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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 480 - Thank You, Hubby (Revenge On Zhao Zhu)

Chapter 480: Thank You, Hubby (Revenge On Zhao Zhu)

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Xin Ziao’s face tensed up. “Since I dared to do it, I’m not afraid.”

Xin Zhanheng was so angry that he wanted to knock Xin Ziao’s head open. “You’re not afraid but I am. I was still wondering why the manager of the Guangdong region suddenly got knocked over and why someone smashed our company in Beijing overnight. Li Shaobin must’ve gotten someone to do it.”

“So be it. Our family has been through so many obstacles and difficulties. This is nothing,” Xin Ziao said expressionlessly.

“Nothing?” Xin Zhanheng scoffed. If he wasn’t trying his best to control himself, he would’ve smacked Xin Ziao. “Do you think the Li Family will let this matter rest? I think you’ve got water in your brain. Or are you bewitched by that woman, Ruan Yang?”

“Maybe I just take after you. Don’t you think?” Xin Ziao looked straight at him coldly. “You couldn’t forget the one in your heart for decades. Even though the woman was married, you were still willing to be with her secretly. You even divorced my mom because of her. Who do I take after if not you?”

“Shut up!” Xin Zhanheng suddenly slammed the table furiously.

The office suddenly became silent. He glared straight at his son in front of him and felt a mixture of emotions. He seemed to have recalled his younger days and the regret he always had. He slowly calmed down and said, “The Zhao Family is very influential. If you build a good relationship with your father-in-law, would you need to be wary of the Li Family? A man can only have the right to talk about love when he has enough power. I didn’t in the past. Now, I do. Besides, you know what kind of woman your mother is.”

“Then what about Zhao Zhu? I don’t like someone like her either,” Xin Ziao said angrily. “I’ve had enough of her. She’s a madwoman.”

“This madwoman can give you boundless glory and power,” Xin Zhanheng said coldly. “A man should know how to endure. On the night before Ruan Yang’s wedding, you went out to meet her. Zhao Zhu was sent to the police station but you didn’t even ask about her. It was the Zhao Family who found a way to get her out. If Zhao Zongtao didn’t give me a call, I wouldn’t even know about this. Do you know how biased the Zhao Family is against you now? Ziao, take a look at Dad and you should know. Life is only a few decades long. You will never know what will happen with certainty. Just like me, I still ended up with the woman I loved. You might be able to do that too.”

“I’m not you.” Xin Ziao felt an inexplicable disgust. “After all, the person who gave birth to me is my mom. Don’t say this in front of me anymore. Besides, Ruan Yang isn’t Xu Biping either. My heart isn’t as wide as yours. You knew she had a husband and child yet you could still bring yourself to meet her secretly.”

“And you think you’re very noble by doing this kind of thing to humiliate others at their wedding?” Xin Zhanheng scoffed. “I, your dad, might seem shameless to you, but I’m way better than you. At least I wouldn’t let the person I liked get humiliated so publicly. I would embrace and protect her from behind. This is why Xu Biping has still stayed by my side for so many years. Xin Ziao, if you carry on like this, you’re only going to ruin yourself sooner or later. Don’t perceive this to be jarring to the ears. You’re my only son. I also hope you can live a good life. Don’t be regretful when you’re left with nothing. Go to Zhao Zhu and Zhao Zongtao right now to apologize. Then go to the Li Family to apologize.”

‘I’m not going,” Xin Ziao said coldly with his fists clenched.

Xin Zhanheng squinted and pointed at him, saying every word clearly. “I command you to go.”

Xin Ziao lifted his head and met his gaze for a while before turning around and leaving, slamming the door behind him.

When he walked out of the office, he pulled out his phone, which was on silent mode, and saw more than 10 missed calls from Zhao Zhu.

He felt his scalp go numb and he said, “Crazy.”

He put his phone back into his pocket.

In the villa, Zhao Zhu smashed her phone on the floor frustratedly as she fell into Zhao Zongtao’s embrace, crying. “Dad, he’s ignoring me. He’s completely ignoring me.”

