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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 478 - Shaobin, Do You Regret Marrying Me?

Chapter 478: Shaobin, Do You Regret Marrying Me?

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Ruan Yang thought it would be impossible to act as though nothing had happened.

That was her child. Before she could even think about whether it was male or female, it died.

Even if she were to conceive again, it wouldn’t be this child. It’d be another one.

Even if it was just a tiny egg, it was still a life.

Would it hate itself for implanting itself into her womb? It must’ve felt it was very unlucky. If the mother was someone else, it could’ve been born.

Ruan Yang shrank into the pillow weakly.

The more embracing and loving Li Shaobin was, the more guilty she felt.

She only wanted to start life anew and start a family. Why was it so difficult?

Her eye makeup smudged because of her tears and the makeup on her face clumped up.

Ruan Yang, the perfectionist, would never allow herself to become like this. However, at this moment, she no longer cared about her image. The pain in her heart was already overwhelming enough.

Li Shaobin held her hand. It was very cold.

His heart wrung up.

He swore that this time, he would definitely make Xin Ziao and his wife pay a painful price for his child.


Normally, a wedding night would be filled with love and warmth, but right now, Ruan Yang was lying on a white bed. Although she was in a VIP ward, the paleness of her face was still very striking.

Ruan Yang refused to talk all this while. She just kept lying there and she fell asleep with exhaustion.

At around 11 pm, Hu Zhi brought over a change of clothes. Li Shaobin was afraid to wake her up, so he took off her Chinese wedding gown carefully. Thankfully, the buttons on the gown were at the side of the chest so it was easy to take off. After helping her change into her pajamas, Li Shaobin changed out of his mandarin jacket and walked out of the ward cautiously.

“Boss, have some food.” Hu Zhi passed him the dumplings that he bought.

“No, I don’t have the appetite.” Aside from anger, Li Shaobin was also exhausted. Ever since he was young, other than in love, he got whatever he wanted and people rarely dared to provoke him. He had never thought that one day, he would be forced into such a situation. “Have you caught that Zheng Qianjie?”

“We’ve already discovered his tracks. We should be able to catch him before day breaks,” Hu Zhi said. “Zhao Zhu will be released from the police station tomorrow. If she was the one who harmed Miss Ruan, do you think that while she’s still inside, we should...”

Hu Zhi used his hand to mimic a blade cutting across his neck.

“Do you think I’m mad? If she were to die inside, the people at the station would definitely get into trouble with the Zhao Family.” Li Shaobin’s eyes were filled with a chill. “Just let her come out and give her a couple of days to relax. From tomorrow onwards, let our brothers from all over the country know that as long as that company belongs to the Xin Family, they have to do whatever they can to do them in.”

“... Yes.” Hu Zhi sighed heavily. He could already sense how busy he would be in the days to come.

“Also, don’t let my family know about this in case they get worried,” Li Shaobin instructed him.

“Yes.” Hu Zhi nodded.


The next day, when Ruan Yang woke up, the sky was grey and it was drizzling.

Although spring was the season of life, there was also more rain than usual.

She sat up. Someone seemed to have slept on one side of the bed. The pillow had a dent.

She felt the bed but it was already cold. She picked up her phone on the table at the side and looked at the time. It was already past 8 am. She actually didn’t know how long she had slept for, probably because she was too exhausted from not having a proper rest the night before.

“Oh, Miss Ruan, you’re awake.” A middle-aged woman came in with a thermal flask. It was the caretaker who took care of Ruan Yang when she got hospitalized after the car accident.

Ruan Yang was stunned. The caretaker said, “Young Master Li has gone to the airport to send your parents off. He was afraid there would be no one around when you woke up, so he got me to come over to take care of you.”

“Oh.” Only then did Ruan Yang recall that her parents and relatives were going back to Guangzhou today. Their flight was at 10 am. It was about time they left for the airport. She quickly took her phone and called Zhang Shulin. “Mom...”

“You’re awake?” Zhang Shulin said. “You’re such a lazy pig. Rest well at home. Shaobin said you had a long day yesterday and were too tired, so you couldn’t get up this morning. He didn’t wake you up and came to send us off by himself.”

Ruan Yang was stunned. Didn’t Li Shaobin tell Zhang Shulin about her miscarriage?

“What happened, has happened. It can’t be helped. Shaobin didn’t take it to heart either and still dotes on you a lot. You have to cherish him. I think he really loves you,” Zhang Shulin said softly. “The Li Family lost a lot of face because of what happened yesterday. Try to get pregnant as soon as possible and they’ll forget about that matter sooner or later.”

Ruan Yang felt her heart wringing in pain. It seemed like Li Shaobin really didn’t tell Zhang Shulin about her miscarriage.

