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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 477 - Maybe She Just Doesnt Deserve To Be Happy

Chapter 477: Maybe She Just Doesn’t Deserve To Be Happy

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He had successfully made this perfect wedding disgusting.

And also caused the Li Family to be embarrassed in front of their guests.

At the same time, there was also a knot and awkwardness between her and Li Shaobin.

He had shattered her marriage with Li Shaobin.

They were once in love and she never did anything to let him down. Why must he go so overboard?

Must he make it impossible for her to move on after they broke up?

“He’s really a piece of scum,” Changqing said through clenched teeth.

Ruan Yang fell silent bitterly and felt as though she could only suck it up because she was once in love with a piece of scum.

When the banquet ended, it was already past dinner time.

Li Jinchi, Li Zhongchi, and Li Shaobin saw the guests off at the entrance and when they were on their way back, they ran into He Mingshan and Li Congyang. He Mingshan was pulling a long face. “The reputation of your dad, your brothers, and myself that we’ve built up with so much effort was completely tarnished by you.”

“So be it. I’m used to having a bad reputation anyway,” Li Shaobin said coldly.

He Mingshan was frustrated. “You’ve had it easy. You don’t know how the guests saw this wedding. There were already people gossiping when you wanted to marry Ruan Yang. Now, something like this just had to happen. The entire family just wanted to hide in a hole this afternoon. After tonight, we’ll definitely become a laughing stock.”

“Let them laugh.” Li Shaobin was already in a bad mood to begin with, so his anger rose. “Don’t you love to gloat and laugh at people as well? You women—why must you care so much about face and reputation? Can that feed you? Things will be fine as long as we feel that they’re fine.”


“Alright, alright. Stop arguing,” Old Master Li said. “The wedding is already over. Our in-laws are still in this hotel. What happens if they were to overhear this? Now that it’s already happened, we have to swallow it down no matter how unsettling it feels.”

“Xin Ziao must’ve been behind this,” Li Zhongchi said. “This Xin Ziao is actually such a vile person. He’s obviously trying to slap the Li Family in the face. From today onwards, there’s going to be a war between the Li Family and Xin Family. I won’t let this go. Otherwise, people might think the Li Family are pushovers.”

Li Jinchi nodded. “I’ll pick on the Xin Family’s business after this. Alright, it’s been a long day. Let’s go back. Shaobin, bring Ruan Yang back to your house to rest early and come over tomorrow morning for breakfast.”


After seeing his family off, he went to the waiting room to look for Ruan Yang. Ruan Yang was surrounded by Zhang Shulin and Ruan Po as they reprimanded her.

When he entered, he happened to hear Ruan Po saying angrily, “I don’t even know where your eyes went to in the past to have liked someone like that...”

“Dad, don’t blame Ruan Yang anymore.” Li Shaobin quickly closed the door and said, “It was my fault for not making sure things went smoothly.”

Ruan Po sighed. “If she had been more careful in the past and not left such photos behind, they wouldn’t have been used like this. Shaobin, I’m really very sorry to have embarrassed your family. I was apologizing to your family just now. Although they didn’t say much, I still feel very bad.”

“Dad, don’t apologize. We’re a family from today onwards and Ruan Yang is my wife. No matter what obstacles there are ahead of us, we will face them together,” Li Shaobin said. “I’ll get someone to send you to the Rong estate to rest.”

“It’s been hard on you.” After hearing Li Shaobin say that, he felt increasingly apologetic.


At around 8 pm, the Rolls-Royce drove into the courtyard of the villa. The villa was decorated very joyously with ribbons and lanterns.

Ruan Yang had been sitting there listlessly in the backseat with her head against the window.

Li Shaobin thought it was because she was still troubled by what happened earlier in the day. He got his spirits up and carried her out of the car as he said with a grin, “Yangyang, don’t be unhappy anymore. It’s time we consummate our marriage. Did you forget what you promised me yesterday?”

“Mm, alright,” Ruan Yang replied softly. She forced out a slight smile and hooked her arms around his neck.

Li Shaobin kicked his shoes off at the door and kissed her as he walked to the living room.

He put her on the couch and Li Shaobin started to undo the buttons on his mandarin jacket impatiently. However, he had never worn something like this before, so he struggled with it for a very long time. He was frustrated and said, “Yangyang, help me with it.”

Ruan Yang reached over slowly and tried to unbutton it, but after a very long time, she ended up being slower than him. Her hands started to tremble even more violently and after a while, she said as she clenched her teeth, “Let’s stop. I’m feeling a little unwell.”

Li Shaobin was stunned and held her hand. He realized it was cold and trembling. He felt his heart wringing. “Yangyang, where do you feel unwell? Is it because you’re too tired?”

“My stomach.” After saying that, Ruan Yang’s hand suddenly froze. She let go of his hand and touched herself under her skirt.

Her skirt was red and when she pulled her hand out, her hand was also red.

