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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 469 - Yangyang, Dont Be Nervous. I Havent Flown For Too Long So Im A Little Rusty

Chapter 469: Yangyang, Don’t Be Nervous. I Haven’t Flown For Too Long So I’m A Little Rusty

“This-this must be blown up and hung in the bedroom,” Li Shaobin said happily. “Yangyang, what do you think?”

Ruan Yang nodded as well. This photo did look good. She had done wedding photo books with male celebrities before, but this wasn’t the same. In the past, it was an act. This time, it was real.

“Take a look at this set too.” The manager flipped to another set of photos. This set was taken on Li Shaobin’s yacht. Li Shaobin was dressed in a white shirt and white pants and was barefooted while Ruan Yang was in a long pink dress. The two of them were lying on the deck of the yacht, kissing.

Li Shaobin fell in love with this photo too. “Yangyang, what should we do? This looks good too. I can’t choose.”

Ruan Yang felt the same way. After deliberating for a long time, there were more than 20 photos in the running but they couldn’t decide which to blow up.

“Let’s just blow them all up,” Li Shaobin said resolutely.

“No, we don’t have so many spots to hang them,” Ruan Yang said quickly.

Seeing that she finally said so many words to him, Li Shaobin was in a better mood. “It’s settled. Let’s get all of them. You have to hurry—we still have to get married.”

“Definitely, definitely.” The manager punched some numbers on her calculator and said carefully, “But Young Master Li, that will be an additional 100 thousand.”

“Isn’t it just 100 thousand? I’ll pay now,” Li Shaobin said nonchalantly.

“Young Master Li, you’re really forthright and wealthy.” The manager gave him a thumbs up.

When they walked out of the bridal shop, Ruan Yang couldn’t help but say softly, “A few sets of wedding photos cost a few hundred thousand. There’s actually no need to waste so much money.”

“Yangyang, this is considered cheap,” Li Shaobin said. “I wanted to hire a professional photographer to follow us and take photos overseas at first, but I was afraid that it would be too troublesome for you and you wouldn’t like it, so I just made do with a bridal shop in our city. Marrying you is like marrying a princess. Even if it costs me my entire fortune, I would be willing, not to mention spending a few hundred thousand.”

Ruan Yang sighed inside. Although sweet talk could really be a love potion at times, women were still women. When they heard a man put things so nicely, they wouldn’t be able to help feeling touched.

“Yangyang, we rarely go out together. Since it’s still early, do you want to take a ride on my helicopter? The weather is good today and there’s no wind,” Li Shaobin pleaded her softly. “Since we have nothing to do, let’s go take a look, alright?”

Ruan Yang was left with no choice and she nodded, miraculously.

Li Shaobin was elated. He quickly drove his sports car to a mini airport at a hotel. He dared to bet that Xin Ziao definitely hadn’t taken Ruan Yang for a ride in the skies. He was going to show Ruan Yang his charm.


At the hotel’s airport, Ruan Yang saw an impressive-looking black helicopter and lamented, once again, at the fact that Li Shaobin was really rich. In the past, she heard from Changqing that he had a helicopter. Actually, buying a helicopter wasn’t too expensive. What was difficult was getting approval to fly from the government.

After they got into the helicopter, Ruan Yang was suddenly a little afraid, sitting in the small space.

“Yangyang, buckle up and put on your headphones to block out the noise.” Li Shaobin took the headphones out and helped her put them on.

Ruan Yang’s hand trembled slightly when she stopped him. “Er... how about we don’t do it?”

“Why?” Li Shaobin blinked. He suddenly said unhappily, “Yangyang, don’t tell me you don’t trust my skills?”

Ruan Yang felt embarrassed. Her mind was filled with a recent incident of a helicopter falling out of the sky in a certain part of China. Everyone in the helicopter died on the spot. After an investigation, it was found that it was due to the pilot’s error. Although she felt that there were a lot of unhappy things in this world, she still cherished her life a lot.

“Yangyang, don’t worry. I have a license,” Li Shaobin said as he patted his chest. “I’ve taken Old Song and Old Yan out several times. My skills aren’t bad. You definitely won’t be in any danger. Don’t worry; you can leave everything to me.”

After saying that, Li Shaobin put the headphones over her head and helped her buckle her seatbelt adeptly.

Ruan Yang found it hard to breathe. She gripped onto the handle on the top tightly and chanted “Namo Amitabha” silently.

When the helicopter first started lifting off, it was a little shaky and Ruan Yang almost screamed out. However, Li Shaobin calmed her down soothingly. “Yangyang, don’t be nervous. I haven’t flown for too long so I’m a little rusty.”

“How... how long have you not flown?” Ruan Yang said uneasily.

“I haven’t flown since we got together,” Li Shaobin answered seriously as he looked ahead. “I didn’t have time to fly. Besides, it was too cold during the new year.”

