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So You're Such A Doctor Song
Chapter 468 - Does It Hurt? Come, Ill Help You Put Some Of This On. I Guarantee It Wont Hurt Anymore

Chapter 468: Does It Hurt? Come, I’ll Help You Put Some Of This On. I Guarantee It Won’t Hurt Anymore

“If that person wasn’t your first love but only a normal female high school classmate whom you hadn’t spoken to for more than 10 years, would you have referred her for a job after seeing each other again for the first time at a class reunion?” Ruan Yang asked him incisively.

Li Shaobin froze. He had never considered this question. Ruan Yang’s sudden question caught him off-guard. He wanted to lie but he couldn’t. “Er.. that...”

Ruan Yang saw how he struggled to answer and she looked down silently as she stood up.

Li Shaobin was afraid she would leave again, so he grabbed her hand quickly. “Yangyang, if you don’t like that I found her a job and that I was in contact with her, I won’t help her anymore. If I ever see her, I’ll take another route, alright? I admit that if I hadn’t had a crush on her in high school, I definitely wouldn’t have helped her. But I certainly don’t like her anymore. Maybe I was just a little nostalgic.”

Ruan Yang was angry, disappointed, and frustrated inside. Why did everyone have a first love? Of course, it was difficult to find a man who didn’t have a first love in this day and age. She didn’t like to argue and if she were to keep harping on it, she would be frustrated by all the arguing. “Alright, stop talking to me about it. Anyway, it’s like you said. We’re about to get married in another half month. If you’re thinking about something, I can’t do anything about it and I can’t read your mind either. I just have an internal line. If you cross that line, we can get a divorce even if we’re married and even if it’s the day before our wedding banquet, I can call it off too.”

“Yangyang, you have something against me now.” Li Shaobin was very helpless. If he was facing his family members or his subordinate, he would’ve long blown up. However, in front of her, he only felt pain. “I didn’t do anything and love you so much. Why must you say something like that and think of me that way?”

“Perhaps... time can prove it all and can also prove our faithfulness to each other.” Ruan Yang glanced at him complicatedly and pulled her hand back as she went upstairs slowly. i𝗻𝚗re𝗮𝐝. 𝙘𝑜m

Li Shaobin sat on the chair and didn’t move for a very long time. His heart ached as though it was being strangled by a piece of string.


In the boxing gym.

Li Shaobin was throwing punches like a madman at his opponent. When his opponent counter-attacked, he wouldn’t dodge and continued firing attacks. He didn’t stop even when the coach at the side kept calling out to him to stop, so the coach had to pull him away forcefully. “Young Master Li, if you carry on like this, you’re going to send him to the hospital.”

“What a scrub. Scram!” Li Shaobin pointed at the coach angrily. “You, come.”

The coach wanted to cry. It was obvious that Young Master Li was in a bad mood. If he were to retaliate, he would definitely be punished, but if he didn’t, he would become his human punching bag. Life was hard. He could only glance helplessly at Hu Zhi.

Hu Zhi walked over with fear and said, “Boss, you’ve already been at it for more than an hour. Take a break and have a sip of water. Look—you’ve already got an injury on your forehead. If you become ugly, Miss Ruan would definitely not like you even more.”

The “even more” triggered Li Shaobin. “Hu Zhi, what do you mean? Do you mean she already doesn’t like me?”

“No, no, no, I said it wrong.” Hu Zhi quickly slapped his mouth. “It’s not that Miss Ruan doesn’t like you; it’s just that she’s still angry. If you were to appear in front of her without a care about your image, your image in her heart would only continue going downhill.”

“It’s already hit rock bottom anyway.” Li Shaobin didn’t continue. Instead, he sat on the boxing arena defeatedly. “I guess if we hadn’t set our marriage date, she would’ve broken up with me. I just feel wronged.”

“It’s just simply one word: ‘Jealousy’,” Hu Zhi said. “Women cannot endure first loves in their hearts. Since she hasn’t gone back on the marriage, you two still have a life ahead of you to spend together. Once you get married, have booked your honeymoon, and given birth to a couple of children, would Miss Ruan still care about this? You’d be living the life. This is just temporary. I think you should extinguish your fire and go back to keep Miss Ruan company to let her know you’re faithful to her. If she doesn’t see you, she might start letting her thoughts run wild again and think you’ve gone out to do something with your first love again. When that happens, you won’t even be able to get married.”

When Li Shaobin heard that, he thought it made sense, so he quickly took off his singlet. “I’m done. I’m going to shower and head home.”

As he watched Li Shaobin rushing to the shower, the coach said to Hu Zhi gratefully, “Mr. Hu, it’s all thanks to you.”

Hu Zhi felt gloomy. And who would be coming to his rescue when he got scolded?


After showering, Li Shaobin rushed over and reached the Rong estate in the evening. Rong Yang was cooking in the kitchen and when she saw that he had arrived, she didn’t come out.

“Yangyang, what are you making? Do you need my help?” Li Shaobin went over panderingly.

