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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem!
Chapter 17 Ice Queen Vs Flame Knight

"Now then... Since my lord sleeps. Silvaria, come out!"

Efrita stepped back when several chunks of ice assaulted her previous position, forming a storm. Silvari appeared in her complete form. Her skin was a beautiful deep blue with a glass like shimmer. Crystals grew from various places on her body. Crystallised Ice replaced her right eye. It sparkled like gemstones in the dim light. Efrita's body filled with flame gave a dim light within the dark forest cavern.

"My, Efrita~ Why are you always so loud? I was enjoying my spirit being one with darling!"

"Tsk, cut the crap, you old bitch!" Efrita said in response.

Silvari snorted at her comment and with a snap of her fingers. Her storm grew larger now it almost filled the entire surrounding area. The snort irritated Efrita, pouring her Anima into her flames to melt the ice rapidly.

"Oh, no! What a shame! Little Efrita! Why did you call me out? You're going to melt my perfect body!"

She gave a fake cry and shudder before moving a step closer with a narrow blue eye that gleamed with ferocity. The two fought many times before entering their deep sleep. Both girls would claim it was 69 wins and 68 losses; however, the truth shrouded in mystery.

"Hmph! I didn't summon you because I wished to. You know that our lord now lacks his former talent as a mage, right?"

Efrita stepped closer to the snowstorm with a determined step. Her eyes filled with determination as she lowered her body before kneeling. She felt no shame or embarrassment as she placed her head against the floor to her bitter rival.

"Please, when the time comes, allow the lord to use your blood for his next rank up. I can only give him a powerful body and substantial amounts of stamina. Only you or Sylphir are talented at using Anima and magic. Vincent loves using magic, and I cannot stand to have been the one to take that from him. I beg of you! Silvaria!" Her flames billowed once more. She gave a sincere plea toward the shocked Silvari.

Two women stood less than a few metres away as Fire and Ice collided.

'I can only ask my bitter rival for help. How shameful as a knight… Please don't wake up. I can never allow my lord to see my shameful display,' Efrita thought in her mind.

She felt the snow ease for a moment before it focused on her. The bitter cold almost snuffed her flames completely and caused her to feel great pain in her body, like countless knives were piercing her body. She didn't retaliate because Silvari was like this. People who didn't know her would dub her the Ice witch or Tundra Devil.

'This girl never asked for help before. Haha, stupid girl, I was going to give him my blood, anyway. However, what can you withstand for him?' Silvari chuckled in her mind.

"Well, let me consider it Little Efrita."

Silvari never did things without reason and loved to explore a person's resolve when asking her a favour. Her methods were more brutal when she trusted or admitted someone. She once made a spirit cook her beloved rabbit before she would offer help in dealing with another spirit that attacked her territory. This woman was a low key sadist.


Her feet approached Efrita with a loud tap. She was still wondering what to ask of her for this favour. Silvari didn't care if she found out the truth. She felt it was fun because of her control over the other person. The girl placed her hand towards her lips and pretended to consider it further.

Efrita was shuddering on the ground, both with shame and irritation. 'This bitch is doing this on purpose. She knows what she wants to ask from the moment a person makes the question!'


A throne of ice grew from the ground with a crackle as Silvari placed her plump ass on it. She was immune to the cold, and so it felt amazing for her to sit upon it. Her gaze locked onto the kneeling Efrita as she started smirking with a devilish smile.

"Hehe, well, Efrita, my dear. Do two things for me, and I'll consider your plea."

Intense flames charred the ground beneath Efrita. Her hands were bright red as they caused the dirt to bubble and form a pseudo magma. She wished to grab this woman's hair and slam her into the ground until she shattered her face completely. 'This bitch, this bitch, this bitch!'

"I will accept that since you haven't turned this place into an inferno. You accept the terms. First, I want you to kiss my feet and call me eldest sister. Second, Vincent's virginity is mine. I forbid you from stealing it. You can have the sloppy seconds. How about you watch from the closet and masturbate as I steal him from you?"


Efrita's body exploded with large flames, causing the surrounding ice and ground to melt into a thick goo. She trembled as she crawled towards Silvari. 'It's for the lord's happiness, accept it. Don't worry, she will forget it once she loses interest!' Her face was close to the iced feet of Silvari. The only solace was that her feet were pristine.

"Keep your word!" Efrita said in a bitter tone.

"Ahhh… this feels so good. Oh, my! Control is addictive."

Silvari felt a shudder of delight as her she felt the warm touch of Efrita's lips pressing against her icy feet. She enjoyed acting submissively for Vincent, nor would she change herself just for this. Maybe leading all his summons would be a wonderful position to watch them all surrender to her as the eldest sister.


"Is this enough, Eldest sister Silvaria?"

"Ara ara, you don't have to call me that! You'll make me blush, Effy!" Silvari said with a joyful response.

Silvari's body shook for a moment as her Anima reached zero. Her body dissipated in orbs of light that entered inside Vincent's body. "I cannot wait till the next few days pass and I can return! Hehe little sister, please wait patiently and don't forget our deal."


The room exploded in flames, only the area where Vincent slept was untouched. Efrita felt a painful anger and humiliation fill her body. Her beloved lord was only a few steps away from her, which added to her feeling of disgrace.

Her flames eroded the dungeon, causing the tree's and forests to become a burnt wasteland. Vincent would have heard several warning noises sound if he was awake. A bolt of lightning struck her and slammed her into the ground.

When the smoke cleared, she was lying in a crater like a certain z warrior. The dungeon returned to normal as it became filled with the tree's and mountains a moment later as no longer scorched or turned into a burning wasteland.

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Summoner: Monster Girl Harem! Chapter 17 Ice Queen Vs Flame Knight