“Girl, don’t cry.” Zhao Zongtao caressed and patted her shoulder. “Dad will definitely make him come over to beg you to come home.” i𝘯𝚗𝗿𝗲α𝙙. c𝒐𝐦

“Dad, are you serious?” Zhao Zhu lifted her head up as she choked on her tears.

“Of course I am.” Zhao Zongtao caressed her head. The depths of his eyes were rolling with crashing waves. “You’re my daughter. If I could make him marry you, of course I can make him beg you.”


With Zhao Zongtao’s word, Zhao Zhu felt more reassured. Before Xin Ziao came to fetch her back, she would go out shopping with some friends. When she felt frustrated, she would sometimes go to a bar for a while.


One day, at around 12 am, she got back into her car after hanging out with a friend at the bar.

“Zhao Zhu, you had quite a lot of alcohol tonight. Do you want me to take you back?” A rich young lady of the Liang Family, who was with her, asked.

“It’s alright, I’m not drunk.” Zhao Zhu swung her hand away and got into her sports car.

She drove for a while and at a turn, a motorbike suddenly crashed into her car.

She got out angrily. “Are you blind? Do you know how to drive? Do you know how much my car costs? Someone like you will never be able to pay for it...”

“Miss, I’m sorry, I’m sorry...” The two men from the motorbike apologized quickly.

“What’s the point of saying sorry? This isn’t over if you don’t compensate me at least a few ten thousands,” Zhao Zhu said as she pulled her phone out, preparing to call the traffic police.

“Miss, you must be Zhao Zhu, right?” the man with a cigarette in his hand suddenly said.

“Glad that you know who I am...” Zhao Zhu lifted her head up and that person suddenly blew the smoke out at her. Zhao Zhu was enraged. “How dare you...”

Before she could finish speaking, she suddenly felt dizzy, and just like that, she lost consciousness.


When she regained consciousness once again, she was almost sober. She realized that she was lying in a dark room and she could faintly see four men standing by the bed. Their figures were all different. Some were short and some were fat. These people reeked of alcohol and cigarettes, and all of them were topless.

She felt a sense of apprehension that she had never felt before. She tried to move and realized that her limbs were all tied up. Also, her clothes were all gone. She shrieked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

“Oh, you’re awake?” A small-eyed, flat-nosed man full of stubble came over and looked at her sinisterly.

Zhao Zhu was horrified. She wanted to curl up into a ball but she couldn’t move. She was so afraid that she started crying. “Let go of me right now. Is it money that you want? My dad has money. I’ll get him to transfer a lot of money right now. Please let me go.”

“We don’t want your dad’s money. Someone will give us even more money.” A fat man with a cigarette in his mouth started to undo his belt. “We can enjoy you and get money. Isn’t that better? We want to have a go at you rich ladies too...”

“No, I beg you!” Zhao Zhu shrieked in horror. “Who paid you to do this? I can give you even more money. A hundred million, two hundred million. Name your price...”

“That won’t do. We’re not the kind of people who would go back on our word easily. Let me tell you—you should just give up. Tonight, we’re going to have fun with you.” The fat man pinched her chin and started smiling lewdly.


In the middle of the night, Ruan Yang flipped over in bed and suddenly felt that it was empty beside her. Although it was still warm, there was no one there.

She sat up slowly and switched on the lights. She picked up her thermos flask for a sip of warm water but realized that the water had gone cold.

Just then, she heard the door open softly. Li Shaobin walked in with his pajamas on and when he saw that she was awake, he was stunned. “Yangyang, why are you awake?”

“I’m thirsty.” Ruan Yang looked at the phone in his hand. “You were on a call at this time?”

“Mm, Hu Zhi had something urgent for me just now. I was afraid that I would wake you up, so I went out to take the call.” Li Shaobin put the phone down and took her thermos flask. He said, “The water’s cold. I’ll add some hot water.”

“Mm.” Ruan Yang nodded. She didn’t want to drink cold water either. She smiled at him. “Thank you, hubby.”

Under the warm light, half of her shoulder was exposed and her thin pajamas wrapped around her jade-like skin like silk. Her dark hair fell messily on her shoulders, her little face was gorgeous and her smile was graceful. Li Shaobin felt his chest heating up and he went downstairs with the thermos flask agitatedly.

