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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 471 - Rest Well Today. Tomorrow, Well Consummate Our Marriage

Chapter 471: Rest Well Today. Tomorrow, We’ll Consummate Our Marriage

After that, Li Shaobin called Hu Zhi over immediately and asked him about it. It was Hu Zhi indeed. “So did you get anything out of watching her every day?”

Hu Zhi shook his head awkwardly. “Zhou Shuyun has been working from nine to five every day and she rarely goes out. If she’s not busy working, she’ll be at home and she doesn’t have a boyfriend.”

“She used to be on the quiet side and she’s still like this now,” Li Shaobin lamented. “Don’t keep watch on her anymore; otherwise, you’ll scare her.”

“... Alright.” Hu Zhi nodded.

“Xin Ziao hasn’t been bothering us recently, right?” Li Shaobin asked again worriedly. “I’ve already sent out the wedding invitations. I don’t want anything to happen on the day itself.”

“Xin Ziao has been a mess because of his parents’ divorce recently. In any case, he doesn’t look like he’s in a good mood,” Hu Zhi said. “His relationship with Zhao Zhu has gone from bad to worse. Yesterday, our man who was following him even saw the two of them fighting on the way home from Old Master Zhao’s birthday banquet. Xin Ziao left Zhao Zhu behind and went ahead on his own.”

“I’ve been feeling uneasy these past few days,” Li Shaobin said anxiously. “Ever since that underwear incident, I keep worrying that someone will sow discord between me and Ruan Yang.”

“We’ve been keeping our guard up lately. I don’t think there would be any way for him to attack.” Hu Zhi’s head hurt too. If anything were to crop up again, he would probably be sent home. “We just have to endure these next five to six days. Don’t go out to play. If you’re going out, bring Ruan Yang along and it should be fine.”

Li Shaobin was very frustrated. That seemed to be the only way now.


There would inevitably be trivial matters to settle before the wedding day. Ruan Yang had been very busy recently too. She had been busy liaising with the wedding planner on minor matters and was also busy trying out different wedding gowns. Her wedding gowns were all custom-made and the designers were swapped out one after another in search of the perfect one. At the same time, they were also busy renovating their wedding house.

Their wedding house still ended up being Li Shaobin’s villa. Although it was renovated, Ruan Yang added some furniture to the house.

With all the things coming together, Ruan Yang could hardly breathe. During the day, she had to rehearse the wedding ceremony with Li Shaobin, and at night, she had to go to the Li Household to help the few elders prepare red pockets.

Li Shaobin was always by Ruan Yang’s side.

Even when they were preparing the red pockets, his phone kept ringing. They were all work-related and he declined all calls, telling them to seek out Hu Zhi.

“If you have to work, go ahead, it’s alright,” Ruan Yang said softly. “I can manage all this. Although you have to listen to me after we get married, you don’t have to stay with me all the time.”

“I think I’d better not go. I’ll go when we’re done with our wedding.” Li Shaobin smiled. “I haven’t found out anything after being framed last time, so I don’t dare to go out. I’d rather lose some business and earn a little less money but the wedding has to go smoothly, in case someone finds a chance to break us apart.”

Ruan Yang was stunned when she saw how serious and cautious he was.

Two days before their wedding, Ruan Po, Zhang Shulin, and a few relatives from Guangzhou came over. At night, the two families had dinner together and after dinner, Li Shaobin arranged for them to stay at a hotel.

Ruan Yang slept with Zhang Shulin at the hotel.

After Li Shaobin had settled them down, Zhan Mingwei called over. “It’s your big day in two days. Come out and have a couple of drinks. We’ll hang out and have supper together.”

Li Shaobin was tempted and almost agreed. However, he still managed to hold himself back. “I’m not going. I’d better stay at home and watch television. I’ll go out after the wedding.”

Zhan Mingwei found him funny. “I understand that you don’t want to go out, but we’re all old buddies. We couldn’t be any closer. We won’t harm you.”

Li Shaobin snorted. “You won’t harm me but prevention is better than seeking a cure. Maybe the people who want to harm me are all hiding in the corners and will strike the moment I step out of the house. I can’t let my guard down.”

“I think you’ve watched too many detective films lately,” Zhan Mingwei mocked him.

“Say whatever you want. In any case, I’m not going out. You can decide how wildly you want to play after the wedding,” Li Shaobin said, “but for now, no.”

“Fine. I really take my hat off to you.” Zhan Mingwei hung up. The thought of Li Shaobin being edgy made him want to laugh.

After Li Shaobin returned to his villa, he reported his whereabouts to Ruan Yang obediently.

Ruan Yang was shocked. “You’re getting married but your friends didn’t ask you out?”

“Not going. Who knows if someone is going to set me up?” Li Shaobin said.

Ruan Yang didn’t know what to say all of a sudden. He had been so uptight recently and she already started to believe that someone really framed him regarding that underwear incident.

