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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 474 - When Are You Going To Let Me Be The Groom Too? I Don’t Want To Be The Best Man Anymore

474 When Are You Going To Let Me Be The Groom Too? I Don“t Want To Be The Best Man Anymore

“I made you worry.” Ruan Yang held his hand apologetically.

“I told you to let me go with you but you refused,” Li Shaobin grumbled tenderly.

“I didn’t know something like that would happen.” Ruan Yang thought back to how Xin Ziao looked and sighed. “He might’ve been very drunk.”

Li Shaobin was angry. This Xin Ziao. It looked like his parents’ divorce hadn’t taught him a lesson.

After carefully laying Ruan Yang down on the big bed, he rolled her sleeves up and saw that she had a big bruise on her fair wrist as well.

Li Shaobin held her hand and frowned. “How are you going to wear your wedding dress tomorrow like this?”

“I’ll just cover it up with some foundation.” Ruan Yang took her shoes and jacket off and lay under the covers. She couldn’t be bothered to even shower. Right now, she felt unwell all over and the makeup team would be coming over at 6 am. All she wanted to do was get a good night’s rest so that she wouldn’t be spiritless tomorrow during the wedding.

Li Shaobin let her sleep and applied some medicine on her wounds as he rubbed them gently.

While she was semi-conscious, Ruan Yang could feel a warm hand wrapped around her wounds, as though she was being carefully taken care of.

Compared to the argument in the car, this place was just like a safe haven.


The next morning, when the makeup artist and Ruan Yang’s parents came over, Ruan Yang was still asleep. They were shocked when they saw Li Shaobin opening the door for them. “Aiyo, Shaobin, you’re the groom today—how can you be here? It’s not even time for you to fetch the bride. The two of you don’t have to be so chummy; it’s just one night.”

Li Shaobin was embarrassed. According to tradition, the groom and bride weren’t supposed to meet on the night before the wedding. “I’ll leave right now. Auntie, Ruan Yang is still sleeping. Let her sleep a little more. It doesn’t matter if we’re a little late.”

The makeup artist said, “Young Master Li, applying her makeup will take several hours and she still has to get changed and do her hair. If we’re any later, we’ll miss the auspicious timing.”

Zhang Shulin also glared at him when she heard that. “You youngsters aren’t respecting the traditions. We must always abide by the auspicious timing so that everything will go smoothly from here and your marriage will be blissful. It’s just one day of not sleeping in. I’ll wake her up.”

“It’s okay, Auntie, I’ll wake her up. Please make some breakfast.” Li Shaobin stopped her and dashed upstairs.

Ruan Yang was still sound asleep. Her face was slightly pale and sunken. Li Shaobin roused her gently. “Yangyang, it’s time to wake up to do your makeup.”

Ruan Yang opened her eyes and sat up. Her eyes were stinging.

Li Shaobin got a warm towel to wipe her face and said softly, “It’s just for today. You can sleep as long as you want in the future. It’s just this once for the rest of your life.”

“Don’t make me sound like a spoiled child.” Ruan Yang burst out into a laugh as she felt her heart warming up. “In the past, I still got up to film in weather that was colder than negative 10°C with just two hours of sleep every day even when I was running a temperature. This is nothing.”

“You had to work so hard because I wasn’t there. Now that you have me, I’ll do all the hard work. All you need to do is be Mrs. Li.” Li Shaobin’s high nose grazed past her face as he kissed her on her cheek.

Ruan Yang held the warm towel in her hands and felt a sense of security she had never felt before. “Alright, I’ll just eat, sleep, and play all day long in the future. As the groom, you better go back and tidy up to prepare to pick me up later. Look at your stubble. It’s hideous.”

“Annoying. I was watching over you the entire night yet you’re calling me hideous now.” Li Shaobin pretended to be angry and kissed her a few more times before he left. When he was going out, he even instructed her worriedly, “Get up quickly. Otherwise, your parents will come up and nag at you again.”

“I know.” Ruan Yang smiled.

Li Shaobin had just left the room when Zhang Shulin came in. When she saw the bump on Ruan Yang’s head, she was shocked. Ruan Yang said she had a fall accidentally.

“You’re not even giving us peace of mind on the day of your wedding,” Zhang Shulin reprimanded her angrily.

But it sounded very warm to Ruan Yang.


At around 8 am, Guan Ying rushed over and saw the makeup artist working on Ruan Yang’s eyes. When she saw Ruan Yang sitting there, she felt a little apologetic. “Ruan Yang, it’s all my fault for drinking too much last night. If I didn’t fall asleep, nothing would’ve happened.”

“It’s alright. Aren’t I well and alive sitting here now?” Ruan Yang gave her a look. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

Guan Ying knew she couldn’t say too much with the makeup artist around.

At around 10 am, Jiang Duoyao came as well. She wasn’t a bridesmaid so she only wore a brown maxi dress with a matching brown sweater. She curled her hair up meticulously to give off a sweet and fashionable look.

