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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 475 - The Awkwardness During The Wedding

475 The Awkwardness During The Wedding

“Aiyo, you’re really on another level—a level so high that we’re all getting goosebumps.” Duoyao shuddered.

Li Shaobin ignored her and proceeded to pull out a newly bought diamond ring from his pocket as he kneeled down. Usually, the groom would kneel on one knee but he went down on both knees.

Ruan Yang got a shock when she saw that and Duoyao exclaimed, “Wow, what a powerful stance! Who kneels like that?”

“You don’t know anything. As long as Ruan Yang is willing to marry me, I’m fine with my status at home being like this.” Li Shaobin raised his chest up high, not ashamed at all. “Yangyang, marry me.”

Even Ruan Yang felt embarrassed for him. She nodded and Li Shaobin quickly put the ring on her. After that, he carried her happily downstairs while Guan Ying helped her with the train trailing behind.

Duoyao pulled Yan Molun back enviously. “When we get married in the future, you have to kneel like that too.”

Yan Molun glanced at her and only spat out three words: “in your dreams”.

Duoyao refused to give in. “Look at how Li Shaobin kneels without anyone forcing him. If you’re not willing to do it, it means you don’t love me as much as Li Shaobin loves Ruan Yang.”

“Then go and ask Song Chuyi if he would be willing to kneel to Changqing like that,” Yan Molun said lightly.

Duoyao pouted. Needless to say, the answer would be no.

She sighed. “Ruan Yang is so lucky. Li Shaobin is even willing to put down his pride for her. Your feelings for me are so superficial compared to his. Your pride is more important to you.”

“It’s a difference in personality.” Yan Molun felt his head hurting slightly. He could finally understand how Song Chuyi felt back then.

Although they might be best friends, women also liked to compare among themselves.

“Your man isn’t so submissive. Alright, I have to follow as the best man. Cut it out.” Yan Molun pulled her hand away and rushed downstairs. 𝙞𝓷𝙣r𝚎𝓪𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝒎

Duoyao snorted. She didn’t think that was being submissive. Besides, it was no big deal for a man to be submissive in front of his wife.


Li Shaobin was very high-profile. He had a good 22 Rolls-Royces for his wedding procession.

Ruan Yang sat in a car and her scalp went numb as she watched the passers-by outside casting curious glances over.

“Yangyang, stop looking out. The photographer is taking photos of us.” Li Shaobin turned her face over and gave her a kiss.

Ruan Yang wiped the lipstick mark at the corner of his mouth and said softly, “Can’t you tone it down a little? You even got so many expensive cars.”

“My gosh, this is already very toned down,” Li Shaobin said with protest. “I wanted to personally fly the helicopter over to fetch you at first, but I listened to you and got wedding cars instead.”

Thinking about the image of him fetching her in his helicopter made Ruan Yang’s head spin. That was so extravagant. “This is already very high-profile. The reporters just need to do a little asking around to know that I’m the one getting married.”

“So be it. Your husband is so handsome; are you afraid you can’t show me off?” Li Shaobin held her hand. “Yangyang, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. Forget that you aren’t willing to get married abroad, but even if we do it in our country, I would never let you settle for anything less. You’re worth all this extravagance.”

Ruan Yang subconsciously held his hand back. The way Li Shaobin treated her really made her very touched.

She didn’t care where the wedding would be held, how much the wedding dress would cost, how big the wedding ring was, or how grand the banquet would be. To her, all this didn’t matter as much as his sincerity.

However, it would be best if she could have these things too. No woman would dislike all this.

She sat quietly and leaned on his shoulder tiredly. From today onwards, he would be with her whether it was rain or shine, through happiness and sorrow.


The most elegant hotel in Northern City was completely shut down today. Reporters who had heard news of this were already waiting at the hotel entrance. Although they didn’t know who was getting married today, this person was generous enough to book the entire hotel, get 22 Rolls-Royces for his wedding procession, and have all the big shots in the government, business, and entertainment industries to attend the wedding.

However, the security which had been stationed at the entrance early on was very strict, so when the cars drove in, the reporters could only see the car and not the people inside. This made them even more curious as to who today’s bride was.

There was still some time before the wedding ceremony started. Ruan Yang was arranged to rest in a waiting room where the stylist helped her touch up her makeup again. Li Shaobin took this time to socialize and entertain the guests.

Li Xiaoxia snuck in from outside. Today, he was dressed in a black suit. Although he wasn’t tall, he had a very good figure and was very good-looking. He had very delicate features which made him very pleasing to the eye.

Ruan Yang turned around and smiled when she saw him. “Xiaoxia is so handsome today that I’m bedazzled.”