He came back up with warm water and Ruan Yang took a few sips before sliding back under the covers. The man’s cold feet always tended to graze her calves which gave her a cooling sensation.

Li Shaobin turned over to hug her as he played with her hair. “Yangyang, have you been feeling better the past few days? Let’s go home for dinner tomorrow.”

“... Mm.” Ruan Yang nodded. She didn’t know what situation she would have to face at the Li Household tomorrow, but what had to come would come.

However, the thought of the Li family members not being as nice to her as they were before made it hard to sleep. However, she didn’t move out of fear of waking Li Shaobin. However, she realized he couldn’t sleep either. He fidgeted carefully several times but still couldn’t fall asleep.

“What are you thinking about?” She was shocked because he would usually fall asleep the moment he hit the bed. Li Shaobin was simply a lazy pig who loved sleeping.

“Mm, nothing.” Li Shaobin turned over and held her shoulder as he said gently, “Let’s sleep.”


The night was long and endless.

When it had finally ended, Zhao Zhu felt as though she was a shell robbed of her soul. No, she felt like a torn and tattered cloth that was thrown away.

Never in her life would she believe what she had gone through in these two short hours.

Her body felt as though it was tormented to death. She wanted to vomit but she couldn’t.

Of the four men, one of them was an old man.

She didn’t know when they released her limbs. One of the men wiped his body with a tissue and casually threw it on her. He scoffed. “Worse than the prostitutes outside. No wonder he wants to divorce you.”

“Who are you? Who sent you here?” Zhao Zhu crawled up hysterically but she fell back down weakly after just managing to prop herself up on her arms.

She shook like a sieve and screamed in despair.

The men surrounded her and laughed as they watched her. “Just look at yourself. Did you enjoy it? Didn’t you try your best to climb to someone’s bed? It’s a pity he doesn’t even like you. Let me tell you—get divorced quickly. Otherwise, everyone will find out about what happened today soon. Think about it.”

The few men opened the door and left one by one.

Zhao Zhu shrieked crazily as though she had just crawled out of hell. It was Xin Ziao. It must’ve been Xin Ziao who found people to force her to get a divorce using such a despicable method.

Why must he use such a despicable way to harm her when she loved him so much?

“AHAHAH! XIN ZIAO, I WON’T LET YOU OFF!” Her eyes were burning with a layer of crazy rage.


At Li Hall, Yan Molun sat on the left side while Li Shaobin sat on the right side with a cigarette in his mouth. He had another cigarette propped up on his ear. He lowered his gaze and looked at Hu Zhi standing in front of him. There was a different kind of viciousness on his face. “Was it done properly?”

“Boss, don’t worry. Even if Zhao Zongtao were to investigate the matter, it won’t lead to us,” Hu Zhi said with a smile. “The more he investigates, the more he’ll think it was Xin Ziao who got someone to do it. Besides, Zhao Zhu is already sure it’s Xin Ziao. She isn’t very smart when she’s rash. I think she’s probably already mad with rage by now.”

“You’re getting more and more unscrupulous at how you do things.” Yan Molun looked at the rosewood table and looked disapprovingly at Li Shaobin with a soft laugh. “Interesting. Killing with a borrowed knife. This Zhao Zhu. Chuyi and I have long wanted to teach her a lesson. I didn’t think she would end up falling in your hands. I suppose she got what she deserved. Indeed, she’s a ticking time-bomb if you leave her outside like that. It’s inevitable for something to happen.”

“If she didn’t cause me to lose my child, I wouldn’t want to do such a thing.” Li Shaobin breathed smoke out. “You know that I haven’t done anything like this for a very long time. Next, we’ll just wait for the good news slowly. I believe Zhao Zhu won’t let me down.”

“I’ll wait and see.” Yan Molun’s lips curled up.


At around 4 pm, Li Shaobin drove over to pick Ruan Yang up. She was dressed in a blue sweatshirt, tapered pants, and sports shoes. Her complexion was better than a few days ago.

“Yangyang, is there a need to go over so early? It’s still very early,” Li Shaobin said.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 480 - Thank You, Hubby (Revenge On Zhao Zhu)