“I got it.” That was fine too. Otherwise, her parents would be worried. “Then be careful on your way back. Give me a call when you get home.”

“Alright. I’ll go over to visit you when I’m free. If it wasn’t because your dad and I couldn’t stand the erratic weather here, we would’ve stayed for a couple of days more. Guangzhou is still warmer than here. It’s almost summer already.” Zhang Shulin chuckled and hung up.

Ruan Yang spaced out for a while. The caretaker poured some porridge into a bowl. There were several red beans and dates in the porridge. It was all very nutritious food that would help to replenish energy and blood.

The caretaker said, “Young Master Li initially told me to make some chicken too, but he was afraid that you would find it too greasy to have in the morning. Have a little more. Once your body recovers, you’ll be able to conceive again very quickly.”

Ruan Yang felt her heart aching once again. She really had no appetite but she forced herself to finish half a bowl.


At around 11 am, when Li Shaobin returned, Ruan Yang was settling her discharge procedures.

Although it had already been a night, her complexion was still very bad. The color on her face looked almost like the color of the wall especially after she washed her face clean.

She didn’t want to stay at the hospital, so Li Shaobin didn’t force her. After all, the doctor said she could be discharged.

He took her back to the villa and it was still decorated with the word “happiness” in bright red. There were pink and blue balloons all over the living room, but right now, all this only seemed like mockery in Ruan Yang’s eyes. “Let’s clean all this up.”

“Mm.” Li Shaobin was afraid her thoughts would run wild, so he would abide by whatever she said. “Go upstairs and lie down or you can read a book or watch television. Just rest for a few days.”

This time, he had a strict tone. He was rarely this serious. “Yangyang, I know you’re feeling terrible inside. I feel just as terrible. But we’re going to spend a lifetime together. Don’t say things like ‘we shouldn’t be married anymore’—it’s really upsetting. I was careless this time, but I guarantee that such things won’t happen again.”

Ruan Yang thought about the fact that he had kept her miscarriage from her parents and sighed helplessly. “This wasn’t your fault; you’ve already done very well. Shaobin, do you regret marrying me?”

“What’s there to regret?” Li Shaobin frowned. “Ruan Yang, that’s really hurtful. I’ve never regretted anything in my life. As long as I put in my best effort, whether things turn out well or not, I don’t regret it.”

Ruan Yang’s eyes were filled with envy.

It was great to be able to live like that.

If only she was this carefree.

“Was Xin Ziao behind what happened yesterday during the wedding?” Ruan Yang suddenly said. “You should get someone to investigate.”

Li Shaobin didn’t want her to find out. But since she asked, he answered honestly. “Mm, it was him. He instructed one of the hotel staff to do it and gave him a lot of money.”

“Did you catch that staff?” Ruan Yang asked again.

Li Shaobin pressed his lips together and didn’t say anything.

At 6 am today, Hu Zhi caught him on the outskirts of Northern City. He had already confessed that he was bribed by Xin Ziao’s men. Zheng Qianjie had never seen so much money before, so he boldly offended Li Shaobin. At first, he was thinking he could just run away after committing the deed, but he didn’t think that he wouldn’t be able to escape from Li Shaobin’s clutches.

Right now, he had no idea where Hu Zhi had taken Zheng Qianjie. Maybe he maimed Zheng Qianjie or maybe he sent Zheng Qianjie to jail to serve a life sentence. After all, Hu Zhi would never give someone he had tortured a chance to seek revenge.

Ruan Yang didn’t probe further. She turned to go upstairs.

She didn’t really know about his world, but no matter what he did, she wouldn’t try to talk him out of it.

She could also sense Li Shaobin’s anger. He would definitely do something to Xin Ziao.

She didn’t want to interfere with how he was going to do it. She’d let them be.

During lunch, the servant prepared a table full of nourishing dishes.

Ruan Yang picked up the bowl of silkie chicken soup. One sniff was enough for her to know that there were several herbs in it.

Just as Li Shaobin watched her take a sip, he received a call from He Mingshan. “Binbin, come back tonight for dinner.”

“Mm... no. I’m thinking of taking Ruan Yang to go on a honeymoon today.” Li Shaobin sounded a little frustrated as he said, “Stop disturbing me; I’ll be back in a couple of days.”

“This child. Why didn’t you say so yesterday?” He Mingshan grumbled.

“A honeymoon is a must after a wedding. You just need to use your brain a little,” Li Shaobin said.

He Mingshan was already used to his temper so she didn’t say anything else.

“Is it really alright to lie to your mom like that?” Ruan Yang asked.

“If they were to find out about your miscarriage, they would feel even worse,” Li Shaobin said. ‘I did initially want to take you on a honeymoon trip. When you get better, I’ll take you to a warm place with flowers to have fun.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 478 - Shaobin, Do You Regret Marrying Me?