Li Xiaoxia blushed. He squirmed his way over to her side and when he saw how beautiful she looked, he let out a melancholic sigh. From today onwards, the person he liked would become his Aunt. Although they could be together every day, he still felt a faint sorrow. “Sister Ruan Yang, I can’t address you as ‘sister’ anymore from today onwards.”

Ruan Yang caressed his head and suddenly blinked mischievously. “It’s alright. You can still call me that privately. I actually like being called ‘sister’ since it makes me sound young.”

Li Xiaoxia was bursting with joy. He nodded hard. “Sister Ruan Yang, why do you like my little uncle? My little uncle doesn’t know how to make a girl happy. He hasn’t had a girlfriend ever since he was young.” Aye, he never thought that Ruan Yang’s taste would be so bad before. His little uncle wasn’t even half as good as him.

“Isn’t that quite good?” Ruan Yang smiled gently. “Actually, a woman shouldn’t seek out someone who knows how to make a girl happy to spend her life with. That would make her insecure. Whether a man is good or not has nothing to do with his mouth or his past. If he’s had a lot of girlfriends in the past, I wouldn’t feel that assured. Your little uncle is very good. He’s the best man I’ve ever met.”

Li Xiaoxia was stunned. He never thought that she would think so highly of his little uncle. It seemed like he had lost completely. “Is he better than me?”

Ruan Yang fell silent for a while and nodded. “I think so.”

Li Xiaoxia was in disbelief. How could that be? He was the best man in the entire world. Although he wasn’t a real man for now.

“I’m saying this is true as of now. I can’t be sure what will happen in the future. After all, you’re still young. Maybe you will become better than your little uncle. Of course, that won’t be difficult for you.” Ruan Yang smiled.

Li Xiaoxia felt a mix of emotions. Is this good or bad?

Guan Ying came in from outside. “Ruan Yang, it’s time now. Let’s head out.”

She stood up and was suddenly dizzy.

Li Xiaoxia quickly supported her. “Sister Ruan Yang, are you feeling unwell?”

“A little. Maybe I didn’t get enough rest. However, the wedding day is such an important day. I’ll have to press on.” Ruan Yang smiled and stood upright as she walked out slowly in her nine-inch heels.


At the wedding ceremony, there were hundreds of guests present.

The Li Family was one of the wealthiest families and as the most pampered child, Li Shaobin’s wedding ceremony gained even more attention than his two brothers’.

Ruan Po walked Ruan Yang down the aisle himself and handed her to Li Shaobin as petals rained down. Then Li Shaobin and Ruan Yang walked forward towards the emcee, hand in hand.

Her hand was trembling slightly. Li Shaobin helped her fix her veil a little and asked softly, “Nervous?”

Ruan Yang pressed her lips together and shook her head.

The emcee cleared his throat and started declaring his thanks to the guests who were present and at the same time, he briefly talked about how Li Shaobin and Ruan Yang got together. “A car accident and amnesia allowed these two to get to know each other all over again. This is an affinity that’s been destined. Up next, let us take a look at how the two of them got to know each other...”

The large screen on the stage lit up suddenly. A piece of warm and romantic music echoed around the hall. Li Shaobin couldn’t help but tighten his grip on Ruan Yang’s hand nervously because the screen was about to show the various selfies he took secretly while they were together and also a video that he recorded just for Ruan Yang. No matter how thick-skinned he was, the thought of that video made him blush.

However, in a split second, the guests downstage suddenly erupted into a frenzy and Li Congyang and the other people sitting right in front stood up suddenly.

Guan Ying exclaimed and quickly covered her mouth.

Ruan Yang and Li Shaobin turned their heads back. The screen didn’t show pictures of him and Ruan Yang. Although Ruan Yang was in the photos, the man Ruan Yang was holding wasn’t him but Xin Ziao. There were photos of them privately in the bedroom, at the beach, and in the car. In the photos, they were either kissing or hugging.

In the blink of an eye, the photos were already screened for more than 10 seconds.

Ruan Yang’s hand started to tremble and Li Shaobin’s face flushed red. He wanted to move but his body, on such a day, somehow froze from anger and pain.

It was Yan Molun, the best man, who reacted the fastest. He quickly rushed to the projector and removed the plug immediately.

The hall was abuzz with murmurs. Ruan Yang felt her hand being squeezed so tightly that it started to hurt and the Li Family members all looked embarrassed and angry.

Luckily, the emcee had a fast reaction time. After all, he was a professional. He quickly said apologetically, “Apologies, everyone. There’s been a little mistake on the hotel’s side. We’ll screen the video again right now.”

Just then, the hotel manager walked over to the emcee while trembling and said in his ear, “We can’t find the SD card that Young Master Li gave us previously.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 475 - The Awkwardness During The Wedding