Li Shaobin came out after a shower and his phone rang again. This time, it was Zhou Shuyun. She sounded very flustered. “Shaobin, do you have time now? Can you come over for a while? My car grazed past a Ferrari just now and the other party seemed to be quite a big shot. He’s asking me to pay a few hundred thousand. I know you’re getting married and I really shouldn’t be bothering you now but I really have no choice.”

“I see...” Li Shaobin scratched his head and hesitated for a while before he said, “I’ll get my men to help you settle it.”

When Zhou Shuyun heard that, she said softly, “Shaobin, am I disturbing you? I really don’t mean to disturb you...”

“You’re not. We’re all friends. I’m simply helping you out. My man does his job well; don’t worry. Tell me where you are and I’ll get him to go over immediately,” Li Shaobin said.

Zhou Shuyun fell silent for a while before she told him her location softly.

Li Shaobin called Hu Zhi immediately and got him to settle it. Hu Zhi was bewildered. “Why would something like this happen just before your wedding day?”

Li Shaobin was a little suspicious as well. “You’d better go take a look. What if it’s true?”

At around 11 pm, Hu Zhi called him back to tell him that the problem was settled and he had already taken Zhou Shuyun home.


Li Shaobin turned down his bachelor party but Ruan Yang did not. On the second night, Jiang Duoyao flew back from overseas specifically to ask her out at night for a gathering.

“Yangyang, I’ll go with you.” Li Shaobin went over eagerly to Ruan Yang, who was putting on her makeup.

“It’s a women’s gathering—why are you going?” Ruan Yang found him funny. “Even Yan Molun isn’t going.”

“I’ll just sit at the side and eat some melon seeds. I won’t talk, alright?” Li Shaobin said coquettishly as he put his arms around her waist.

“Alright, I know you’ve been cooped up recently. Go out and have a drink with Yan Molun and the others, alright?” Ruan Yang turned back and rubbed his face.

“No.” Li Shaobin shook his head. Old Yan might be trying to set me up because he’s jealous that I’m getting married earlier than he is.”

Ruan Yang thought Yan Molun would definitely beat him up if he heard that. “You’re overthinking it. If you’re not going, stay home and rest well today. Tomorrow, we’ll consummate our marriage.”

After she said that, she tiptoed and kissed him on the lips.

Li Shaobin felt his chest heat up and felt a surge of passion. “Sure, then I’ll rest up. Yangyang, I must challenge you to a 300-round showdown tomorrow.”

“Sure, we’ll see who loses first.” Ruan Yang grinned as she blushed and flirted with him.

Li Shaobin felt the tip of his nose heating up. “Don’t worry, you’ll definitely be the one who will beg me to stop.”

“We’ll see who gets the last laugh.” Ruan Yang turned back and continued to do her makeup.

She had dolled up very nicely tonight. Her long hair was put up into a bun, revealing her forehead and her ears. She had a pair of tasseled earrings on and she was wearing a white shirt with a black jacket, making her skin look as white as snow.

Li Shaobin only wished that tonight would be the night they consummated their marriage so he wouldn’t have to wait until tomorrow. He was full of energy today.


After coming out of the house, Ruan Yang went straight to the clubhouse. Jiang Duoyao was sitting in the suite waiting for her when she saw Ruan Yang sauntering in. Her mouth dropped as she exclaimed, “Wow, Ruan Yang, you’re so beautiful today.”

“I’m getting married tomorrow so I have to be beautiful today,” Ruan Yang said with a smile. “Wasn’t your marriage proposal a success too? When are you getting married?”

“Not as quickly as you. We haven’t even set the date,” Jiang Duoyao said gloomily. “Guan Ying has set hers in June.”

“You can set it before mine.” Guan Ying smiled with a bottle of champagne in her hand. “If you’re behind me, you can only be my bridesmaid.”

Duoyao put her hand over her chest silently. “If it’s before June, it would be too much of a rush for me. You two are forcing me.”

Changqing laughed out loud. “Looks like you have to be the last one.”

Duoyao was gloomy. She got into a relationship early. How did she end up being the last to get married? “I never thought that Ruan Yang would catch up to me. This is fate.”

“I didn’t think that I would get married this year either.” Ruan Yang gave off an apparent smile. “I still felt so terrible last year that I couldn’t wait to find a place to hide, but now, I’m really very happy.”

“I hope you will continue to be this happy.” Changqing raised her teacup. Ruan Yang also raised her cup of tea.

Duoyao pouted. “Changqing has to breastfeed so it’s okay, but you’re not breastfeeding. Why are you drinking tea? No, come, Guan Ying, get her some wine.”

Guan Ying stood up and Ruan Yang quickly waved her hands. “No, I can’t drink.”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 471 - Rest Well Today. Tomorrow, Well Consummate Our Marriage