He just showered so his body gave off the scent of soap and his hair was still half-dry. Ruan Yang glanced at him and asked with a frown, “What happened to your face?”

“I boxed in the boxing gym for a while and was hit.” Seeing that she was concerned about him, Li Shaobin quickly blinked and said softly, “Yangyang, it hurts...”

Ruan Yang knew he was putting on an act again. If this was in the past, her heart might’ve ached a little. Now, she dabbed her finger in some salt silently. “Does it hurt? Come—I’ll help you put some of this on. I guarantee it won’t hurt anymore.”

Li Shaobin stared at her wide-eyed. He wanted to dodge initially but after thinking for a while, he didn’t and let her stretch her hand over towards him.

Ruan Yang’s hand stopped by his face. “Don’t you think that I wouldn’t dare to put it on.”

“Mm, go ahead. If it makes you feel better, do it.” Li Shaobin broke out into a smile.

Ruan Yang clenched her teeth and retracted her hand as she said, “Go away. I need to cook.”

“Okay, then I’ll go to the living room.” Li Shaobin went out silently.

He watched the TV while listening carefully to everything that was happening inside. When he heard the sound of her plating the dishes, he quickly went over eagerly to help her get the cutlery and scoop out some soup. He knew Ruan Yang always had a bowl of soup before she ate.


After dinner, while he was doing the dishes in the kitchen, he suddenly heard the sound of the door closing. He went out and saw that Ruan Yang was no longer in the house.

He quickly wiped his hands and went out. Luckily, Ruan Yang was still waiting for the elevator. She had changed into a black and white exercise suit and her hair was tied up into a ponytail. “Yangyang, where are you going?”

“For a walk and a run.” Ruan Yang didn’t even look at him in the eye.

“Yangyang, wait here for me. I’ll go with you,” Li Shaobin said panderingly.

“Do the dishes at home. If you’re bored, go out and play on your own.” The elevator door opened and Ruan Yang walked straight in.

Li Shaobin was down.

At around 8:30 pm, Ruan Yang came back from her run. Li Shaobin was playing computer games on her laptop obediently.

Ruan Yang didn’t even ask him why he didn’t go out to play and went straight up to shower.

After the shower, she sat on her bed to read. Li Shaobin brought the laptop up and changed into his pajamas too. He sat beside her and continued with his game.

At around 11 pm, Ruan Yang was tired. She put her book down and he quickly switched the laptop off and lay down too. At first, he lay there quietly for a few minutes. After that, the fragrance of the woman beside him was too enticing that he couldn’t help but started reaching his hand out towards her. At the same time, his lips went towards her face as well.

Ruan Yang smacked his hand away straight away.

Li Shaobin retracted his hand in pain. Ruan Yang opened her eyes and said, “I don’t want it.”

“Oh.” Li Shaobin was disappointed. “Then can I kiss you?”

“I don’t want to kiss either.”

Li Shaobin was really depressed. He could only hold her tiny hand under the covers.

Ruan Yang closed her eyes and felt him kissing her hand then caressing it.

She sighed inside. Just the thought of that pair of underwear and that first love made her feel uncomfortable.


Li Shaobin had gone without sex for two days. The gloominess he felt simply couldn’t be put into words. However, he wouldn’t dare to show it. Anyway, he would only have to endure it for another half a month. After that, on the night when they consummated their marriage, he would definitely eat Ruan Yang up cleanly.

On Thursday, the bridal shop called to tell them that their wedding photos were ready and they could go over to pick their wedding photos.

In the afternoon, Li Shaobin drove over to pick Ruan Yang up. He was driving his sports car that he used to have. When Ruan Yang got in, Li Shaobin said softly, “I sold that Land Rover. I’m not driving it anymore. It’s disgusting.”

Ruan Yang thought that at least he had the sense to sell it. She would never want to sit in that car ever again. She wouldn’t get in as long as it was a Land Rover.

When they arrived at the bridal shop, the manager came out personally with their photos for them to take a look. The two of them took five sets of photos. The manager said with a smile, “The two of you looked very good in basically all the photos, so there weren’t many flaws and our staff had a very easy time editing the photos.”

Li Shaobin sat very close to Ruan Yang as they looked through the photos together. The first set was them in period costumes and the two of them were dressed in Tang dynasty costumes. Ruan Yang exuded radiance in the photo and didn’t luck that different from real life. Her features were flawless and she could pull off both the pure and the seductive look.

“Yangyang, you look so good,” Li Shaobin said from the bottom of his heart.

Ruan Yang was very satisfied with the photos and finally smiled a little.

Li Shaobin was blooming with joy. When they flipped to the photo of them kissing under the sunset, both of them couldn’t help but recall the scene when they were taking this photo and feel a hint of sweetness.

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So You're Such A Doctor Song Chapter 468 - Does It Hurt? Come, Ill Help You Put Some Of This On. I Guarantee It Wont Hurt Anymore