eyes tried to look into his, but those scarlet red eyes almost enchanted her as she began to dart across his face, finding each part more perfect than the last.

In contrast, Pamela tried to ignore her racing heart and dampening loins, worried she would insult the noble guest and suffer a horrible fate.

"Hmmm, that's fine. I want both rooms. Is a gold coin enough for them?"

"A gold coin!?" Pamela gasped, her hands slamming against the counter, causing her small finger to turn red.

Pamela's eyes turned into circles, seeing the gold coin taken out like it was nothing. 'This is enough for my entire year's wages!' She thought, her legs shaking and suddenly leaking out something she heard in a city when she visited to buy special supplies with her mother.

"A gold coin is more than enough; that would even buy my first time!?"


Vincent leaned closer, softly pushing the golden coin into her palm, his lips close to her ears as he whispered, 'then will you be joining me tonight? My pretty little maiden?'

He only meant to tease her as he backed away, leaving the coin in her palm; inside his system, space was more than 200 gold coins, after all.

'Handsome, rich, and polite? Isn't this the perfect chance to lose my primrose?' Pamela thought to herself as she blushed cheeks, now redder than cherries, and looked up towards Vincent, who suddenly wanted to mention it was a joke.

However, her little head nodded before she wrote a time on his palm.

'Eh? She nodded!?' Vincent felt stunned, not realising his charm, and the more he interacted and gave affection to his women, the more skilled at dealing with women he became.

1:00 am

"Let me freshen up a little; then I will come tonight; please make my first night the most wonderous; that's all I ask! I will knock three times." Pamela began to grasp two sets of keys from the shelf behind her with slightly trembling legs, but her face and eyes seemed to be determined and filled with a sense of adventure.

Vincent grasped the keys as he felt a soft, warm sensation on his cheek; the innkeeper girl stood on her tiptoes and stretched her courage to kiss his cheek, leaving her warmth and scent on his body, before she rushed to the front door locked the key and rushed away into the back room.

A moment later, the water seemed to be poured into a basin in the back.

'Well, it's too late to say it was a joke now, right? Let's see where it goes, although those girls will be sad I won't share my room with them...'

As if by magic or hearing his thoughts, two energetic girls entered the room, carried on the back of a poor ragged wolf girl, her face flushed as they, too, grabbed onto her back and guided her like a horse.


"Get Vincent!"

In the distance on the second floor, a man with a weak voice spoke gently, "Whorina, we are running low on funds. Shall we head to the city and look for some work soon?"

Vincent had long forgotten the little soap opera displayed in the fragrant maiden several months ago, as the pair seemed to have lived in Bluetear village for a few months.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 182 7: Cute Innkeeper’s Daughter!