Ruan Yang was speechless. She clenched her teeth tightly. She must’ve gotten water in her brain to have agreed to this ride.

After shaking for a few minutes, the helicopter was finally flying in the air steadily.

Ruan Yang glanced down and felt her legs going to jelly. She was a little afraid of heights.

However, looking down from above, all the buildings looked like models.

Li Shaobin took her around the city for a while and flew towards Lu Shan. It was the beginning of spring and the Lu Shan area was sprouting. The river looked like a long, winding piece of seaweed.

Ruan Yang slowly forgot about her fears but when she turned back and saw Li Shaobin taking pictures with his phone, she was dumbfounded. “What are you doing?”

“Yangyang, quick, look over here—let’s take a picture together,” Li Shaobin said with one hand free.

Ruan Yang almost went crazy. “You’re flying a helicopter. Can you not be so distracted? Can you hold onto the steering wheel?”

Li Shaobin rarely saw her so flustered. He wanted to laugh but he held it in. “Yangyang, it’s alright. I do this often.”

Ruan Yang: “...”

She clenched her teeth. “If you’re not going to fly the helicopter properly, I won’t ride it again.”

“Alright, alright, you’re too nervous.” Li Shaobin glanced at her with a grin. Women would be women. No matter how calm she appeared to be, there were times when she would get scared. He couldn’t help but reach a hand out to hold her small hand.

Ruan Yang slapped the back of his hand hard. “Are you going to hold onto your steering wheel or not?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Li Shaobin quickly retracted his aching hand.

The more scared Ruan Yang was, the more resolute Li Shaobin became to stay in the air for longer. He even flew very far away on purpose. Although the scenery was beautiful, Ruan Yang was still afraid and couldn’t calm down. “Let’s not fly too far away so we can head back earlier.”

“Let’s go back after watching the sunset. The sunset is really beautiful,” Li Shaobin said. “Look—aren’t I flying very steadily now?”

Ruan Yang was counting down, hoping to get back to the ground quickly. However, when she saw the sunset, she was still dazzled by its subliminal beauty. Although the sunsets she saw on the ground in the past were beautiful, the sun ever seemed to be close enough. Now that she was seeing the sunset from the sky, not only could she see the red in the sky even clearer, she could even see the ground that was covered by the sun’s rays.

Ruan Yang understood why so many people loved flying.

When she heard the sound of the shutter beside her once again, Ruan Yang clenched her teeth. She had decided that she would definitely make Li Shaobin kick the habit of taking photos while flying.


While they were making a turn to head back to the city, it suddenly felt like a rollercoaster ride. The world around them appeared to be tilted.

Ruan Yang’s legs went to jelly and she almost threw up.

During the landing, her heart felt as though it was about to jump out of her chest and her ears were buzzing too. When the helicopter had landed stably, someone helped Ruan Yang down from the helicopter. Her legs were limp, she felt as though her organs were mixed up, and her head was spinning.

“Yangyang, are you alright?: Li Shaobin rushed over to support her from the staff member after he got out of the helicopter.

Ruan Yang only shook her head and locked her brows together tightly as she leaned on his chest uncomfortably.

Li Shaobin lowered his head and ran his fingers through her hair. He hadn’t seen her so quiet and submissive for a very long time. It really made him want to melt her into his heart.

He really wanted to take her for rides more frequently. That way, she would be submissive every time she went. However, she probably wouldn’t want to take rides anymore.

“Yangyang, it’s all my fault. I wouldn’t have stayed in the air for so long if I had known.” Li Shaobin carried her and walked towards the hotel.

Ruan Yang had rarely been carried by a man like this in public aside from when she was filming, so she still felt a little embarrassed. She said weakly, “Put me down.”

“No, look at how pale you are.” Li Shaobin refused to put her down. “Stay still. This is when a man comes in handy.”

Ruan Yang closed her eyes and leaned on his chest. This felt much more comfortable than the helicopter ride earlier.

Although the view from the sky was beautiful, it didn’t seem like something she could handle.

Li Shaobin carried her all the way to the hotel suite and laid her down on the couch carefully. A service staff came over with a menu. He held her in his arms while they looked at the menu together.”Yangyang, what do you want to eat?”

While Ruan Yang usually liked to eat simply, the helicopter ride just now made her feel like throwing up and she felt uncomfortable, so she was craving something spicy. “Let’s get something spicy.”

Li Shaobin looked at a few spicy dishes with her and also ordered a soup. When the service staff left, he helped her massage her temples.

It was the first time he did something like this. However, he did remember some techniques from getting massages. The problem was that he used too much force and the moment he pressed on her body, Ruan Yang flinched in pain. “Why are you using so much force? You’re going to burst my head.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Li Shaobin quickly decreased his strength as he looked very guilty. “Yangyang, is this amount of force better?”

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 469 - Yangyang, Dont Be Nervous. I Havent Flown For Too Long So Im A Little Rusty