Li Shaobin’s lips froze. “Yangyang, are you on your period?”

After saying that, he suddenly remembered it wasn’t time for Ruan Yang’s period. He remembered very clearly that her period was at the beginning of the month because they couldn’t have sex during her period. However, it was already midway through the month.

Ruan Yang bit her lip and even her teeth were stained red.

Li Shaobin felt a chill down his spine. He quickly picked her up. “I’ll take you to the hospital.” i𝙣𝐧r𝑒𝘢𝒅. 𝚌𝚘m

Ruan Yang didn’t say anything. She didn’t even have the strength to speak.

When she woke up at 6 am today, she was already feeling unwell and this continued for the entire day. Her stomach had been feeling very uncomfortable. At first, she thought she caught a cold, that she just didn’t get enough rest, that it could’ve been a problem with her metabolism, or that her period, which was late, was coming. She had always refused to admit that it might be the scariest possibility.


At the hospital, there was chaos everywhere.

When Li Shaobin heard what the doctor said, he felt his head spinning. Today was a joyous day and he was still wearing his wedding clothes, causing people to cast their gazes at him like he was a weirdo.

After a very long while, he heard himself spit out the words: “What did you say?”

“Young Master Li, your wife was bleeding profusely from her vagina. She had a miscarriage. We’ve just finished with the miscarriage procedures but you have to be very careful with your personal hygiene.” The doctor also felt quite upset for him. “Don’t be too upset—you can still conceive after this. The two of you are still young.”

Li Shaobin grabbed his coat and said angrily, “When did my wife conceive?”

“She’s... she’s four weeks into her pregnancy.” The doctor was shocked by his fierce look. “When you brought her over, the fetus was already dead in her womb...”

“Why did it suddenly die?” Li Shaobin’s chest moved up and down vigorously and he looked as though he was about to eat the doctor up. It was as though the one who harmed his child was this doctor in front of him.

The doctor felt like crying. “I don’t know either. It might’ve been because of external factors. There are several causes of miscarriage. But your wife’s body is in very good condition. As long as she recovers properly, she can still conceive very quickly.”

Li Shaobin pushed him hard and bared his teeth as he uttered, “Scram.”

The doctor escaped out quickly.

Li Shaobin leaned against the wall and traced his thoughts back to possible reasons for Ruan Yang’s miscarriage. He didn’t realize back then, but now that he thought about it, Ruan Yang didn’t look very well last night when she returned. She was still fine when she was doing her makeup as she prepared to go out earlier that night. Throughout the entire wedding today, she didn’t seem to have much color in her face either. He just thought that it was because she was too tired or it was because of what happened in the afternoon. Now that he thought about it, it might’ve been signs of her miscarriage.

Xin Ziao, Xin Ziao...

He shook as he clenched his fist. He had always loved children. If they hadn’t lost the child today, he definitely would’ve lost his head with happiness with the news of having a child on top of today being his big day.

However, right now, he was certainly so upset that he felt like killing someone.


After a good 10 minutes, he calmed himself down and returned to the ward. Ruan Yang was already awake and was sitting propped against the pillow. She was still wearing her bright red wedding gown and her long hair was let down. Her makeup wasn’t removed but at this moment, it couldn’t conceal her pale and haggard face.

When she saw him enter, she only followed him with her dark eyes but didn’t say anything.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier... that you were feeling unwell?” Li Shaobin’s eyes reddened. His heart was in pain and he was trying his best to suppress it.

“If I did, could we have stopped the wedding or come to the hospital?” Ruan Yang smiled sadly and tears rolled down her cheeks silently. “There were so many guests waiting for us. Besides, I didn’t know...”

“Then you should’ve noticed when the miscarriage happened.” There were flames rising in Li Shaobin’s eyes. “Was it last night when you were in Xin Ziao’s car and Zhao Zhu crashed into you with her car?”

Ruan Yang pressed her lips together and turned her head away. Last night, when she went to grab the steering wheel, the car was knocked into from behind and her abdomen happened to knock into the gearshift in front while her forehead knocked into the dashboard. At that moment, she only felt the pain in her head and neglected her abdomen.

After a long while, Ruan Yang said listlessly, “Perhaps we shouldn’t have gotten married.”

Maybe I don’t deserve to be happy.

If they hadn’t gotten married, The Li Family wouldn’t be so embarrassed. If they hadn’t gotten married, Xin Ziao wouldn’t have sought her out and Zhao Zhu wouldn’t have turned so crazy. There wouldn’t have been a child and the child wouldn’t have been lost.

“Don’t say something like that.” Li Shaobin tried his best to suppress his sorrow and anger. He knew she was also a victim. He didn’t blame her. Not at all. He was just afraid that before their married life had even begun, she would start to be pessimistic. “The doctor said we can still have a child. As long as you recover well, we can make a child again next month. Ruan Yang, it’s alright. It’s really alright.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 477 - Maybe She Just Doesnt Deserve To Be Happy