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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 479 - I Will Recover Quickly. At Least Im Feeling Very Blessed With You By My Side Now

Chapter 479: I Will Recover Quickly. At Least I’m Feeling Very Blessed With You By My Side Now

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Ruan Yang fell silent for a while with the soup spoon in her hand. She reached her hand out slowly and held his hand.

Li Shaobin was stunned. He froze for a while and heard her say softly, “Shaobin, I will recover well.”

“Yangyang...” Li Shaobin was surprised. No one knew how hurt he was by what she said yesterday. He didn’t regret it but he was afraid that she would regret marrying him because he didn’t protect her well and caused her to be hurt once again.

“Xin Ziao just wanted me to be unhappy and doesn’t want me to be happy.” Ruan Yang licked her dry lips as she said guiltily, “We live our lives for ourselves. I can’t be defeated just like that. We’re already married. From now on, we have to make our marriage work. I believe that as long as we like each other, things will get better.”

Besides, Li Shaobin sincerely treated her well. No matter what, she didn’t want to break his heart again. From today onwards, she would cherish this person in front of her.

Li Shaobin was overjoyed. He had finally heard some words that made him happy since yesterday. “As long as you don’t feel terrible, we can get better right now. Yangyang, I just want to see you laugh. Even if you don’t laugh, a smile will do. Although... you don’t seem to smile as sweetly when you’re with me compared to when you were with Xin Ziao...”

After saying that, his eyes seemed to dim a little.

Ruan Yang was stunned. “Don’t let your thoughts run wild.”

“... Mm. I’m not letting my thoughts run wild. Yesterday, when I saw the photos of the two of you together, you were smiling so brightly and sweetly in every photo.” Li Shaobin tried to force out a smile. “But it’s alright. After all, you were with him for a very long time. One day, I will make you smile as sweetly when you’re with me.”

“Shaobin...” Ruan Yang’s eyes started to moisten and redden. Her grip on his hand also tightened a little.

She finally understood what Xin Ziao’s true intentions were. They weren’t only to embarrass the Li Family but also to form a knot in Li Shaobin’s heart.

How could she be so stupid? Just because he said he didn’t take it to heart, how could she really take his word for it?

Men were sometimes just like women.

“It was just a few photos.” She stood up, pulled his hand away and sat on his thigh. She put her arms around his neck and said with her head up high, “That’s right. In the past, when I was with Xin Ziao, things were very sweet, but there were actually a lot of times where we were in a Cold war and fought. Every day was just like walking on eggshells—I had to be very careful. But with you, it’s different. I feel at ease. I don’t have to be afraid of losing you because you’re by my side. Before I regained my memories, I also often felt that our time together was very sweet. It’s just that after I regained my memories, I recalled some of the pain from the past so I’m usually more melancholic. Sometimes, I overthink things. I’m not confident in myself. Believe me—I will get better soon. At least I feel very blessed with you by my side now.”

“Yangyang...” Li Shaobin’s chest moved up and down vigorously from the agitation. Actually, he didn’t sleep very well last night. He kept thinking about the photos and about the lost child.

He might seem carefree but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about anything.

There were times when he doubted if she had really forgotten about Xin Ziao and if she really liked him.

In the past, he only wanted to be with her.

But when he achieved that, he wanted to take up all of her heart.

“Then... do you still like Xin Ziao?” He tried to sound her out.

“How’s that possible?” Ruan Yang was dumbfounded. It was as though he had asked a very weird question. “He did all that to me and already destroyed the beautiful love between us. Right now, I only have hate left for him.”

“Mm, then I feel reassured.” Li Shaobin lowered his head and kissed her cheek. She was in a bad mood so she didn’t even apply moisturizer on her face, but she still smelled good.

Ruan Yang lifted her chin slightly and he kissed her dry lips, moisturizing them once again.

Li Shaobin took a deep breath and he passed his fiery breath into her mouth. When she took it in, he felt his spine tingling with agitation.

He wished he could hug her even tighter and give her an even deeper kiss.

How could Ruan Yang not understand how he felt? He wrapped his arm around her waist snugly.

She caressed his chest gently. He had always been the one comforting her. She should also comfort him.

“Aiya!” An exclamation suddenly came from the direction of the door. The part-time helper saw this awkward scene the moment she stepped out of the kitchen with a plate of vegetables. She didn’t know whether to turn around or not.

Ruan Yang blushed and quickly stood up from his lap.

Li Shaobin pouted unhappily and glared at the part-time helper with annoyance. It was really annoying to have someone in the house because they would always be disturbed, but without a part-time helper, there would be no one to do the cleaning and cooking which was also annoying.

The part-time helper seemed to be exceptionally afraid of him. She quickly put the dish on the table and scooted back to the kitchen. Ruan Yang wanted to invite her to eat together but she ran away too quickly.

“Stop pulling a face. She was just serving the dishes.” Ruan Yang used her finger to poke his puffed-out cheeks.

Her finger was soft and the moment she poked him, Li Shaobin’s heart melted. He pulled his chair in and got some vegetables for her. “Yangyang, the first thing we should do after getting married is to eat to our fill. You ate too little in the morning, so if you don’t finish a bowl of rice for lunch, you’re not allowed to leave.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Ruan Yang nodded with her heart warmed up.

After lunch, Ruan Yang went upstairs for a nap while Li Shaobin drove to Li Hall.


Within a day, the photos of Ruan Yang and Xin Ziao that appeared during Li Shaobin’s wedding were spreading virally among the wealthy.

When Xin Zhanheng heard news of it, he was so angry that he smashed the porcelain vase in his hands and got someone to call Xin Ziao over to the office quickly.

Xin Ziao was away on a business trip and only appeared in Xin Zhanheng’s office the next morning.

The moment he saw Xin Ziao, Xin Zhanheng blew his top. “Xin Ziao, where is your brain? Do you think you’re God now? Do you think you can be lawless? Do you know you’re doing yourself in?”

Xin Ziao said coldly, “That might not be the case. Although the Li Family is very influential, we don’t need to be afraid of them.” 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

Xin Zhanheng slammed the table hard. “Li Zhongchi and Li Jinchi aren’t ordinary people. If you have two brothers like them, you can also be lawless. Do you think the two brothers would let matters rest if you publicly humiliated the Li Family like that?”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 479 - I Will Recover Quickly. At Least Im Feeling Very Blessed With You By My Side Now