“Aiya, Ruan Yang, what happened to your forehead?” Jiang Duoyao saw the bump on Ruan Yang’s forehead the moment she entered.

Ruan Yang felt awkward and Guan Ying said, “Can I sew your lips up?”

Jiang Duoyao pouted. She was just stating the obvious.

Ruan Yang said to the stylist helplessly, “Can you put down a lock of hair to cover this bump?”

“A random lock of hair in the center won’t look good,” the stylist said helplessly. “It’s alright—just don’t lift the veil up.”

When her makeup was done, Ruan Yang rested in the room and Guan Ying told Jiang Duoyao what happened. Jiang Duoyao said, “Did Xin Ziao do it on purpose? He can’t even let you get married while looking pretty.”

Ruan Yang didn’t have the energy to reply anymore. Ever since she started doing her makeup at 6 am, it had been three hours of non-stop action so she was exhausted. Besides, this wedding dress was really cumbersome. On top of its victorian-style flare, the dress even had a nine-foot-long train with a few hundred pearls sewn on it, so it was very heavy. Indeed, to put on something beautiful required some sort of sacrifice.

“Alright, Ruan Yang is pretty now too.” Guan Ying had already changed into her purple bridesmaid dress and was looking pure and sweet.

“I didn’t say she isn’t.” Duoyao blinked innocently. “Look at her wedding dress—isn’t it a little too luxurious? The pearls on it are so dazzling. I want to have such high standards for my wedding too.”

“I’d prefer something plain and simple,” Ruan Yang said with a smile. “But Shaobin likes the style of this wedding dress. He likes things glamorous and high-profile.”

“Alright, you can just get Yan Molun to custom-make one for you too,” Guan Ying said with a smile. “Oh, right—I heard Yan Molun is going to be the best man again today, right?”

Duoyao crossed her arms and sighed. “That forever best man.”

“He’s only been the best man twice. Don’t laugh at him. You still have to be my bridesmaid.” Guan Ying rolled her eyes at Duoyao.

About half an hour later, there were sounds of shuffling and people entering downstairs and Duoyao went out to take a look. Li Shaobin, who was the groom today, was dressed in a white swallow-tail tuxedo with a white vest and a bowtie. His short hair which typically had a little curl in front was now parted to the side to bring out his defined features. His face had a smile full of joy, revealing his rows of white teeth that made him look energetic and dashing.

Guan Ying said as she looked at him from upstairs, “I used to think that although Li Shaobin might be good-looking, he was still quite tacky. But he really has a good foundation. Ruan Yang really has good taste. You can always transform your man and give him a makeover as long as he has a good foundation. Li Shaobin is carefree and Ruan Yang will also slowly become happier with him.”

“Isn’t that so?” Duoyao looked at Yan Molun, the best man in a black suit beside Li Shaobin. Actually, he looked pretty much the same when he was Song Chuyi’s best man before. He was tall and muscular and compared to Song Chuyi and Li Shaobin. He looked more rugged—not the delicate kind of good-looking but he had more of the handsome features a Westerner would have. “When I first found out that Ruan Yang and Li Shaobin got together, I thought that my worldview had shattered. I couldn’t even imagine them together. Actually, Ruan Yang is the smart one. She knows what’s suitable for her.”

“Ruan Yang, Ruan Yang, I’m coming.” Li Shaobin leaped up the stairs quickly with excitement.

Duoyao walked over and reached her hand out towards them. Yan Molun pulled out a stack of red pockets from his pocket and put them all in her palm.

Li Shaobin said, “F*ck, Old Yan, you don’t have to give her everything.”

“That’s called handing everything to your boss.” Duoyao grinned and looked at Yan Molun as she said, “Why are you the best man again?”

“Yeah, when are you going to let me be the groom too?” Yan Molun stared at her angrily as he said, “I don’t want to be the best man anymore.”

“Yeah, you should get married soon too,” Li Shaobin said with a mischievous grin. “Look at how many times Old Yan has been the best man. It’s been really hard on him. He even laughed at me but ended up becoming my best man. He’s been pulling a long face since this morning.”

“That’s enough.” Yan Molun glared at him. “I might just quit being the best man.”

“How petty.” Li Shaobin snorted and said with a pout, “Enough chatter; I’m going to fetch my beloved wife now.”

When he walked in and saw Ruan Yang, who was sitting on the bed with a white veil over her head, Li Shaobin’s eyes shone bright like a diamond. “Yangyang, you’re so beautiful today.”

Immediately, soft laughter came from behind him. Ruan Yang blushed and Guan Ying said, “Ruan Yang’s face is all covered up. How can you tell if she’s beautiful or not?”

“I don’t need to see her. I just need to breathe and feel it to know.” Li Shaobin snorted. These people didn’t know how he was feeling.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 474 - When Are You Going To Let Me Be The Groom Too? I Don’t Want To Be The Best Man Anymore